Liz Cheney said that a bill sponsored by opponent U.S. Sen. Mike Enzi that would tax Internet sales hurts Wyomingites and brick-and-mortar businesses in the state.

During an interview with the Star-Tribune on Friday, Cheney -- a Wilson resident and daughter of former Vice President Dick Cheney -- spoke in depth about the differences between herself and Enzi, of Gillette. The two are vying for the Wyoming GOP primary election nod for Enzi's seat in the Senate.

The topics on which Cheney said she differed from Enzi include the Internet sales tax bill, the so-called war on coal, Common Core education standards and the Obamacare health care law.

Cheney also spoke about a difference in opinion she has with her famous father on the National Security Agency’s phone call metadata gathering program.

Internet sales tax

Cheney said she disagrees with a piece of legislation that Enzi is sponsoring: the Marketplace Fairness Act of 2013. It would allow states to require Internet sellers with annual revenues of more than $1 million to collect and remit sales and use taxes. The bill has passed the Senate, was introduced in the House and has been referred to the House Subcommittee on Regulatory Reform, Commercial and Antitrust Law.

“I think we should support the brick-and-mortar businesses by lowering their tax burden,” she said. “I think the government has more than enough money. They tax us more than enough already. And I don’t think Wyoming’s senator should be looking for ways out of the pockets of the people of Wyoming to send to places like California and New York.”

But Kristin Walker, Enzi’s campaign communication director, said that’s incorrect and “demonstrates a complete lack of understanding of the bill, as well as state and local issues,” she said in an email.

“Any sales tax that is paid in Wyoming stays in Wyoming, just like when you shop locally,” she said. “Any sales tax paid by Wyoming residents would go to the state of Wyoming and to their communities to support schools, infrastructure and other local needs.”

Cheney said the law is poorly written because more than 9,600 local government taxing authorities would be able to audit any Internet company with more than $1 million annually in revenue. That could be messy, even for Wyoming brick-and-mortar businesses, since many sell goods and services online, she said.

Walker, Enzi’s campaign spokeswoman, said the law would require states to decide whether to collect the sales tax. If states chose to, they would have to provide free software to all businesses to assess the tax.

“The accusation regarding 9,600 new regulations is something D.C.-based interest groups peddle to try and scare small business owners,” she said.

She said the Wyoming Retail Association supports Enzi's efforts.

War on coal

Cheney said her opponent hasn’t done enough to fight and win the "war on coal," since he hasn’t gotten results from his actions. It's a particularly sensitive issue in Wyoming, which is the country’s No. 1 coal producer. 

Enzi was mayor of Gillette, which calls itself the "Energy Capital of the Nation" and prides itself on nearby coal production.

“It’s not about talking,” she said. “It’s about getting results, getting something done and being able to show that you led the charge.”

Cheney said Wyoming needs a leader to fight stricter regulation of emissions from coal-fired power plants.

“We need someone who can mobilize people across the country, who can say, ‘Look, if you appreciate affordable electricity, you should join our side. Join Wyoming’s side in the war on coal. Help us push back against Barack Obama.’”

Enzi’s camp disagreed with Cheney’s assessment.

Walker, his campaign spokeswoman, said that last week Enzi received a lifetime achievement award from the Washington Coal Club for his efforts on behalf of Wyoming’s industry and workers.

“Since that time, he’s worked hard to cut through the [U.S. Environmental Protection Agency’s] seemingly endless red tape and stop excessive regulations that hurt our energy producers,” Walker said. “He’s helped pass legislation that improve mine safety for energy workers. Sen. Enzi has also been instrumental in working with the Bureau of Land Management to ensure that they regularly schedule coal lease sales, which are absolutely critical for the future of coal in Wyoming.”

Common Core

Cheney opposes the Common Core State Standards Initiative, a set of guidelines established by the states for math and language arts. Common Core’s website describes it as trying to provide consistent guidelines of what students are expected to learn to be better positioned to compete in the global economy.

“As a mother, I am very worried about Common Core,” she said. “I’m especially worried about the data collection piece of it. It requires a huge amount of data to be collected.”

Cheney said she worries the data would be collected on students from kindergarten through graduation, and that the data could be disseminated to third parties.

But Walker, Enzi’s campaign spokeswoman, said the senator doesn’t think Common Core will work. Walker noted that Common Core standards remain voluntary and decisions are made at the state level.

“He wants to make sure education standards remain where they belong – with individual states,” she said. “And that’s why he’s co-sponsored legislation that would stop the Department of Education from having any control over state’s education standards.”


Cheney described two differences she had with her opponent regarding the Patient Protection and Affordable Care Act, often referred to as Obamacare.

She said Enzi was a member of the Gang of Six, a group of six lawmakers on whom Obama relied when trying to pass the health care overhaul.

“He was one of the very few Republicans willing to negotiate over this massive entitlement program,” Cheney said. “What that did was gave the president this very partisan piece of legislation and he was able to say, ‘No, no, no, I have Republicans with me,’ because he was able to point to Mike and others.”

Cheney said it was the wrong moment to negotiate.

“I believe Republicans would have been much more effective if we would have stood together and opposed it from the beginning,” she said. “I think we might not be where we are today if we would have opposed it from the very beginning.”

The second difference Cheney believes separates herself from Enzi is her belief that Congress should return to the U.S. Treasury special federal subsidies Congress receives for healthcare coverage obtained through the exchanges. She thinks Enzi should take the lead.

“Proposing legislation that’s not going to pass in my view isn’t enough,” she said of a bill that Enzi is sponsoring to reverse some of Congress' federal subsidies.

Walker, Enzi’s campaign spokeswoman, said the senator does not support Obamacare.

“Sen. Enzi has been a relentless opponent of Obamacare from the start,” she said. “Period.”

Before Obamacare came up for debate, Enzi wrote a bill to reform health care without increasing the national debt, Walker said. As a result of that work, he was asked to be part of negotiations on the Obamacare legislation. The Republican ideas were ignored and Enzi voted against the bill.

Dick Cheney

While all children are products of their parents, Cheney said that she’s not a spitting political image of her father.

One area in which they disagree is the NSA's gathering of records on phone calls as a way to pinpoint national security threats.

“There are legitimate questions and concerns that have to be answered about what the NSA has been doing,” she said.

She said that her father was briefed about the program when he was in Washington.

“He can vouch for it for the time he was in office,” she said. “You know he’s not briefed into it anymore, buyt he’s probably less skeptical about it that I am.”

Reach state reporter Laura Hancock at 307-266-0581 or at Follow her on Twitter: @laurahancock.

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It is BS to think the internet sales tax is going to hurt Wyoming what it will do is make it fair to all . If Liz's want to debate tax in general then let make it far the other way do away with it all to getther, which while making things fair would hurt Wyoming the sale taxis is how citys and towns pay for streets, sewer, water etc improvements.

Kool Kat

A nice welcome in bringing up the subject of internet taxing.
First of all, the internet is self-governing and untaxed due to the fact that US laws not only prohibit the force of one state taxing citizens of another. But, attempts at taxing individuals from other nations as well.
Last report I read from the CST quoted Enzi as saying that, Wal Mart needs an equal playing field when it comes to internet taxing. Small stores "online" should be taxed to keep from hurting Wal Mart is the way it came across.
My immediate concern was, "how can a corporation's revenues of $ hundreds of billions be hurting the world's largest retailer" when, many existing stores fold at the presence of a new Wal Mart store? The answer is obvious! Enzi obviously receives special interest campaign donations.
On the other perspective of this legislation that died due to lack of interest in the US House. Why is it, Obama supports this legislation but, a conservative Congress has no interest in?
Again, its obvious as the day is long. We've all heard of the "pork barrel spending" during budgetary debates? This is just the reverse order, its money special interests are willing to bet on that can favor their "high paying" clients suing the people's choice of leader.
Therefore, when special interests rule, the electorate loses - its just that plain and simple. As adding another expense to dwindling paycheck helps absolutely no one. Unless of course you're a Wal Mart trying to eliminate more retail competition?
So yes, a rural state like Wyoming, it would force more people to drive into town and make that purchase, thus reducing if not, eliminating small retail competition.


Mike Enzi's spokespeople must believe that we are morons. His internet sales tax is designed to raise money for state governments, specifically state governments with a lot of internet businesses, like in California and New York. The tax does this by taxing ordinary citizens MORE than they pay right now, for doing business over the internet.

In Wyoming, we have a limited number of internet businesses, but we have a huge number of people who buy things over the internet. What this means is that Enzi's bill takes money out of the pockets of Wyoming citizens and sends it to other state governments. Yes, a tiny bit more money comes into the Wyoming state goverment -- TINY -- BUT more than 50 times more money goes out from Wyoming citizens' pockets to ther state governments.

This is RAISING OUR TAXES. Enzi's people think we are idiots.

If we want to help our retail sector here, we can lower their tax burden. Don't raise taxes on the rest of us.



Actually, it's not raising your taxes one bit. You are obligated to pay taxes to the state when you purchase items over the internet. It's just that nobody does it, because there have been no legal means to force businesses to keep track of sales to the individual states and allow the state to enforce the law. I appreciate that most people are ignorant of this fact, but don't spout off right-wing talking points without educating yourself. I, as a local business owner, like the fact that people must pay the tax they are (and always have been) required to and, indeed, level the economic playing field.


Total nonsense. You don't pay any of those taxes now, and you never will if Enzi's bill does not pass.

Ever heard of the internet tax moratorium? That should be permanent.

And Enzi's solution to pay all of these out of state taxes is a brand new super good internet program, just like Obamacare. WHY ON EARTH would any repbulican representing Wyoming propose such a thing.

If you want to help retail business in Wyoming, lower their tax burdens. Don't add taxes to my internet purchases. You, sir, are a tax and spend liberal.


You, sir, can't read. YOU AND I ARE ALREADY REQUIRED TO PAY THOSE TAXES. This isn't even a loophole... it's the law. I don't know why you can't understand it, but I suspect it's because you have some wadded up Tea Party propaganda stuffed in your ears.

Kool Kat

You're response writing is very bizarre CommonSense_WY.
I'd purchased many times online without paying sales tax. Are your suggestion to volunteering paying to the state in which you've purchased online, without that State requesting, let alone requiring?
Your comment suggests just that. Reading your comments suggest you prefer to volunteer a sales tax forwarded to the State to which you just purchased? And therefore, volunteering to pay taxes is normal in your eyes because of your unorthodox actions.
By the way, the TEA Party stands for Taxed Enough Already - the same grass roots level organization the Establishment Democrats and Republicans hate. Which by default, making the TEA Party a non-partisan group nation wide.
But understanding your perception in paying taxes, I can see why you feel offended. Its probably not easy to be you, while living alms to the King in your mind.

Kool Kat

My typo sorry
Its probably not easy to be you, while living alms to the King in your mind.
Should have read
Its probably not easy to be you, while paying alms to the King in your mind.

James Madison

You obviously don't believe in the free market. Of course you like the idea because it provides you with a competitive advantage and short term financial gain.

However, what you fail to realize is looking down the road this internet tax will put you and online retailers out of business by destroying a fragile economy run on failed Keynesian economics.


You don't pay the taxes now and you never will if Enzi's bill doesn't pass. If this were happening now, there would be no need for a new law, knucklehead. The bill would just rob our Wyoming citizens to enrich other state governments.

It is highly revealing that the Enzi people think they should say this will bring money into the Wyoming state government. It will bring in an extremely small amount of money into governemnt, but will result in our citizens paying vastly more to other state governments. That is insane. But more importantly, it uncovers Enzi as a technocratic tax bureaucrat who cares more about taxing people than freeing people from taxation. No wonder Americans for Tax Reform opposes Enzi. No wonder he went back on his tax pledge. He is a tax and spend Senator.


There are an incredibly large number of people here that are ignorant of the laws of their own state. Again, if you purchase something from the internet from out of state and have it shipped here, you must pay the use tax to the state. Look it up. Just because you don't pay that tax now (due to lack of records keeping and enforcement), doesn't mean it's not illegal. If Enzi's bill passes, it will benefit the state by ensuring those taxes are collected properly from out of state resellers.

Again, please educate yourselves before making statements on things you know nothing about.


Just say NO to any type of tax increase! Everyone knows that these States have a "spending problem" NOT a "revenue" problem! If all you true Republican Conservatives “just say NO” you can stop this tax increase in its tracks! You just have to force these States to come up with “offsets to spending”! They must implement spending cuts in certain programs equal to what they want to spend on other programs. The good conservative people just need to stand up and be good American Patriots and “Just say NO” to tax and spend policies! The good people of Wyoming know when we TeaPublicans take back our America in 2014 and 2016, we WILL take back all those tax increases that have forced upon us since that guy Obama took over! You will NEVER see another tax increase in OUR America! "P n P" in 2016. Perry and Palin, yes it IS going to happen!


I sent a letter to Enzi asking him to not sponsor this bill. I received a less than cordial reply. His stance was firm. He supports taxing Wyoming people. His argument is that this will help brick and mortar businesses, that gouge us,a captive market, at every turn. Our only recourse is to of course not vote for Enzi. His good old boy attitude and political stance needs to end. Time for some new blood.


How hard is it to understand? The internet sales tax won't send our money to California. If someone in Wyoming buys something on the internet from someone in California, the sales tax goes to Wyoming. And that is only if the state of Wyoming decides that it wants to collect the tax. This simply gives states the right to decide for themselves.


Thank you. Another poster who knows how to read... amazing.

Kool Kat

Interesting perspective Alpine61.
According to the Rand Paul news letter circulating that found its way (not sure how?) to my mail box. This Enzi sponsored and Obama supported legislation before a Congress that showed no interest said, in general summary.
Congress by Constitution gives the State Governments the right to assess taxes on online customers regardless of state. That spells a Pandora's box of worms wandering free to me when it comes to taxes.

But one of this legislation's authors (Mr Enzi) was quoted saying that, Wal Mart needs an even playing field with its competitor "mom and pop" stores. When you involve a Congressional tax - you involve the potential "National Sales Tax", wittingly or not.
This is extremely dangerous regarding Government overreach, as we all know it takes 2/3 of Congress and Senate to repeal such a mess. As we know Obama has never met a tax increase and federal fine (ie... Obamacare) he didn't like.

When it comes to government and taxation, nothing is ever easy. Just as Ronald Reagan once said: Government is like a baby: An alimentary canal with a big appetite at one end and no sense of responsibility at the other.
Obamacare and now the $634 million dollar website that won't work cause of more government ideas. That should be a give-away as how dangerous this new Enzi sponsored tax really is on the tax payers paychecks, on top of the debt we all as strapped with.

Anyone can read, but perception is the mother of all possible mistakes.


I think Liz is too quick to wave red meat on the internet sales tax issue. She should know it is a STATE law for purchasers to pay use tax. The place to eliminate this requirement is in the state legislature.So is her real objection that it is poorly written or does it have merit?


And before y'all yell at me...


It really is unbelievable how many people are ignorant of this fact. Of course, education was never the Republicans' best friend, I guess.


Common Sense -- It's not that they are ignorant, it's that you are wrong.

People know that they don't have to pay. The legislation is required to make them pay. If it were already something we pay, no legislation would be required.

Enzi has been proposing to lift the internet tax moratorium since 1996. You are spinning, and you already know your spin on this doesn't sell. It doesn't sell because people know better. Calling them ignorant is not making your spin better.


QB14 - can you read? Can you really tell me that you are somehow exempt from the tax laws of the state? Honestly, your ignorance on the matter is astounding. Especially provided stickalose a direct link for you...


For the benefit of QB14 or anyone else who cannot be bothered to read up on the laws of the State of Wyoming :

"the purchase is destined for
storage, use or consumption in
Wyoming, it is subject to use tax. The purchase
could have occurred on a visit to a bordering
state. A mail order or
internet purchase
could have been shipped directly to you. In
any of these cases, if no sales tax was
charged, you are required to pay
use tax on the purchase. "

Clear enough, or do you need someone to draw a picture?

James Madison

I won't vote for Cheney but she is absolutely right on this issue. Raising taxes is something progressive Republicans love and Wyoming Democrats call raising revenue.

This is like the gas tax progressive governor Mead endorsed and advocated.

Wyoming Democrats never met a tax they never liked. They bash the tea party because Democrats worship the altar of government.


Liz Cheney claiming to be more pro coal than Enzi might be the most outrageous claim since Dr. Evil's dad claimed to invent the question mark. Tell me what Liz Cheney has ever done that is pro coal? I mean ever? Other than turn on a light switch in her homes she lived in at Colorado, Illinois, or Washington DC? Note none if those states she's lived in since Reagan was president include Wyoming...


So every time a substantive policy issue comes up, you will say: she lived somewhere else for a period of years, ignore everything else. That's called a diversion, and it can be useful to try distract people from actually considering the substantive issues.

So, I know it won't matter to you Carey, but here are some facts: Liz Cheney and both of Liz Cheney's parents are from Casper. Both sets of her grandparents were from Casper too. Her family history in Wyoming goes back over 100 years. Her Dad represented our state in Congress in the 80's and the family split time between their Casper home and DC. Liz was married in Wyoming. She has 4 kids in Wyoming public schools. And on top of that, Liz served our country for nearly a decade in posts in the U.S. and overseas. I guess you want to take her service -- in the diplomatic corps and elsewhere in the goverment and try to hold it against her, but it is actually one of the reasons she would be a great Senator: she knows how government works and knows how to stop the crazy federal bureaucracy. I'd bet that Liz Cheney has been in Wyoming a lot more over the past decade than Mike Enzi has. All told, Mike Enzi has been on the public payroll now for about 37 years.

Yeah, Liz went to college in colorado and then to one of the best lawschools in the U.S. -- University of Chicago -- because she was a terrific student. How exactly is that disqualifying? And yes, Liz Cheney has been successful both in the private sector and in Government service. But don't we want someone who is successful and effective to represent us?

Bottom line: Liz would be a great Senator. She would be aggressive, effective and unrelenting in pursuing what Wyoming needs.

And by the way, the terms you sometimes hear: "work horse" or "work behind the scenes" are just polite ways of saying that someone has no accomplishments to show their constituents -- other than proposing a new tax on internet sales of course.

We all know that things in DC are have been broken for most of Mike's tenure there. And that we deserve something better.

I know you won't care about these facts.


It's not her fault she had to move with her family in DC when her dad worked at the pentagon. But when she could choose where to live for college, she chose Colorado. Then when she could have chose to live in Wyoming for law school, she chose Illinois. Then she when she could chose where to live and work as a lawyer, she chose DC. When she chose to run for senate she finally moved back a year ago. She had to be the only lawyer "living" in Wyoming to not have a Wyoming law license, heck she couldn't even pass the Wyoming bar if she took it today. I think your biggest challenge working in her campaign staff will be to try to sell you three paragraph justification that she isn't carpet bagging into 30 second radio and tv ads, it's going to be tough. And I'm not diverting from anything, myself and tens of thousands wyomingites think she's not lived here little more than a year since Governor Sullivan was in office. Also a fact.


Plenty of time to get the true facts out -- and it won't just happen in 30 second commercials, Carey. Not on campaign.

So if a young Wyoming honors student gets a scholarship at Stanford, Harvard or Yale, they shouldn't go?

side oiler
side oiler

Cheney will hurt Wyoming,look at what her pops did to America.

Kool Kat

Very interesting change of heart, side oiler.
In another thread till now, unless I misunderstood your comment? Didn't you join many in chanting with others about voting out all incumbents and replacing them. Well Cheney is that replacement you chanted about with others. Do you even give any thought in what you write? Just asking.

side oiler
side oiler

There is no change of anything,I have a severe dislike for the phony,failed GOP and anything thy try to do anymore.Perhaps you are the one who needs to proof read.


You might outta lay off the insinuations that others should proofread, side oiler. Aren't you the one one that went off in an article titled "Cover poor, childless adults in Medicaid". You replied by saying "How many of the 20,000 in Wyoming are single mommies by choice? Come on now idra,attack me."

To which I replied that I didn't need to attack you, you are imploding under your own power quite nicely without any help from me.

Kool Kat

Well put IdrahaJe as side oiler seems to be a clear as mud from time to time.


You'll notice the old blow hard has no response....


I'm not pro Cheney but I think if Enzi is going to make it to where I have to pay taxes on something I buy online like eBay or Amazon and now they r going to charge tax I could care less if it goes to wyoming or California it's a tax... It's ridiculous and I won't be voting for him... Being and employer I pay enough in taxes. As a small business owner I pay enough in taxes get a clue Enzi ur NOT for the people of Wyoming... Clearly we are not hurting for money for our schools did anyone else not notice that each school here is getting a remodel? Both NC and KW r getting brand new pools... If they proposed this and said we don't have the money but we want to do this it be a different story... We have three brand new schools several remodels spending well over 500,000 we don't need a tax in crease... But it's us the people that have to stop it... Don't just complain VOTE Enzi OUT

Kool Kat

I'm not a republican but a registered conservative, would agree that the new internet tax would hurt Wyomingites. Especially when it is not necessary.
What is necessary is, the government lose some fiscal belly fat and the Federal Government go on a crash diet in borrowing money this nation has not. I've listened and heard that Barasso and Lummis support Emzi which also still concerns me.

Personally I'd rather have a hawkish Rand Paul screaming to "stop spending" as verses someone timidly quiet voting no. In today's politics, that's just a "for the record vote" but, in reality is an "optional no vote".
But a stern and vocal "no vote" has to remain, as you can not change that due to its attention getting. I'm not looking for theatrics per say but, when the opportunity arose like Sen. Cruz regarding Obamacare - now that's leadership. He stood on his principles.
Its times like now, I don't see Enzi's (monotone voice) out there speaking up for Wyoming. And see Obama supporting a "new tax" the Enzi is shouting about with glee, with [thankfully] Conservative Congressional deaf ears.


another gem from Kool Kat,
"I'm not a republican but a registered conservative"
KK, maybe you could share with the rest of us where one goes to register as a conservative. Does this mean you have a 24 hour feed from Fox news and Rush Limbaugh going directly to your brain?
Do tell.................

Kool Kat

Anyone can register, I register at the polls as a conservative - I always had.


Cheney is correct (kind of) WY sellers would be force to send tax dollars to other States for those that live out-of state. They become tax collectors for other States and have no say in those tax policies. 'Free'' software? Like a free puppy, they need to be fed and poop a lot too. Compliance costs to install/debug and code inventory will cost between $80-$300K and $50K or more to maintain and pay for audits.
9600 audits? That's a 2011 number, it's actually over 13000 now, but MFA allows for single state audits, so that number drops to a little over 600 (the Several States, DC, all US territories, and all (565) Sovereign Indian Nations.


Flip a coin and take what's offered. Ostensibly, not a real choice. Obstructionists seeking self interest and esteem. An experiment in closed down government.


I wish everyone that is championing the "no new taxes-this will hurt Wyoming" position would change their position to "I know we are already supposed to pay this tax but quite honestly, as it is extremely unlikely that I will ever get caught, I would prefer the law to stay the same so I can continue to get away with it."

That would make much more sense and would be more accurate.

Kool Kat

Interesting approach smbusinessowner, then why do we need Federal Legislation for no new tax for the State to collect? Answer: cause it is a new tax that only, Congress can implement for all fifty States. You sound like the sounding board of Enzi sprinkled with a touch of Obama's promises that aren't promises.


Kool Kat, please partake of some remedial reading and look at the posting from the state's website I posted below.

It. Is. Not. A. New. Tax.

Enzi's bill makes provisions for the enforcement of an existing law for any states that have a use tax. It's no wonder the Republican Party is going down the drain. It's own members probably can't read the directions to the next meeting.

Kool Kat

Apparently CommonSense_WY, you missed my point.
Does it take Federalism for Wyoming to tax its people? The point I made was, Wyoming and not the Feds need to enforce laws in the books, not create new ones so that the 17% approval rate doesn't hit home.
And by legislating federally, "such enforcement creates, new taxation laws".
Get it? New. Taxation. Law - - not existing laws.
As a registered conservative, say what you please about the republicans and their RINOs, "new tax laws" are"new tax laws".


You have no point. It takes federal authority for the bill to work, as no state has the right to tax another state's citizens without dispensation. This isn't new taxation. The use tax is on the books. This puts a framework in place to allow the states to receive the appropriate information and authority to collect the taxes that are already owed on these types of transactions. You've shown an abysmal understanding of tax laws by your posts. Please stop posting nonsense.

Kool Kat

Apparently CommonSense_WY, has become a believer.
That it really - really - really does take Congressional action to "add a new tax" for fifty States to have authority to tax consumers from others outside their borders. Once again, thanks for making my point [the no point you claim], this Obama supported Enzi "new legislation" is a new tax on the people.
And by your insistence that it is not a new tax when in reality "only Congress can mandate new taxes" interstate commerce for states. Is just plain and simple someone in denial to fact.
Even though you call it "no point" and even "posted nonsense", as it is true. Or Enzi wouldn't had need to draft it up for Congressional approval. Wyoming and every State has the right to tax its own people within its borders, but not outside. This is where the Obama supported Enzi legislation comes in play.


Your ignorance and inability to comprehend the simplest statements are sad. Happily, your political views are becoming more and more irrelevant. Enjoy the next few elections, as the "conservative" movement and Tea Baggers continue their death spiral.


You sir are pompous. Only a i.d.i.o.t. thinks this isn't a new tax.

There is a reason why conservatives vote against it.

Kool Kat

II suppose CommonSense_WY when you make sense perhaps I can learn you way of thinking. But in reality, its no different than when Prez. Obama sold Obamacare as "not a tax" to turn around and argue tax before the US Supreme Court, its a tax and win.
In like manner, adding new law through congress to make applicable to all fifty states, a federal internet tax, makes it a new tax. You know - or perhaps may be you don't know, or ignorantly speaking to you, only Congress has the authority to tax the public.
Exactly what the President argued for Obamacare with the US Sup. Court and won, is what this Obama backed Enzi legislation asks of the US Congress. It is the law that Congress and not States have the right to increase interstate commerce taxes.


It . Is. A. New. Tax. You knuckleheads who way otherwise are in spin central.

Today, nobody pays internet

Tomorrow, everybody would have to pay the tax. And it will take legislation to make people pay it.

And it will also take an Obamacare style webprogram to try to manage it. Who in the world would want that?

This Enzi internet tax thing is the most idiotic idea I've heard come from any Wyoming politician. You will be taking money from Wyoming citizens and sending it to other states. STUPID.

If you want to help retailers, reduce their tax burdens in other ways. Don't tax us more.

Anyone if favor of this internet tax nonsense is a tax and spend liberal. That's why almost every republican in the House opposes it. Enzi CREATED it, and here is what Ted Cruz says about it:

“Tax-hungry politicians view the Internet as yet another source of revenue to bail out their big-spending governments,” Mr. Cruz wrote in an op-ed article for Real Clear Politics. “The misleadingly titled ‘Marketplace Fairness Act’ is a job-killing tax hike, plain and simple. It is, in effect, a national Internet sales tax, which would hammer the little guy and benefit giant corporations

Read more:
Follow us: @washtimes on Twitter


Enzi created the internet tax bill. He is proud of it. Here is what Ted Cruz says about Enzi's bill:

Tax-hungry politicians view the Internet as yet another source of revenue to bail out their big-spending governments,” Mr. Cruz wrote in an op-ed article for Real Clear Politics. “The misleadingly titled ‘Marketplace Fairness Act’ is a job-killing tax hike, plain and simple. It is, in effect, a national Internet sales tax, which would hammer the little guy and benefit giant corporations Read more: Follow us: @washtimes on Twitter


Here's another quote from Ted Cruz about Enzi's internet tax. You can also find a video Ted Cruz made criticizing Enzi.

Mr. Cruz said the measure would “drive smaller competitors off the Internet and out of business.”

“Raising the tax burden on small businesses in one of the still-thriving sectors of our economy doesn’t make sense,” Mr. Cruz said. “And, imposing a national Internet sales tax while the nation is still trying desperately to create jobs and provide new opportunities for millions of Americans still struggling to find work is economic foolishness.”

Read more:
Follow us: @washtimes on Twitterriticizing Enzi on this:


I sincerely cannot wait until Hillary Clinton is elected President in 2016, if only to hear the pinheads of Kool Kat and QB14 pop like little balloons.

Seriously, though. Please do a little reading once in a awhile and educate yourselves. Good day.

Kool Kat

My concern is this, the RINOs such as Enzi has a heavy support of socialist/liberals as yourself, this is a big reason why Enzi is making it easier for Cheney to run. I already have the read the Obama approved legislation, Congress has no interest in.
Thanks just the same.


I think you mean 'support of moderates', but your child-like view of the political landscape has already been established.

Enjoy the new 'socialist' regime.... lol.

Kool Kat

There is nothing "moderate" about Obama and those that support him.
As a "moderate" will negotiate in the best interest of all regarding ACA/Obamacare, and now it looks as if his failed website might force him to, When negotiating verses Obama hardline ways - contrary to your claims, has shown lately that only 4 in 10 Americans support his ways now.

As your last contemptuous comment will weigh heavy in today's youth. As Obama debt equals generations of repay, not just this. As I know socialists care only about themselves and not the future. Sad but true.
And your support of Enzi shows just how wrong Wyomingites would be to send an Obama supported RINO back to DC. And your support of Enzi makes Cheney look very good for conservative Wyomingites.
You claim support for Enzi but, does Enzi values support you? That's the concern of every Wyomingite. As based on you end comment, your asserting that Enzi is Socialist, just as you want.


What this thread very helpfully demonstrates is that Democrats support Enzi over Cheney. And also RINOs like John McCain who has endorsed Enzi and is financing Enzi's campaign.


Hey folks, watch this video from Ted Cruz explaining very clearly why Enzi's bill is crazy. Enzi is a RINO, according to Ted Cruz.

Bottom line: Enzi's bill is essentially a new national sales tax that extends the power of state governments to tax beyond their borders. That means our citizens will be paying tax in California and New York from their Wyoming homes. Liz Cheney is 100% right and the Enzi spin on this is ridiculous.


This says it all. As Ted Cruz explains clearly, Mike is proposing what is essentially a new nationwide tax. Conservatives like Ted Cruz and Mike Lee are adamantly opposed to this.


Sorry, forgot to add that even Senator Barrasso voted against Mike Enzi's internet tax bill


Ted Cruz is an ultra-conservative whacko whose only purpose served is to shine light on like-minded whackos who support him and his out-dated and dangerous beliefs.

Sure would like to see a copy of his long-form birth certificate, eh?


I grant you that democrats like taxes, Mr. "common sense." Is Barrasso a birther too? He voted against Enzi's bill.


I did not know that being a natural born citizen was a requirement for the Senate? He could be born in Kenya and moved here after. As long as he has been a citizen for nine years and is thirty or older, It really doesn't matter. Well unless he decides to run for president that is. Or unless you are a bigot?

Kool Kat

I hear you 307. That's the way his "Obama supported" national sales tax legislation came across that only Congress has to approve.

Cody Coyote

57 comments and rising to this skewbald article. All are wails and rants about the Internet Sales Tax issue and none are about Obama's War on Coal. Odd. There cannot be more than a handful of internet retailers in Wyoming who come anywhere near the $ 1 million threshhold where Enzi's bill would apply . I can honestly think of only one, Sierra Trading Post , formerly HQ'd in Cheyenne but now owned by the TJ Maxx corporation in Boston . Yet this state' s bread butter mare's milk fat bone and muscles are the 400 million tons of coal we mine and sell in Enzi's backyard ...and not one word about that War On Coal issue here at the soap box derby. What does Lizzie really know about Coal ? How would we know what she knows and why do all these tea-stained blatherers here not ask about THAT ? Or anything else where she and Enzi might scrum ?

Looking forward to another 10 months of this blather , but only for its entertainment value... the August primary election cannot come too soon.


Cody Coyote -- thank you for helping prove our point. Almost no new money will come into Wyoming state coffers from Enzi's new interent tax bill. But Wyoming citizens will have to pay new Wyoming state taxes to California, New York, New Jersey,etc.

This is an insane bill Enzi has proposed, and that is why Barrasso voted against Enzi's bill. On the whole, this demonstrates that Mike is disconnected from the people of Wyoming. Why would any of us propose this. And it also demonstrates exactly why Mike renounced his pledge not to vote for new taxes on us.


Go ahead... keep lying. Anyone who can actually read the bill can tell you how wrong you are.


You want to pay more taxes, Captain democrat, be my guest. But most Wyomingites don't. And Mike should not be proposing new taxes that his constituents don't want to pay. That's why Barrasso is against Enzi's bill. That's why Ted Cruz and all other conservatives are against it. And so when Enzi says he's a "conservative," we know better.


smbusinessowners' comment nails it.
As to "Obamas" War on Coal, these mining companies have have pros on staff that plan 10, 15, 20 years out. Are they dialing back because they think tree hugging Dems are going to be in control that long?


Because none of our elective representatives is effectively countering the EPA/Obama administration's persecution of the coal industry. Our Senators should be much more effective in that effort. Ms. Cheney has proposed several different steps they should take to reign in EPA.


Even Barrasso voted against Mike Enzi's internet tax bill -- because it's a liberal tax increase. I bet Lummis will vote against it too. And in case you had any doubt at all remaining about how bad Enzi's internet tax bill is, here are some more quotes from Ted Cruz:

"Let me repeat that point. Every single Republican under the age of 50 voted against this bill in the U.S. Senate, and I think it has a great deal to do with being part of the internet age. There is a lot of discussion about social media ... we should not be messing with the internet. The idea that a bunch of politicians, Democrats and Republicans, would jump in bed with a bunch of corporate lobbyists in Washington and all get together to put new taxes new burdens on the internet and shut down small businesses I think is absolutely crazy."

Here is the cite:

And of course, no one should be surprised now that more than 80% of Mike's campaign funds come from DC lobbyist PACs, including specifically PACS supporting this terrible bill. Don't tax my internet Mike!!!!


Sorry.... Republicans get taxed double. Enjoy the new socialist paradise.

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