CHEYENNE - Republicans are guaranteed to keep a significant majority over Democrats in the Wyoming Senate, and while losing their majority in the House is mathematically feasible, it is hardly likely, based on the party affiliations of the people who have filed for the Legislature.

Republicans outnumber Democrats 20 to 10 in the Senate and 45 to 15 in the House.

Only 16 Senate seats are up for election this year, and in the six races in which both a Democrat and a Republican filed for office, each major party holds three. As a result, the GOP could see its advantage grow as large as 23-7 or shrink to 17-13.

Republicans only have filed for eight Senate seats, while two Democrats are running unopposed. Of the Senate seats not up for election this year, nine are held by Republicans and five by Democrats.

All House seats are up for election every two years. Twenty-seven House races have only Republican candidates, assuring the party a working base just four seats shy of a majority. Democrats are alone in nine House races.

Of the seats that have candidates from both parties, Republicans now hold 18, and six belong to Democrats.

In a Republican best-case scenario, the party's majority could theoretically swell to 51-9. Or, should Democrats win every House race in which they have a candidate, they would take control of the House with a 33-27 advantage.

Below is the list of all candidates who have filed candidacies this year for state legislative seats.

* denotes incumbent

District Party Name, Town

SD 1 Republican Chuck Townsend*, Osage

SD 2 Republican Jim Anderson*, Glenrock

SD 4 Republican James Haller, Cheyenne

Republican Tony Ross, Cheyenne

SD 6 Democrat Jana Howard Ginter*, Carpenter

Republican Wayne Johnson, Cheyenne

Republican Jon Kirkbride, Meriden

Republican Cynthia Meister, Cheyenne

SD 8 Democrat Jayne Mockler*, Cheyenne

SD 10 Democrat Tim Chesnut, Laramie

Republican Phil Nicholas, Laramie

SD 12 Democrat Rae Lynn Job*, Rock Springs

SD 14 Democrat Larry Caller*, Rock Springs

Republican Stan Cooper, Kemmerer

SD 16 Democrat Jerry Bosch, Wilson

Republican Pat Aullman, Thayne

Republican Ceci Elise Clover, Jackson

Republican Steve Duerr, Jackson

Republican Mike Vinson, Afton

Republican Vince Zimmer, Thayne

SD 18 Republican Hank Coe*, Cody

SD 20 Republican Gerald Geis*, Worland

Republican Mark Hillman, Basin

SD 22 Republican John Schiffer*, Kaycee

SD 24 Republican Dick Erb*, Gillette

Republican Dave Olsen, Gillette

Republican Michael Von Flatern, Gillette

SD 26 Republican Bob Peck*, Riverton

SD 28 Democrat Keith Goodenough*, Casper

Republican Kit Jennings, Casper

SD 30 Democrat Ron Akin, Casper

Republican Charles Scott*, Casper

Republican Tom Walters, Casper

HD 1 Republican Ogden Driskill, Devils Tower

Republican Mark Semlek*, Moorcroft

HD 2 Democrat Ross Diercks*, Lusk

Republican Kari Jo Gray, Douglas

HD 3 Republican Deborah Alden*, Wheatland

HD 4 Republican Edward Buchanan*, Torrington

HD 5 Republican Roseanna Davison, Lingle

Republican Jim Hageman*, Fort Laramie

HD 6 Republican Dave Edwards*, Douglas

HD 7 Democrat Mike Shonsey, Cheyenne

Democrat Ken Tuma, Cheyenne

Republican Doug Samuelson, Cheyenne

HD 8 Republican Larry Meuli*, Cheyenne

Republican David Miller, Cheyenne

Republican Greg Thomas, Cheyenne

HD 9 Democrat Ruth Bell, Cheyenne

Republican Martin Altenbern, Cheyenne

Republican Dana Hannon, Cheyenne

Republican Bryan Pedersen, Cheyenne

Republican George "Bo" Short, Cheyenne

HD 10 Democrat Melinda Young, Pine Bluffs

Republican Rodney "Pete" Anderson*, Pine Bluffs

Republican Donn Edmunds, Cheyenne

Republican John Brent Nichols, Cheyenne

HD 11 Democrat Tim Kingston, Cheyenne

Democrat Wayne Reese*, Cheyenne

HD 12 Democrat Layton Morgan*, Cheyenne

HD 13 Democrat Jane Warren*, Laramie

HD 14 Democrat Jeremiah Brewer, Laramie

Democrat Joseph Kiovsky, Laramie

Republican Kermit Brown, Laramie

Republican Charles Taulbee, Laramie

HD 15 Democrat George Bagby*, Rawlins

Republican Dave Rader, Rawlins

HD 16 Democrat Pete Jorgensen*, Jackson

HD 17 Democrat Stephen Shea, Rock Springs

Republican Steve Watt, Rock Springs

HD 18 Republican Mick Powers*, Lyman

HD 19 Republican Owen Petersen*, Mountain View

HD 20 Republican Kathy Davison, Kemmerer

Republican Frank Johnson, Kemmerer

HD 21 Republican Randall Luthi*, Freedom

HD 22 Republican Monte Olsen*, Daniel

HD 23 Democrat Mike Gierau, Jackson

Republican Lisa daCosta, Jackson

Republican Rod Everett, Jackson

Republican Keith Gingery, Jackson

HD 24 Republican Colin Simpson*, Cody

HD 25 Republican Alan Jones*, Powell

HD 26 Republican Elaine Harvey*, Lovell

HD 27 Democrat Debbie Healy Hammons, Worland

Republican Jane Wostenberg*, Worland

HD 28 Republican Lorraine Quarberg, Thermopolis

Republican Charles Stump, Thermopolis

HD 29 Republican Jerry Iekel*, Sheridan

HD 30 Democrat Cissy Dillon, Sheridan

Republican Jack Landon*, Sheridan

HD 31 Republican Jene Jansen*, Gillette

HD 32 Democrat Duffy Jenniges, Gillette

Republican Jeff Wasserburger*, Gillette

HD 33 Democrat Travis Brockie, Fort Washakie

Democrat Patrick Goggles, Ethete

Democrat Clarence Thomas, Fort Washakie

Republican Jim Allen*, Lander

HD 34 Republican Dennis Christensen, Riverton

Republican Frank Philp*, Shoshoni

HD 35 Republican Roy Cohee*, Casper

HD 36 Democrat Liz Gentile*, Evansville

Republican Gerald Gay, Casper

HD 37 Democrat Scott Koenekamp, Casper

Republican Steve Harshman*, Casper

Republican Kathy Martin, Casper

HD 38 Democrat Joan Bangen, Casper

Republican Bob Brechtel*, Casper

Republican Christine Frude, Casper

Republican Elaine Scott, Casper

HD 39 Democrat John Hastert*, Green River

HD 40 Republican Doug Osborn*, Buffalo

HD 41 Democrat Ken Esquibel, Cheyenne

Republican Becket Hinckley*, Cheyenne

HD 42 Democrat Randall Lane, Cheyenne

Republican Pete Illoway*, Cheyenne

HD 43 Democrat Terry Barbre, Cheyenne

Republican Ed Prosser*, Cheyenne

Republican Dan Zwonitzer, Cheyenne

HD 44 Democrat Floyd Esquibel*, Cheyenne

HD 45 Democrat Vaughn Neubauer, Laramie

Republican Roger Britton, Laramie

Republican Kevin White, Laramie

HD 46 Democrat Jan Alvaney, Centennial

Republican James Slater*, Laramie

HD 47 Republican Kurt Bucholz*, Saratoga

HD 48 Democrat Marty Martin*, Rock Springs

HD 49 Democrat Saundra Meyer*, Evanston

Republican Bruce Barnard, Evanston

HD 50 Republican Pat Childers*, Cody

HD 51 Republican Rosie Berger*, Big Horn

Republican Carole Perkins, Sheridan

HD 52 Republican Burke Jackson, Rozet

HD 53 Republican Frank Latta*, Gillette

HD 54 Republican Del McOmie*, Lander

HD 55 Republican David Miller*, Riverton

HD 56 Democrat Kathy DeLisa, Casper

Republican Tom Walsh*, Casper

HD 57 Democrat Margo Miller, Casper

Republican Tom Lockhart*, Casper

HD 58 Democrat Ann Robinson*, Casper

HD 59 Democrat Mary Gilmore*, Casper

Republican Ted Lee, Casper

HD 60 Democrat Bill Thompson*, Green River

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