Federal authorities have released the driver of a delivery truck that caused last week’s explosives scare at the Wyoming Air National Guard base in Cheyenne.

No action was taken against the driver, who was detained after his hands and the truck’s shifter tested positive for an explosive residue, said Wyoming Military Department spokeswoman Deidre Forster.

Forster said she didn’t know the explanation for why explosive residue was found in the truck and on the man’s hands.

Members of the 153rd Security Forces Squadron discovered the residue shortly before noon Thursday as the truck attempted to enter the base’s front gate. The discovery, which was made during a routine check, prompted the Guard to cordon off an area within 1,000 feet of the truck and evacuate part of the base.

The FBI took the driver for questioning, Forster said.

FBI spokesman Dave Joly declined to discuss the man’s identity or the reason why explosives were detected on his hands and truck. He said he could not comment on any past or present investigations, including whether the man would face any charges related to the incident.

No threat to the public exists, he said.

The discovery prompted authorities to temporarily close part of Dell Range Boulevard and one of the runways at Cheyenne Regional Airport, which is home to several units of the air guard. Guard personnel who were on the base but outside the cordon could not leave for a time.

Officials ended the closure a little more than an hour after the explosive residue was detected. No explosives were found in a search of the vehicle. The truck was carrying a package that contained an antenna.

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