If elected Wyoming governor, Republican Taylor Haynes intends to take back federal lands and could open Yellowstone National Park to drilling, grazing and mining, he said.

Haynes, who describes himself as a conservative and a scholar of the Constitution, said the U.S. government can own only 10 square miles of land, Washington, D.C., for the seat of government, as described in the U.S. Constitution under Article 1, Section 8, Clause 17.

In addition to constitutional reasons, the state should own federal lands to better manage the resources -- Haynes specifically criticized the federal government’s management of U.S. forests -- and generate more revenue for the state, he said.

“There are thousands of drilling permits in the federal system” awaiting approval, he said.

Among federal lands, Haynes includes the portion of Yellowstone National Park in Wyoming, Grand Teton National Park and Devils Tower National Monument. He also wants the state to own U.S. Forest Service and Bureau of Land Management lands.

“We will manage every square inch of Wyoming,” he said.

Lost tradition

Phil Roberts, a history professor at the University of Wyoming and author of “Cody’s Cave: National Monuments and Public Lands in the 20th Century West,” said Haynes’ plans could be unsuccessful.

Roberts’ book describes a 210-acre national monument turned over to the state government.

“The results were disastrous,” he said in an email. “To make a long story short, who has ever heard of Shoshone Cavern National Monument? Anyone advocating that federal land be ‘returned’ to the state wants to ignore (or make us forget) the case and make believe that such a failure never happened.

"Even though the site was quietly handed back to the federal government in fairly recent times (1977), the lesson apparently hadn't been learned that turning federal land over to states and local entities has potentially disastrous results.”

The Wyoming Constitution, in Article 21, Section 26, states that Wyomingites gave up claims to federal lands in exchange for statehood, Roberts said.

The state was established after the Civil War, lost by people who advocated states’ rights, and it wasn’t created in the states’ rights tradition, Roberts said.

“In short, such attention-seeking assertions clearly aren't well-thought-out or grounded in any successful historical precedent,” he said. “Besides, I'm sure Mr. Haynes, like the other gubernatorial candidates, has more important real-life issues to address.”

Other candidates

Haynes’ plan is likely implausible, said Jerimiah Rieman, Gov. Matt Mead’s natural resources policy director. Mead is seeking re-election as a Republican. The primary is Aug. 19.

Superintendent of Public Instruction Cindy Hill, who is also running for the GOP nomination, did not respond to messages from the Star-Tribune.

“The governor has led an achievable and rational approach in dealing with these federal land issues, and he has led state agencies in asserting in state primacy,” or regulatory control over specific aspects of land management, Rieman said.

Rieman noted that Mead had crafted an energy policy, which he described as balancing development with the environment.

The general election is Nov. 4. The Republican winner will face Pete Gosar, a Democrat, who called Haynes' plan a distraction.

"I think that talking about things that can’t happen or aren’t going to happen doesn’t help us solve what needs to happen in our state," he said. "That doesn’t help us with Medicaid expansion. That approach doesn’t help us with gender-based wage inequality or worker safety or the cuts to the hunting and fishing that have gone on in Wyoming over the last few years.”

'Personality of Wyoming'

If elected, Haynes would send federal government agencies a certified letter and invite them to attend a meeting in which he will explain his plan. He said they must be gone by January 2015, when he would takes office.

“Then in whichever county they attempt to have any official activity, they will be arrested for impersonating a law enforcement officer in Wyoming,” he said.

Haynes doesn’t expect Wyoming jails to be crowded with federal employees. Most will accept job offers that he intends to extend to federal employees, he said.

“They live here. They have families here. They have lives,” he said. “They’ll have the opportunity to use their expertise for the state.”

All the lands would be up for lease for mining, drilling and grazing, but the Wyoming Department of Environmental Quality would set priorities to protect what Haynes described as the “personality of Wyoming,” such as beautiful forests.

The state would first consider permits that had been awaiting federal approval on lands with current energy development, he said.

Down the road, the state may put the national parks and monuments up for lease, Haynes said.

“It depends on the need and the national defense situation,” he said. “Those would be last on the list.”

Haynes wants to change how mineral royalties are distributed. Companies pay royalties for production on federal land.

Currently, mining companies send payments to the federal government, and the feds distribute the state portion. Haynes wants companies to send payments to Wyoming directly, and the state would not share with the federal government, he said.

“And if (companies) refuse, we will shut them down, so they won’t refuse,” he said.

Haynes said he successfully decreased federal intervention in Wyoming in a fight in the late 1990s that kept Preble’s meadow jumping mouse from federal protections by arguing that the federal government lacked trespass rights on ranch property.

Haynes, a physician and rancher, also argued with the government research. In 2008, the U.S. Fish and Wildlife Service removed Endangered Species Act protection for Preble’s populations in Wyoming but reinstated those protections in 2011.

Haynes believes that his work caused the federal government to back off from Wyoming for years, he said.

Reach political reporter Laura Hancock at 307-266-0581 or at laura.hancock@trib.com. Follow her on Twitter: @laurahancock.

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This man is a rodeo clown sent to distract us from any credible opposition to Governor Mead


Didn't realize Mead had any credibility.


I didn't say credibility, I said credible opposition. Not that he has either, really. Haynes may believe what he says, but I'm sure he is supported by big money Republicans who want to use Haynes to distract from Cindy Hill. Again, not saying Cindy Hill has any credibility whatsoever.




At least he doesn't belong to the "good ol boys" club, and he wasn't born with a silver spoon in his mouth!


Considering the amount of thought behind his policies, it must have been a lead spoon


True indeed.


Opening up Yellowstone, Teton, Devil's Tower, and Fossile Butte for drilling, mining, etc. seems to be a colossaly bad idea to me.


I'm relieved to hear you say that,GOPRealist. At least it shows that all R's in the state aren't as looney as Haynes, so maybe there's some hope for this state, after all.


Very little hope.


Despite what some might think just by reading the posts on the CST website, there are a lot of us Repubs that remember T. Roosevelt and hold him high regard. I am one of them and because I am, I realize the importance of preserving our national parks and monuments.

Don't get me wrong though. I am also in favor of pretty much all BLM lands being transferred to the states including Wyoming.

Hill Town Trader

Parks, sure.

But national forests and BLM lands should be spun t the private sector as publicly traded reits or MLPs, if the long-term farm, ranch, or business leaseholders have no interest in buying them.

Morning Joe
Morning Joe

After digesting this article, I'm at a complete loss of words.... So I'll borrow some: It's better to keep your mouth closed and let people think you are a fool than to open it and remove all doubt.

butch coolidge

nice of Haynes to keep us entertained in an otherwise boring midterm primary and election cycle. This is priceless, you cannot make this stuff up, not to mention it's a gift to Matt Mead


" "You're traveling through another dimension, a dimension not only of sight and sound but of mind; a journey into a wondrous land whose boundaries are that of imagination—your next stop, the Twilight Zone!" - Rod Serling, opening narration to ' The Twilight Zone " televison show c. 1959-1964 , in nostalgic black and white and monophonic sound.

Yup. When you arrive in the Twilight Zone, there you will find one Taylor Haynes standing on a soapbox alongside the dirt road and buck 'n rail fence , waving his arms and exclaiming he can do fantastical supernatural political things , and six other impossible things, all before breakfast...

Except the election will be held back here in the Real World, doc....


Sort of like Simpson and his crooked cohorts,huh?

Morning Joe
Morning Joe

In a related story.... First Lady Carol Mead gets the green light to begin redecorating the Governors Mansion as early as next week.


Only thing you are going to find in Yellowstone is hot water...

Robert Paulsen

What could go wrong with this? Hmmmm. I'm sure the Feds will gladly turn over these lands and forego the associated revenue as long as we ask nicely. No way they'll fight this tooth and nail in the courts for years. Federal courts, by the way. I'm sure they'll take Taylor's word for it, too, he is after all a doctor and a self-proclaimed "student of the constitution." He successfully went toe-to-toe with Uncle Sam on a very important jumping mouse issue. And he won. He won, people! What more qualifications do you need? Hopefully this whole thing nets us a big bag of cash, too, cause we're gonna need it to plug the giant hole in the state budget that will result when the Feds stop giving us money. It's only, like, 40% of the state budget. We can drill. We're good.

Kool Kat

Attn taylor, now you're talking, in terms of taking back Wyoming lands, as Wyoming lands.

butch coolidge

Kool Kat, once again, did you read the article? Here's the relevant section of the Wyoming CONSTITUTION.
Article 21, Section 26. Ownership of certain lands disclaimed; restriction on taxation of nonresidents.
The people inhabiting this state do agree and declare that they forever disclaim all right and title to the unappropriated public lands lying within the boundaries thereof,

there's nothing to take back, it never belonged to Wyoming in the first place. Get it?

nevermind. I will await the usual undecipherable word salad


Butch - I see you are unable to be civil to Kool Kat or anyone else.

Triple BB

Doctor, did you lose your mind? I read this article and thought, is this our Rick Perry. I'd go back to the ranch, your political career is now over...


And take those ding dongs Lummis and Barrasso with him.

Holy Shnikes

i like rick perry :D


Rick Perry is almost as big a joke as Bachmann or Palin. Lightweights, all of them.


It will never happen


Well, Ladies & Gentlemen, don't we have a doozy of a winner here for first place in the Darwin Awards!!!
Sounds like he'd run all of us out of the state & turn Wyoming into one humongous, gigantic, oil well!
Wonder if his patients had a body left after he got through drilling??


I would not worry to much of this ever happening, I don't know why he would ever touch this subject to begin with...


Teddy would throw a fit if he was here. It ain't_a_gonna_happen.

"There can be nothing in the world more beautiful than the Yosemite, the groves of the giant sequoias and redwoods, the Canyon of the Colorado, the Canyon of the Yellowstone, the Three Tetons; and our people should see to it that they are preserved for their children and their children's children forever, with their majestic beauty all unmarred." Theodore Roosevelt

Yellowstone is a federal reservation and it belongs to every citizen of the United States.
Taylor has ambitious goals but this one will never ever fly.


Can't wait for the televised debates to begin!


butch Coolidge. mead ignores the constitution, and does it his way no matter who tells him. Except for the "good ol boys". No it is time to send Enzi and the likes of mead packing. We don't need professional politicians. Now as for drilling in Yellowstone, maybe the Park Service could afford to run the place if oil were found and extracted. And it could be done safely.


You buried the lede.

Haynes thinks he can arrest all federal employees in the state. That is pure lunacy.

At least he is entertaining and will help dilute the crazy vote.

Holy Shnikes

He can, the Sheriff is the ultimate authority in the county. If they come into the county he can arrest them regardless of Federal employee status.


But that doesn't make the Sheriff a dictator or God. Go look up Fort Sumter and see how that all turned out, chump.

Holy Shnikes

You know guys, I managed to make a comment to you without any name calling, be so kind as to do the same.


He can arrest them if they are violating a valid law, but not simply for doing their jobs. The federal government is supreme. You are naive if you think the feds are going to let a state governor evict all federal personnel from the state.


I don't think I called you a name, other than "naive." If you really think the federal government will stand by and allow Wyoming to evict its employees and seize federal land, then the label is accurate.


Sorry but the sheriff has no authority to enforce made up laws. And yes federal authority trumps state.

The Dude Abides

With candidates like this, spouting off nonsensical and inflammatory rhetoric, it's sadly funny how the Republicans still don't understand why they can't win a presidential election...


Sad, not funny, not funny for our nation at all.

Holy Shnikes

Remember readers,
This is one portion portrayed of a whole evening.
This candidate is very conservative.
CST is very not.
Of course he is going to be painted in a poor light.
Do your own research on Haynes, don't go off of what someone else says.


I am wary of Haynes, I don't like the way he claimed Tea party support, something that as the person who is responsible for bringing the organization into the state, is not supposed to happen. Let me clarify for all confused. The Tea party does not back or recommend any candidate over another, they simply provide the forum for which candidates wanting to get their message out to other like-minded individuals can consider. Haynes is driving all over the state with his vehicle covered in a multitude of Conservative organizations stickers but as far as actually being endorsed by any, well that's just not true. A state level grassroots organization can endorse a local candidate at will but that is not the case with the national organizations.
Next as an oil industry worker and supporter, I do not wish to see rigs drilling in Yellowstone, even though geology provides that area holds hydrocarbon reserves in commercial amounts, one need only raft the Snake to witnesses this fact. And while not a large fan of the BLM or the CURRENT administrations constant bending of the rules set forth to keep these agencies in check as a Native Wyoming Son, along with being a Republican and a conservative I recognize the need for regulations to an extent and support many of the rules put in place in order to irresponsibly extract minerals, oil and gas.
I unfortunately feel that Dr Haynes who was until 4 years ago a registered Democrat, May be taking advantage of a small amount of anti Mead sentiment that many of the hard right have expressed in Wyoming. I hope this is not the case however the liberal left has infiltrated conservative organizations previously planting an outrageous candidate whom supposedly eschews conservative ideals only to make those supportive of ACTUAL conservative principles appear to be ignorant rubes. It just went down in Idaho one and half months ago.
Honestly Mead will be re-elected with a substantial majority as he is popular amount both Dems and Republicans. Cindy Hill got a raw deal, but she brought the action on herself from what she implemented as Supervisor. Those that wanted her removed did the process incorrectly but the fact remains she was deficient at her post. Haynes by making these types of statements alienates a large portion of the voters both environmentally and conservatively by reducing the amount of those that can reasonably support any such platform.


I can't comment on whether the "Tea Party" supports anyone or anything. But the tea party that had such great success in 2010 was an organic and grass-roots movement without benefit of a central committee, staff, or spokespeople. If you need a badge and a secret handshake, then the purpose is defeated. We already have establishment Republicans messing things up enough.


Agreed. One point I want to make clear there shouldn't BE a central organization other then the initial people who funded the Tea party , other then this particular post I have remained nameless and faceless for my part as I believe that the PEOPLE who have similar ideology are able to make their political opinion.


Oh and btw...when do you all think someone should tell Dr. Haynes that Yellowstone sits over top of a Supervolcano and that drilling and mining over it is probably not the best idea?


Oh no he won't! He'll NEVER get elected. Pete Gosar is going to take advantage of the Republipig split here and Clean UP Wyoming instead. No no no to Haynes!


YOU are the Pig Chris! Pig-headed, Pig-nosed, and Pig-brained! Whey dont' you come up with something Constructive, instead of bashing Conservatives (with no more answers)!? I don't care for Haynes, but am a definite supporter of Matt Mead! If you're a Lib in this State, you are probably a TRANSPLANT from some other Liberal Country (about like a Muslim-you don't like the country you are in (all Muslim Countries), but you LOVE America, but want to CHANGE IT!" The only reason you are here in Wyoming Chris is because you can't stand the Liberalism that is rampant in the State's you resided in before, so you came here to change this one too!?

conservation know it all

Occasionally the government does have a good idea and, in my opinion, setting aside Yellowstone was a good one. I can't imagine much support for drilling there, I sure wouldn't be one of them. I am glad to see that Haynes recognizes government overreach and that he must take extraordinary measures at first in order to gain back any states rights.

Hill Town Trader

I often hear this presumption that if the Feds (who have no constitutional support to keep territorial land) divest as required, that the lands would go to the states. This is little historical or legal precedent for Federal to State transfers.
Historically, the Federal Government "disposed" of Territorial lands by spinning them out to the private sector: homesteading, rail road etc. Private ownership of land is not an evil thing; it is the basis of our economic system.

Why shouldn't a homeowner be in possession of the mineral rights under his house? Why shouldn't a rancher be able to own the land his cattle have grazed on for three generations.
Why shouldn't a coal mine company be able to own the land its operation reside on? Its not like it is going to turn into a wildlife park in the future.
Why shouldn't tracks of land be transferred, via a public market IPO, into a dividend yielding REIT. This pays down the federal debt, and moves the government into its reasonable role of regulator.

Hill Town Trader

As usual the hyper liberal Trib took out the the single item to smear a conservative candidate.

Please look to other sources for balanced reporting.

While I think that Mr Haynes has a point, he probably just shot himself in the foot.

The Constitution allows the US government to "dispose" of lands in new Territories, nothing allows it to keep and own lands, businesses. The BLM lands, particularly those with businesses sitting on them, or mineral rights lying under privately owned lands should have been spun out to the private sector decades ago. Why does the government own 147 electric power plants and over 10,000 miles of transmission land. Those are generally privately owned, and the Constitution gives no support to the Federal Government owning power plants, or ranch land, or coal mines.


How dare they quote the crazy things I say? Only a biased liberal would do that!


I have to say, after much thought and many hours of listening to our runners run....cindy hill is still the best choice in my book. she walks the talk, everything she has done has been for us, from protecting our right to vote for super, to free speech and the under achiever mead cant hold a candle l to this womens hinny in my book. she reminds me of my sister who also walk the take against the Natrona county commissioners and won all the grandfathered rights for everyone. But now Tuesday the county will again attempt to take your rights away with a deleting section of the Natrona county resolution to take your rights away for expanding your legal non conforming use. this attack on your rights is yet another big time boo boo by our commissioners, because if tested knight and the setting commissioners will again be taking their lumps again, this time much more publically I assure you...


Housemouse, did you wonder where she'd get her staff ? The one she stupervised has been walking off wholesale left and right after she re gained control. Do you see a message here ?!! Ray Charles could see it ! There was something seriously wrong with her ability to run the department when you see walk offs in the ranks like she's experiencing.


The means we use to accomplish a goal are just as important as the goal we are trying to accomplish. We must have the courage to stand against the group and do what is right.

The Dude Abides

It seems that lately, the only requirement for running as a Republican for a major office is to either be a nutjob or align yourself with nutjobs (David Koresh, Ted Nugent, Sheriff Arapaio, Joe the Plumber, Sarah Palin, et al).


David Koresh was a nut, but not worse than Bill Ayers on the Left. To include him on a list like this cancels any point you might want to make. Makes you look like dim and partisan. Why not just call all republicans baby killers? That is a popular tactic for dim lefry hacks.

The Dude Abides

Actually, it is you who appear to be the "dim partisan". After the Waco Siege, the likes of Trent Lott, George HW Bush, and Bob Dole immediately hailed David Koresh as a patriot and pointed to the raid as flawed Clinton politics. Lott stayed with Koresh longer than Bush or Dole (they obviously had better advisors), but they all ran madly away once some of the allegations of child sex abuse, forced multiple wives, etc. came to the forefront. They abandoned Koresh like Perry, Rubio, and Paul abandoned that Nevada rancher who doesn't pay his bills. As far as Bill Ayers goes, he served on the same Board that Obama did; he was not on the campaign stage. The point about Ayers and Obama sitting on same board is a moot (mute to some Wyomingites) point; I've served on several boards, councils, zoning committees, etc. and we never socialized or talked politics; we just tried to make good decisions for our community.


Well done for your service to the community. I have served on a couple boards myself (16+ years). Not sure what that has to do with your assertions about Koresh and his support by conservatives and Bush, et. al. I'd like to see your evidence. I think the ATF over-reacted and people died needlessly in that debacle, but it was a situation not seen before so it is hard to know what anyone would do in that situation.

Ayers and Obama were much more than people who sat together on a board. They were political soul mates and Ayers did much to promote Obama's career. Ayers should be serving life in prison instead of raising funds for our president.


And to this day other than having guns and a psudoreligious gathering of people what exactly did those at Waco and Ruby Ridge ACTUALLY do in older to have Clinton's administration come down as harshly as they did. That the 3 mentioned supported them over Janet Reno and the rest of Clintonians involved speaks volumes regarding the over reach of government at that point. Likely being a liberal the people involved held differing opinion to yours and thus you justify the actions. However had BUSH taken sectors of the government to punish his enemies on the left I doubt your opinion would be the same. Palin who successfully ran a State government Arapaio who is reelected with large majority citizen vote and the others you point to are ALL vastly more qualified to do ANYTHING better then Obama. And the ruse used by liberals that Ayres wasn't involved to extent he is with Obama is yet another attempt to justify your ignorance in supporting him and his multiple failed policies. I watched the movie and trust me you don't abide anything other then the conceit liberals hold attempting to act superior in intellectual conversation simply based on the herd mentality you all exhibit.
I welcome your reply as I will easily school you on the facts regarding Waco and not those you have gleaned from Kos Huffpo and Media Matters.


congrats on being able to steer this topic completely off track to get to your own liberal agenda. Talk about being a nutjob !


This man is painfully misguided. Anyone who thinks privatizing public land is a good idea must not hunt,fish, hike, mountain bike, ATV, snow machine, or enjoy our wild open spaces in any other way. Picture a place where the state sells your public lands to the highest bidder when they get in a temporary financial slump. Imagine your favorite stand of aspen or pines you hunt from clear cut to make way for more wells. While his proposal isn't realistic, his line of thinking is quite dangerous if dim witted people are willing to play along. I am a life long Wyoming resident and this man does not care about my home state. I am all for multi use but that does not mean greedy ranchers and energy companies get to have free run of everything. He makes Matt Mead look like a saint which is saying something.


Well I cannot support Mead. I was always lead to believe that lawyers understood the law, Mead must of been a crappy lawyer since he supported a law that was found to be UNCONSTITUTIONAL by the whole court. Seems like to me it was a power grab. Couple that with he swore an OATH to support and defend the state constitution, he has lost my support.
The saga of Hill is something else. I firmly believe that a segment of the GOP is out for her as we all saw this past year. It does concern me tho that there was seems to be some wrong doing on her part. It being she hates Common Core is very much a plus for her. But....where there is smoke, there is fire generally.
On Dr Haynes wanting control of all federal lands in the state and as the headline read, wanting to drill YellowStone. He also has said it is up to us as a state to make that decision. I do not want drilling there so I would have to make sure that my representatives to Cheyenne understand that, just as others gotta make sure they support their representatives. Is every idea of his right and reasonable? No, but the biggest idea of wanting to stick a sharp stick in the eye of the Federal Government is.
We all have seen how much the feds want to force us as the Citizens to go along with them. Look at the EPA, first they want no fossil fuels instead they want windmills. Tall about visual pollution! Look what they want to do to all waters within our state. Protect some mouse...and instead of logging, let some beetle destroy our forest lands.
One size does not fit all. I am tired of someone sitting at a desk making decisions that does not live here, saying what we as a state must do.
Besides won't it be fun to watch the feds gash and snarl their teeth when someone tells them NO?


No, the "whole court" did not agree it was unconstitutional. It was a divided 3-2 ruling, which is uncommon for the Wyoming Supreme Court.


Yes, let's "stick it to the man" at all costs. Drill, drill, drill! How very short sighted to think this way. If you want to live in a polluted waste land where most hunting and outdoor recreation happens on privately owned, high fenced game farms please move to Texas. Leave this lovely state that we call home out of it.


Wow, all I can say is wow. Picking a governor will be like picking the cleanest shirt from your hamper to wear.


This single wild statement will turn most Wyomingites off. There will be no drilling in Yellowstone. It could destroy the geologic features and the cash cow for Wyoming tourism.

If drilling destroyed Old Faithful Geyser and all of the geyser basins....Wyoming motels and tourist traps would really be up a creek.

Old and in the way
Old and in the way

Well, from Texas, I am glad to find there are candidates even nuttier than ours in the Lone Star State.

Does this man actually practice medicine on men's private parts? That's what a urologist does, and I sure would want mine to be able to recognize reality.


Might be just what we need. What's better than a Urologist to deal with a bunch of (well you know what). Charlie Scott, are you paying attention ?


Now to go off topic slightly, I have written, talked with and pleaded that our legislators put some real teeth into the disposition of sex offenders throughout the state. I hqave yet to see any bill submitted to discourage sex offenders and released sex offenders after doing their time. You literally cannot go 1 week without reading about this deviant behavior. Charlie Scott wants to regulate smoking, he wants to make it ok to stop folks not wearing seat belts but nothing about these child molesters and rapists ? I asked Jim Anderson when he asked for my vote to introduce legislation that would discourage Wyoming from being the molester haven it is now and he said he'd work on it. Didn't see that even introduced in the last meeting of the legislature. If we can't protect our kids and grandkids what kind of people are we ? Wyoming slaps these guys on the wrists with a naughty naughty and re releases them. Many don't keep current on registering their location of residence, and most re offend ! Warren Crawford was released twice for this and after he racked up 38 plus more kids finally got a stiff enough sentence to maybe keep him off the streets ? I put the destruction of a child's innocence waay above woring about who's smoking or not or who's wearing their seat belt or not !

The Dude Abides

Oh yeah, Wyoming and Texas can run neck-in-neck when it comes to the craziest weird ideas with no merit but still interesting as a federal conspiracy theory study thingy goes. It really makes you wonder how much some folks read.


I think the state should be in control of the parks. Look at the mess our idiot senators and reps had by not passing a budget. Cost the state millions on that idiot move. Secondly I'd be curious as to the real context of drilling in Yellowstone and what was said. I think it should be studied in terms of geothermal energy and possibly as a means to stem the possibility of a volcano. There are scientists claiming that if Yellowstone had a volcanic event it would make Mount St Helens look small, and that would be one way to relieve the pressures, plus steam power could be usable in terms of both heating and electricity. As far as some of the other areas it's feasible to drill any area, it's just a matter of proper sanctions .I've been on the drilling end and the production end and the animals adapt well with these well sites by and large, many use the outbuildings and like for heat, shade and protection, since only a fool would shoot at a wellhead or tank battery. The biggest impact is the time spent drilling. I don't like Matt Mead. I think he is not credible and his agenda smacks of cronyism. He ran over the voters with SF 104, the notorious "hill bill" and hit us with the overwhelming gas tax hike of .10 cents all at once, proclaiming it was for highway improvement only and then started talking about raiding the fund for snow plowing. Already wanting to misappropriate funds , can't wait to get his greedy hands on the newfound revenue ! This from a State that banks 450 to 500 million a year after paying all of it's expenses ! 2 billion plus dollars in a temporary trust fund and 20 billion in a permanent trust ? Wyoming could secede from the U.S with this kind of jack ! Hill could have been a small footnote in history if the Governor and his lackeys had handled it right, and the absolute lack of transparency associated with Hill's alleged misconduct ? He slapped every voter right in the face with the message "you are too stupid to vote on these issues". Well, who's the dummy now ? Hill is back in office and her "staff" is jumping ship left and right. This could have been avoided if they had come to the voters, outlined the problems and getting someone to handle the accounting end and where and how monies from the feds should be spent and still given us an elected official for oversight as to the day to day running of the schools, making sure the teachers had what they needed and the curriculum was working to advance the students on to productive lives, post public schools. Re electing Mead would be greenlighting other forms of bad behavior, trampling our State constitution and throwing the rule book out the window. It also serves to let these legislators to believe they too can get away with murder and as voters, we need to put our local politicians on notice that they too can be jettisoned.


Although I don't think drilling in Yellowstone or any other park is a good idea. I do believe that our Federal "corporate" Government cares less about the constitution. The USFS, BLM, DEQ, USFWS, and I am sure there are others that in control of our state. The people we elect actually have very little here say when these agencies are involved. I'm not saying that if Wyoming as a state was to take back the federal lands it should be open to all to do whatever they please. I am sure if Wyoming was to take back these lands it would be well maintained. The Wyoming Game and Fish is a good example. State ran and they get the job done. Of course it is a different story when the US Fish and Wildlife has got there nose in the middle of everything, along with all there extreme left wing backers that just seem to pull money from every direction to waste our tax dollars in court. The USFS, and BLM do a okay job in regulating some things, but in most they over regulate. Then when it comes down to something that makes common sense that they should or shouldn't be regulating they look the other way. Anyone who's lands border the USFS or BLM is probably aware of the USFS, and BLM land grabs. Don't give in if they tell you that you are encroaching on federal lands, especially If your land is a homestead under the territorial laws just don't give in. Last but not least the DEQ. I don't think people should be out polluting our rivers, streams, or air if at all avoidable. Be sure to look up the DEQ handbooks and then you can see some of the crazy regulations the DEQ has and uses against us. We spend a lot of tax dollars on over regulation in our state and these corporate Government agencies. Some may say we get a lot of federal money, but what they mean is we get federal loans. It all comes out of the tax payers pocket at some point in time. So I wouldn't say this is a crazy idea, I think it is plausible, and has potential to work to Wyoming benefit. However I would stay away from parks of all kinds with drilling. This is a Country for the people by the people and these corporate Government agencies seem to answer to no one. They are not voted in to these positions, so we the people can't get rid of them if they do wrong. Basically they just take our tax dollars. They don't care about any oath's either. They must be held accountable when they do wrong, and they should all read and understand the Constitution. Smaller Government is easy to budget and it works better for all of us.

butch coolidge

drcowboyjoe, for someone who professes to be so influential, you seem to have an awful lot of time to banter back and forth with some guy typing anonymously on a blog in the middle of nowhere. perhaps you are not Mr. Moylneaux after all?

Ego Nemo

Haynes is clearly:
* No 'scholar' of the Constitution - US or Wyoming
* A person who advocates DISOBEYING the state and US constitutions
* Not a person who knows what he is talking about
* A person, either by ignorance or calculation, admitting that they are willing to commit treason in public office.

The Trib has done a great public service by factually and fairly reporting to the public the radical and pre-emptive treasonous statements of intention by this person seeking public office and public power.

The Facts:
* The US Constitution gives the people of the United States, through their government, the unlimited ability to own land inside of states, anywhere:
-- The Proof is Mr. Hayne's own US Constitution citation, Article 1, Section 8, Clause 17: QUOTE -- "Congress exercise[s] like Authority over all Places purchased by the Consent of the Legislature of the State in which the Same shall be, for the Erection of Forts, Magazines, Arsenals, dock-Yards, and other needful Buildings."

Only an idiot would read that and think the US Government cannot buy more than 10 sq miles for a capital. Only a traitor to the Constitution would doctor a quote from the Constitution that didn't include the above information.

*The Wyoming Constitution, which governors swear to obey and defend, says that the people of Wyoming and their state government GIVE UP ALL CLAIM TO FEDERAL LANDS IN WY, FOREVER.
QUOTE -- Article 21, Section 26 -- "The people inhabiting this state do agree and declare that they forever disclaim all right and title to the unappropriated public lands lying within the boundaries thereof, and to all lands lying within said limits owned or held by any Indian or Indian tribes, and that until the title thereto shall have been extinguished by the United States, the same shall be and remain subject to the disposition of the United States and that said Indian lands shall remain under the absolute jurisdiction and control of the congress of the United States."

Saying that federal land in WY belongs to WY = TREASON.

Real Republican

Love how you defeated your own argument. "Congress exercise[s] like Authority over all Places purchased by the Consent of the Legislature of the State in which the Same shall be, for the Erection of Forts, Magazines, Arsenals, dock-Yards, and other needful Buildings." Nothing in there about vacant landi, in fact, it prohibits it. HILARIOUS!!!


Haynes walked back this diatribical "drill, baby drill" rhetoric so fast he broke the sound barrier , the time barrier, and ended up back in the Middle Ages. Which is a good place for him in space and time...we in the modern world and even regressive Wyoming have no need of his line of political absurdity.


p.s. Mead, Haynes, and Hill are three examples of why " None Of The Above" would win most primary elections in Wyoming, if only we had that succinct choice on the ballot.

The Constitution does not prohibit this, so let's do it. NOTA gets my vote. I used to write in Mickey Mouse a lot , but that was being facetious. NOTA deserves your genuine support come August.

Dave Grills
Dave Grills

This idea is criminally insane.

This is the largest natural hazard on the face of the planet, A Nation ending event at best, Extinction Level Event at worst. The idea that we would pump millions of gallons of high pressure water into a caldera should be treated as an act of terrorism.

On top of this, hundreds of Uranium mine permits are focused here. While I am a supporter of nuclear power and work in the field, Wyoming has no state body for safe regulation of nuclear industry and his plan would override the authority of the NRC. This is all solution mining in the area, meaning it's mined using hot water wells. It seems like a really bad idea to unregulate the processing of Uranium using Wyoming's native water supply.

Completely Fed Up

Actually, his proposal isn't that much different from what the sewer rats in the legislature are doing, or did, last session. Funny, though, there was little response to that land grab attempt. Wonder what the difference is this time ... It's not hard to guess.


Well,Mom was born in Powell,my grandpa, a Kirkpatrick, helped to build the dam in Cody, Uncle Rufus lived in Frannie,I live in Florida. The Yellostone belongs to the people of the United States, not some furball trying to grandstand for the nut job vote.I happen to know a few ranchers up the Wood river that carp and snipe about food stamps, health care ,and on and on ,and you got it ,the NEGRO in the WHITE HOUSE ,yet have their cows wandering around on 100 year leases,from the FED.I guess the 10000 acres they get to use for profit,is ,well, due them because by God they deserve it.We live in a country of fat butt idiots that think only of thier pork chops. I guess doing away with the middle class is the REPUBLICIAN mantra. The last good Republician was TEDDY, He gave the people the Devils Tower, the Yellostone. This is ours, this reads this belongs to the Americian people,not the State of WY.Well lets rape some more wild and sacred places. Oh by the way, please keep the yuppies ,from climbing the Devils Tower,aftert all they cant climb Mount Rushmore,or the Washington Monument. This is a sacred place.Oh almost forgot thoes dirty red skins they are just a bunch of , losers right? Hope you Republicians enjoy Wall Mart in CODY,after all they killed all the small shope owners..GOD bless greed. Ask not what you can do for your country ask what your country can do for you. Oh please dont any of you Republician losers use the interstate, after all thats BIG GOVERNMENT

wall Mart

Kool Kat

Attn Stephan, Wrong!
Yellowstone belongs to the People of Wyoming as one of Wyoming's wonders to the World. Read Article 4 Section 3 of the US Constitution, that alone will explain the proper ownership of all lands with Wyoming's jurisdiction.
As Taylor said he would not open Yellowstone to drilling, even though the new\s people love throwing in misquotes, purposely.


Kool Kat,did it occur to you that maybe not every native of Wyoming wants to see non-national park lands destroyed by corporate greed? Our wildlife depends in large part on federal BLM and Forest Service land and the integrity of those ecosystems would be greatly diminished by Hayes' proposal. We are already seeing the impacts of poorly regulated energy development on sage grouse and mule deer. Sadly, it seems our state government has a hard enough time effectively and intelligently handling their current responsibilities. Adding the huge responsibility of managing public land to the mix is a disaster in the making.


Glad to see at least someone has some common sense. I am amused to see that so many of my fellow Wyoming citizens don't seem to comprehend that national parks belong to everyone, not the greedy elite.


By the Act of March 1, 1872, Congress established Yellowstone National Park in the Territories of Montana and Wyoming "as a public park or pleasuring-ground for the benefit and enjoyment of the people" and placed it "under exclusive control of the Secretary of the Interior." AN ACT to set apart a certain tract of land lying near the headwaters of the Yellowstone River as a public park. "Be it enacted by the Senate and House of Representatives of the United States of America in Congress assembled, That the tract of land in the Territories of Montana and Wyoming ... is hereby reserved and withdrawn from settlement, occupancy, or sale under the laws of the United States, and dedicated and set apart as a public park or pleasuring ground for the benefit and enjoyment of the people; and all persons who shall locate, or settle upon, or occupy the same or any part thereof, except as hereinafter provided, shall be considered trespassers and removed there from ...
Approved March 1, 1872." I doubt anyone is going to trump or amend an act of 1872 nor drill in a thermal area. I'm not sure why these words came out, were actually said or misquoted, but Haynes is a doctor and I bet he knows that drilling in Yellowstone is never going to happen unless the Zombie Apocalypse occurs.

Kool Kat

Attn slade, this true that Yellowstone was established as a "national park" before Wyoming was established as a state. But once Wyoming was established as a state, 90% of the park was also relinquished within Wyoming's borders from Montana and Idaho, as a part of Wyoming.
As you are in error, as an Act of Congress can not supersede the authority of the US Constitution, but must align itself with the Constitution. But by article 4 section 3 of the US Constitution, the writing clearly states that Yellowstone and Teton Nation Parks within the Statehood Jurisdiction of the Great State of Wyoming.
And therefore, the Great State of Wyoming has jurisdictional authority with these parks. All this since Wyoming was granted Statehood on July 10, 1890 [some 18 years later] as this Nation's 44th State. Also since 1890, Wyoming has allowed the Government from DC to manage [not own] lands in Wyoming.
I would agree with Dr Haynes, that the State of Wyoming should take back lands within Wyoming under State jurisdiction. Therefore serve notice to the BLM, USFS, Bureau. of Reclamation and others that they can either remain as Wyoming employees or be replaced by State of Wyoming "new" employees.


Kool Kat, I do not believe I am in error, but thank you for trying that defense. The Supremacy Clause is the provision in Article Six, Clause 2 of the U.S. Constitution that establishes the U.S. Constitution, federal statutes, and U.S. treaties as "the supreme law of the land". The boundaries of the state of Wyoming were set when Congress allowed it to enter the union as a new state. That had NOTHING to do with any park lands being relinquished to the state of Wyoming from the federal government when it was added in 1890. Jurisdiction is law over a land and Yellowstone is federally regulated. Here is Article 4 Section 3 of the US Constitution: "New states may be admitted by the Congress into this union; but no new states shall be formed or erected within the jurisdiction of any other state; nor any state be formed by the junction of two or more states, or parts of states, without the consent of the legislatures of the states concerned as well as of the Congress.

The Congress shall have power to dispose of and make all needful rules and regulations respecting the territory or other property belonging to the United States; and nothing in this Constitution shall be so construed as to prejudice any claims of the United States, or of any particular state."

Because Wyoming was added as a state, does not dispose the national park-Yellowstone from federal government regulation. It only meant it was contained within its land boundaries. Wyoming has not ALLOWED the feds to manage Yellowstone. Wyoming has NO choice because the park is federally regulated by an 1872 Act. News flash-just a certainty that I behold in my heart and mind that it is NOT going to happen that Wyoming will get that park back as a state regulated parcel. And for good reasons-1) it costs too much money 2) the state would not preserve the land as intended 3)it is a NATIONAL treasure. Here's what I love about Wyoming-it is free, it is wild. Wyoming needs to take care of its precious land and at the same time produce its valuable resources for energy in a MARRIAGE of sorts with environmental concern and care. Haynes is smart. He knows all of this. What is good about a "way out there" statement is it showed people are actually paying attention to things. Maybe no one out there is sleeping. However, I don't think it was worthy to his cause or maybe it was misquoted, I don't really know. I don't know if ANY of the candidates are worthy of the position of governor. I do know this-Wyoming has to have a strong person who uses due caution and educated consideration of all his/her decisions, has intelligence, and the fortitude to bring Wyoming forward while at the same time preserving what every Wyoming citizen loves about the state.

Kool Kat

Attn slade, again as I said, Federal laws and Congressional "approved" Federal mandates do not supersede the US Constitution. As the US Constitution is the final say, or the US Supreme Court, Federal Courts and our court systems would become obsolete.
No, Wyoming does have access to its own lands - its a matter of breaking the "agreement between Wyoming and DC" in managing Wyoming lands.


Kool Kat...having any discussion with you is like beating one's head against a brick wall. First of all you need to read, absorb, and reiterate the US Constitution. You have no idea what you are saying or arguing for or against, just the fact you are making an argument. You need a lesson in the law. You cannot piece meal "this and that" Article and "this and that" law to make it like you wish. You cannot interpret the laws, Acts, and the Constitution the way you wish. Wyoming cannot just embark and go all "willy nilly" on unconstitutional and quixotic battles with the federal government over land which the federal government was in control of before Wyoming was a state. The bills introduced in the Wyoming legislature still do not trump the Constitution. They are only studies to take a step to fight the federal government. Another costly move. It is a long court battle that will end at the US Supreme Court level some day with a big fat LOSE on the side of Wyoming. The bill that had been introduced rejects the US Constitution in all its original glory in order to give the lands to the power of the state of Wyoming. These are only studies for this uprising over public lands to begin. Also read the Wyoming Energy Initiatives from Governor Matt Mead's office. The proposal of state land managers is a recipe for disaster. Look at the current situation of state lands where you see trash, litter, devastation from an over abundance of mineral, oil, and coal harvesting, overgrazing, overuse, erosion, noxious weed infestation, jeopardy of riparian areas, wildlife mismanagement, etc. I know the feds are no better at being land managers at times, except provide man power and money. The feds major disaster is the wolf problem. However, the purpose of a national park is preservation of a national treasure and emphasis is on preservation, not using it for mineral and gas development. Wyoming needs mineral resource development in the approved areas, wildlife management, air quality, water quality, and land management and preservation all to mesh somehow for the greater good. Epic failure in some areas. No need to expand it to national parks and monuments. Heck, the state can't even properly manage the Coal Mountain Road area and that is easy access and a small area. It gets cleaned up volunteers ever so often. I could go on, but this wall of text is already astronomical. I hope you can read or Google, because you need to go over the US Constitution again. You also need to read all the land acts. You might want to read exactly what the US Constitution Supremacy Clause says...because it doesn't give anything to Wyoming. Here endeth the history and law lesson.


And shame on the newspaper for going so far left on several articles they can't see the forest for the trees. The Casper Star has been dubbed by the people as The Red Star for a reason. I remember when the paper had published both sides to each story they featured, keeping a more neutral base. Now the editorials swing so far one way that it has become a political rag rather than a NEWSpaper.

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