Friday is the deadline for states to decide whether they’ll establish health insurance exchanges. In Wyoming, lawmakers have already indicated the state won’t meet the deadline. Speaking to a legislative committee this morning, Gov. Matt Mead confirmed that the state won’t be submitting any plans to the federal government.

In the near term, this means the federal government will operate an exchange on Wyoming’s behalf starting in 2014. But Mead left open the possibility the state could participate in an exchange at some point in the future.

“We can learn from it and we can make a decision in a year, or whenever it would be, to forward with an exchange,” he said.

With all things being equal, Mead said he’d prefer a state program to a federal one. But in this instance, he’s not sure things are equal, he added.

Questions remain over how much an exchange would cost to operate and whether Wyoming has a large enough population to support a program.

You can read more about exchanges here and here.

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gee wonder what the boys been doing for the last 2 years? counting their suits costs up? here is an idea , get rid of your consultants and do the job you have been elected and paid to do.


The State Exchanges aren't Federally funded... unfunded mandates are unconstitutional. The Governor IS doing his job by not jumping into this.

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