When Philippe Chino, an economic developer from Campbell County, couldn’t get anyone from Magpul Industries Corp. to talk to him about moving the company's operations to Gillette, he drove 5 ½ hours to them.

Chino drove to Colorado’s Front Range on Sunday. Monday morning, he showed up at the door of the firearm magazine manufacturer, located in the town of Erie.

"What I wanted to do is I wanted to see the facilities so that gave me a better idea" of what the company needed if it relocates, said Chino, executive director of the Campbell County Economic Development Corp. “I wanted to talk with some folks.”

Campbell County is one of several economic development organizations in Wyoming and throughout the United States that wants to snag Magpul.

Last week, Colorado’s governor signed a bill that will ban high-capacity magazines that state. Magpul executives threatened to move if the bill became law.

Chino’s overtures to Magpul joins efforts to reach out to the company made by Wyoming Gov. Matt Mead, members of the Wyoming Legislature, the Wyoming Business Council, Cheyenne LEADS — the Cheyenne-Laramie County Corporation for Economic Development — and Forward Cody.

Outside Wyoming, several gun-friendly states have also contacted the company.

Chino first contacted Magpul about a month ago. Communication tapered off, which is what prompted the road trip.

Company representative shared some information with Chino, but Chino has declined to divulge it to respect the company’s wishes.

“At this point they’re working with people but they want to keep it now pretty much confidential,” he said. “They’ve had so many people that have called them. Everyone from Idaho, Utah, every state where the people are very passionate about guns.”

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This is all fine and dandy, but what will Nicholas,Scott,Coe,Brown,Burns, and Shortshank Lubnau say about this??

Big Evan Diehl
Big Evan Diehl

Gillette is represented by the anti-gun Tom Lubnau, so moving a gun industry to Gillette would not be smart.


I cant believe campbell county voted this clown in to office

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