CHEYENNE — A California-based political action committee has mounted a national petition drive to draft Liz Cheney to run for the U.S. Senate in 2014.

The One Nation political action committee’s original goal was to collect 50,000 signatures by June 21, but the deadline has since been extended. The signatures are intended “to present to Liz to show her broad support among conservatives,” the petition on the One Nation website reads.

“Liz is contemplating throwing her hat into the Wyoming Senate race in 2014, and the only thing stopping her is grassroots support. That’s where we come in — we’ll build an army to elect Liz. But first we need to demonstrate this to her,” the petition reads.

“Liz doesn’t know the group and did not sanction the petition,” Cheney spokeswoman Kara Ahern wrote in an email to the Star-Tribune.

The oldest daughter of former Vice President Dick Cheney moved to the Jackson area with her family last year, fueling speculation she might mount a run for the Senate. However, much of the speculation was predicated on the assumption current Sen. Mike Enzi would retire.

Enzi told fellow Wyoming Republicans in April at a party meeting Buffalo that he looked forward to running in 2014. His spokesman, Daniel Head, has since said Enzi would make no further comment and that the senator’s words spoke for themselves.

Head dismissed the petition drive.

“Wyoming and Wyoming people are Senator Enzi’s full-time focus. What a California PR consultant wants for Wyoming is not something the senator is concentrating on,” Head wrote in an email.

Kelly Eustis, the executive director of One Nation, wrote in an email to the Star-Tribune that his group “supports Liz Cheney because she is the only person with the conservative credentials, foreign policy expertise, and leadership experience to save America.”

Eustis added that his group has had no communication with Cheney at this point.

“We do intend to fully support her if she does decide to run,” he wrote.

One Nation’s efforts to spur Liz Cheney into running for Enzi’s seat have drawn mixed responses in the Cowboy State.

Brent Kunz, a Cheyenne attorney and Republican Party activist, said he had heard about the One Nation petition drive. He said Cheney is competent and able and he is glad to have her back in Wyoming. “What her future is, I don’t know,” he added.

Kunz went on to praise Enzi.

“Wyoming is blessed to have Mike Enzi serving in the U.S. Senate. He’s steady, conservative, consistent and gets the job done without fanfare. He’s a workhorse,” Kunz said.

State Sen. Eli Bebout, R-Riverton, said he hadn’t heard about the petition drive.

It is unusual, he said, for an outside group to intrude on a state’s election.

Enzi, he said, is a “helluva senator and a hard-working guy” but needs to make clear he is a candidate for re-election.

“The sooner everyone knows what Mike wants to do, the better,” Bebout said.

He added that in fairness to Cheney, she would be a good candidate.

State Rep. Marti Halverson, R-Etna, said she was at the April meeting when Enzi said he looked forward to running in 2014. She considered that a clear announcement of his plans.

“We were all thrilled,” she said.

“It’s almost bizarre that an unsolicited California group could think it could insert itself into Wyoming politics,” Halverson added.

Jim King, a political science professor at the University of Wyoming, said he has no knowledge One Nation.

“It is kind of unusual for some outside group trying to interfere and it’s hard to imagine it would have much of an impact,” King said. “I can’t see where there would be much response to this.

“Certainly I would think Ms. Cheney wouldn’t want to be associated with what seems to be an outside group that seems to be trying to dictate Wyoming elected officials,” he added.

Tammy Hooper, chairwoman of the Wyoming Republican Party, said she’s heard that Cheney has told others she may run for the Senate, but it’s never been confirmed.

Bill Cubin of Casper, a Republican Party activist, wrote a letter to the editor of the Star-Tribune warning party members against donating to One Nation.

The certified public accountant said he looked into the PAC’s disclosure filings with the Federal Election Commission and discovered that too few dollars found their way into the campaign coffers of Republican candidates.

Cubin also said in an interview that the petition drive could hurt Liz Cheney because of a potential backlash against out-of-state groups interfering in Wyoming politics.

Given her experience in politics, Cubin said he couldn’t believe she would challenge Enzi in the primary election.

Interest in Cheney has heightened because of her numerous appearances and talks at chambers of commerce and other meetings and events around the state.

She was a U.S. Department of State official in the George W. Bush administration, a former foreign policy adviser to GOP presidential candidate Mitt Romney and is a regular contributor on Fox News.

Eustis said One Nation launched in 2009 and is dedicated to the ideals of lower taxes, limited government, strong national defense and family values.

According to, Eustis is an American political consultant, Republican politician and conservative activist. He was formerly a staff member of Our Country Deserves Better PAC-Tea Party Express.

In addition to his post with One Nation, he is president of Eusatrix Corp., a strategic public relations and political consulting firm.

Contact capital bureau reporter Joan Barron at 307-632-1244 or

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anything california endorces is not for wyoming to be sure of. we all knew she came here to run because of daddys cordentials.


Gosh- that wasn't predictable.


Liz is not from Wyoming, she does not belong in Wyoming, and there is 0 grassroots support for her in Wyoming. No matter how much out of state money flows in, she will never be voted in by the people.

She was betting Enzi would retire- and she bet wrong. Guess she will return back to where she came from when she loses. No DC, eastern hottie tottie is going to make it through a Cowboy State primary, especially against out boy, a known commodity, Enzi.


I wonder if Sen Enzi remembers his "internet tax increase proposal" (that died in the US House) on all americans on behalf of Obama? A tax increase Obama endorsed. Enzi has shown more RINO legislation lately than, conservative action.
Liz needs to be smart - like Hillary Clinton and buy a home in Wyoming, then run for the US Senate spot. If the liberal woman can do that, why can't a conservative thinking woman do that? Or, is there truly a "double standard" among socialists - even in Wyoming?

Socialist/Liberal hypocrisy!


super, are you calling wyoite a socialist liberal hypocrite?

like it matters which republican occupies the seat, our congressional delegation only votes the party line so it might as well be Liz Cheney, she's better looking than Enzi ;-o

"internet tax increase proposal on behalf of Obama"?

little early to be smoking crack isn't it super?

wyo-first Amendment victim-gun rights

I was born here in 1953 and I remember when "Wyoming values" demanded that you help someone in need...or you could face charges for not helping them. I don't like "Liz Cheney" (bought and paid for) outside "values" - especially if they're wrapped in the flag and carrying a Bible, with spouts of "Wyoming is God's country."- coming into the state like "look at me, all rich and famous with a multimillion dollar home in Matt Mead billionaire country" and BUYING the state's GOP "rubber stamp vote" (for what, "Wyoming values" like "us vs them" extremism, elitism, militartarism and the name of "conservatives."?)

dd ric
dd ric

IF,...Liz and her daddy would visit ONE,(1), just one wounded warrior @ a VA hospital and apologize for their lack of responsibility to our military,I could see her trying to fool all the old fools here.My personal person-to-person attack on her credibility starts today. ddric

Brett Glass
Brett Glass

It's pretty sad if the best alternative the GOP can come up with to replace a tax-crazy Washington insider is the daughter of a war criminal.

51 Flathead
51 Flathead

Man you hit that nail on the head...and lest never let anyone forget what kind of draft dodger her pappy was.

wyo-first Amendment victim-gun rights

"Liz" has had two web domains for "Liz/ Congress" registered since 2010. She's a fascist, running for US President... to enable the one world computer security supremacy of daddy's PNAC 1997 (look it up, Wyoming hayseeds, with Rumsfeld) and the NDAA 2012 deathcamp law (which both Enzi and Barasso voted for because it was embedded by John McCain in the Pentagon funding bill for 2012). I just bought the web site
I'll use it to expose Ms Cheney and elevate Mike Enzi to a "heartvote candidate"
That's what -I- am doing to be a citizen of Wyoming, born and raised. What are YOU doing?


Liz Cheney is not Dick Cheney. I'll just wait and see what her positions are before I decide. On the other hand, if she makes the democrats/liberals/progressives any crazier (is that possible?) then I might have to support her just on that basis.

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