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A new home, on one of many lots being developed on the northern edge of Bar Nunn, sits under construction in late May 2016. The town is receiving a new interchange that should be completed in 2019.

Alan Rogers, Star-Tribune

A new interchange will offer drivers another way to access Bar Nunn by mid-2019.

The Wyoming Transportation Commission recently awarded 71 Construction a $6.8 million contract to build the new road junction, according to a press release from the Wyoming Department of Transportation. The contract also includes minor modifications to Westwinds Road and Old Salt Creek Highway.

“This has definitely been a project that the people of Bar Nunn have wanted for a long, long time,” Bar Nunn Mayor Patrick Ford said Friday.

The town had roughly 900 residents in the early 2000s, but the last census recorded Bar Nunn’s population at about 2,600, he explained. Given this growth, the town’s existing infrastructure just isn’t cutting it.

In addition to providing a convenient option for traveling to and from Bar Nunn, Ford said he thinks the new interchange will also create economic growth.

“It will be interesting to see what [businesses] sprout up around that new interchange for sure,” he said.

Ford said 71 Construction can start work anytime now that the contract has been awarded. The project’s completion date is July 31, 2019.

The Bar Nunn Town Council is “incredibly appreciative” to everyone who supported plans for the interchange, he added.

The project is a joint effort between the Wyoming Department of Transportation, various Bar Nunn officials and the Casper Metropolitan Planning Organization, according to the press release.

The commission awarded a total of 10 contracts last month, totaling $22.9 million. Other projects included road resurfacing, bridge repairs, crack sealing and snow fence repair.

Katie King covers the city of Casper.


Katie King joined the Star-Tribune in 2017 and primarily covers issues related to local government. She previously worked as a crime reporter in the British Virgin Islands. Originally from Virginia, Katie is a graduate of James Madison University.

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