CHEYENNE -- Wyoming state government is on its way to becoming more transparent, as state officials this week unveiled a new one-stop online directory for citizens to peruse government records, data and spending reports.

The new Web site, at, currently only consolidates state information that has already been posted online.

But state Chief Information Officer Robert von Wolffradt said state officials are now working to significantly expand the amount of online information about the inner workings of state agencies.

The Web site includes links to information on, among other things, tax distributions, budgets, payments, investments and state agencies' annual reports.

The site was created under legislation signed into law by Gov. Dave Freudenthal earlier this year. The Web site became operational three months before the Jan. 1, 2010 deadline set in the legislation.

The next step, as required by the legislation, is for Von Wolffradt's office to work with state agencies to add to the Web site state information that isn't currently available online.

"Really this is the first time that the state's kind of embarked on this kind of endeavor where (we) find out what we have," Von Wolffradt said. "And what you see on the site today is kind of a single, one-stop shopping of what we know is available right off the bat."

Von Wolffradt said he hopes to have all available electronic data from state agencies on the Web site by next June.

After that, he said his office will focus on transferring non-electronic data to the site.

But some data might be withheld because of security concerns or because it would be very expensive to transfer the information online.

Von Wolffradt said once his office determines the kinds of information out there and the cost of transferring them online, he'll go before the state Legislature, which will decide which information is worth the cost.

"Eventually, what we'd really like to get to is where you can go to this site and you can actually download extracts of data," said Von Wolffradt. "So if you wanted to see a particular budget from a particular agency, you can click on a couple of buttons and you can actually download it to a spreadsheet and do your own analysis."

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