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WHEATLAND — Calling rising oil prices a “tax on all of us,” Gov. Matt Mead on Thursday said some federal officials don’t seem to understand that Wyoming’s energy can be developed both safely and quickly.

“We should develop our energy sources in a timely and efficient manner. There’s just no question about it,” Mead told attendees of a conference in Wheatland to address energy development in the state’s southeast corner.

“Some of the folks in Washington, D.C., just don’t have an appreciation for what we have done in Wyoming and how well we do it.”

Some federal employees in the state share Mead’s frustrations, he said.

“Now more than ever, when our country is struggling, we want to do our very best in the development of energy in a cost-effective way, in a way that is productive, in a way that provides energy our country needs,” he said.

Mead rejected what he said some people offer as a choice between conservation and energy development. He called such development crucial to the state’s economic growth and quality of life.

Development can be done in a way that balances both development and the state’s evironmental quality, he said.

“We want a clean environment, we want energy development and those two are not mutually exclusive,” Mead said.

Mead said clean energy goals won’t be solved without companies in Wyoming, which must be profitable to stay in the state and achieve those goals.

Supporters of particular types of energy development should work together, he said.

“If we start pitting one energy source against another, we’re all going to lose,” he said. “Because the fact is our country needs all energy sources. And there are some relationships to be built between different industry folks and different energy folks.”

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