Jennifer Young wants to take on the government establishment.

This week, she launched a campaign to run against Wyoming Secretary of State Max Maxfield in 2014.

Young, president of the Wyoming Constitution Party, is best known for spearheading the movement to get a referendum on the 2014 general election ballot to recall Senate File 104, the legislation that revoked power from state Superintendent of Public Instruction Cindy Hill.

Young had 65 days to traverse the state and collect 37,000 signatures. She garnered 22,000.

But her travels around the state weren’t all for naught. Young, 46, slept on couches, talked with thousands of voters and created a network of loyal advocates who want to see the old guard ousted from office in Cheyenne. Tea partyers, Democrats, Republicans, the Wyoming Liberty Group and other parties joined Young’s effort. By cataloging the data, Young said she has backers in 200 communities throughout the state.

Four years ago Young had no political ambitions or ties in the state. She said she was asleep at the wheel.

She started paying attention, and has been at the forefront of challenging laws set in place by the Legislature and Wyoming courts. The tea party and other right-wing, limited-government activists paved the way for her while she slumbered, she said.

Young said the vote of the people was annulled with Senate File 104. She believes Maxfield did the same when he successfully challenged term limits for elected officials in a case that went to the Wyoming Supreme Court.

A citizen initiative appeared on the general election ballot in 1992 that outlined term limits for state lawmakers and four of the state’s five elected officials (term limits for governor are outlined in statute).

More than 150,000 Wyomingites voted for term limits in 1992. Forty-five thousand voted no.

The Wyoming Supreme Court eliminated term limits for state lawmakers in 2004. Maxfield sought to do the same for the state’s elected officials, saying the law unfairly impeded his ability to run for office after his second term. The state’s high court agreed with Maxfield in February and overturned the law. Maxfield will finish his second term in January 2015. He said he’s undecided about whether he will run again.

“We’re doing campaign organizing and raising money to be ready,” he said. “We won’t make a final decision until after the first of the year.”

Some look at the ruling as the lifting of an unnecessary restraint on liberty. Young has a different view.

“The vote of the people was loud and clear and was challenged by Maxfield,” she said. “Here we are again having our voice trampled on by another career politician.”

Young vows to serve only two terms if she wins.

“And I encourage others to do the same,” she said.

Young said she meets the statutory requirements of running for the position.

She’s lived in Wyoming for 41 years and has a bachelor’s degree from the University of Wyoming in zoology and physiology with an emphasis on bioengineering.

She’s run her own Mary Kay Cosmetics business and has served on the Laramie Jaycees.

The secretary of state is required to serve on a number of boards and commissions — most notably the State Loan and Investments Board, State Land and Investments Board and the State Building Commission.

Young said she’s been attending those meetings and is also preparing herself to manage the five divisions of the secretary of state’s office.

“I am more than capable of learning what I don’t know,” she said. “The referendum — nobody knew how to do that.”

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Rock of ages
Rock of ages

I think the boards are named: State Loan and Investment Board, State Land Board, State Building Commission.


"You know, I am really great at selling make up for Mary Kay. Maybe I should run elections for the State of WY." Yep, makes sense to me.


Carey - in my view, anyone closely aligned with Cindy Hill needs to be closely watched and evaluated. But it is still okay to be civil in how we express ourselves.


This lady's candidacy has nothing to do about being aligned with Cindy Hill. it has everything to do with the Democratic process and the RINO's in Cheyenne serving themselves and not the people of this great state. Whether you like it or nor Cindy Hill was elected for 4 years by voters, it was within their rights to vote her out if she failed at her job. Not a group of power hungry legislators, and a Governor wanting to control education by political appointee, to strip the office of its duties. Like she said, Mad Max just wants to keep his career political job by the challenging term limits. So why hasn't this legislature rewrote the laws or amended the state constitution to reinstate the term limits passed by Wyoming Citizens in 1992. They have had 21 years to correct the issue.

Kool Kat
Kool Kat

You know? I used to hear folks on here and publicly tell me that Cheyenne/politics rivals itself to those of DC and politics. In the same ways, accusations of the powers-to-be in Cheyenne regarding Sup't Hill, were as clear as a "mud fence".
Yeah, I remember Maxfield, even though I really like him, I'm real disappointed that the Wyoming Supreme Court agreed that, my vote cast would be ostracized from decisions. Maxfield and the Wyoming Supreme Court allies Black Panther Party as such.
I wonder? If Wyoming voters demanded to have the a revote on term limits, would Maxfield and/or the Supreme Court have thugs at the polls, as well? Its times like now, I can see why the voting blocks in Wyoming have shrunk. dictatorial weight thrown around, turns anyone off.
Some communities in Wyoming report, that less than 20% of eligible voters, vote. Even though politicians keep encouraging voters to come out. To those politicians out there, perhaps 80% that don't vote still have their conscious, and won't sever that.

Jennifer, at the current rate, the minority party in Wyoming will become the Majority party, unless honesty rises in Cheyenne?

Cody Coyote
Cody Coyote

Wyoming Wyngnuts. Three for a dollar.


It really doesn't matter what faction you run under to achieve office. An established political party has a platform and a stated philosophy. Until such time you should run as an independent. Hazy subterfuge will get you nowhere in state and national politics. It's confusing to the voters and the voters are the people. That is obviously what you are striving to accomplish. The emotionalizing of the populist panic corps. You can fool them once but twice is bordering on the impossible.

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