'The Death Sentence of AIDS:' Newly minted Wyoming lawmaker stands by controversial book

2014-03-16T11:00:00Z 2014-03-25T13:28:06Z 'The Death Sentence of AIDS:' Newly minted Wyoming lawmaker stands by controversial bookBy LAURA HANCOCK Star-Tribune staff writer Casper Star-Tribune Online

Wyoming’s newest legislator stands by a book he wrote nearly 30 years ago that claims many gay people demand the right to have sex with children and people with AIDS should be quarantined if they continue having sex.

The book is called “The Death Sentence of AIDS: Vital Information For You and Your Family’s Health and Safety.” It was self-published by T.R. Mader, who at the Wyoming Legislature goes by the name Rep. Troy Mader, R-Gillette.

The 1987 book is out of print. The Casper Star-Tribune recently obtained one of the fewer than two dozen copies available at libraries across the country.

Mader was sworn into the Legislature on the second day of the 2014 session to represent House District 52, the northern half of Campbell County, after the Jan. 28 death of Republican Rep. Sue Wallis, who previously represented the area.

Mader said in an interview with the Star-Tribune the research featured in the book may be a little outdated, since it was written when HIV and AIDS were still relatively new to the medical community. But he still maintains gays are more likely to be promiscuous that heterosexuals, contributing to the spread of sexually transmitted diseases.

“If you want to participate in that particular lifestyle, that’s your choice,” he said during a telephone interview. “But I reserve the right to say, ‘Hey, there’s risk involved.’”

Jeran Artery, chairman of the pro-LGBT organization Wyoming Equality, saw excerpts of Mader’s book on the Internet.

“To have someone like Sue Wallis, and you know, I didn’t always agree with Sue on everything, but she was a fantastic ally to the gay community,” Artery said. “To go from someone so friendly and supportive to someone who has so much hatred in their heart was disturbing to me.”

The book is mostly comprised of quotes that Mader compiled from sources ranging from Newsweek to “What Homosexuals Do (It’s More than Disgusting),” a publication by Paul Cameron, who is  described by the Southern Poverty Law Center as an anti-gay propagandist. The law center is an organization that investigates what it describes as acts of hate.

Mader wrote a summary at the end of each chapter of “The Death Sentence of AIDS” and a three-page conclusion at the end of his book, where he argues the spread of AIDS could be stopped by changing "America's promiscuous lifestyles."

"At one time, this nation was moral and great," he wrote. "Now it is immoral and sick. We have reaped what we have sown, and we are dying!"

Mader, 58, published the book when he was in his early 30s. He now ranches in an area north of Gillette, recorded a CD of country rock and gospel music, and is research director of the Abundant Wildlife Society of North America, which criticizes the Endangered Species Act and details wolf and mountain lion attacks on humans.


Mader’s book states many gays are promiscuous, citing a 1984 article from the conservative magazine American Spectator that claimed the average gay person had 1,000 to 1,600 partners in a lifetime.

“One activist has said that 10,000 sex partners in the lifetime of a ‘very active’ homosexual would not be extraordinary,” the book states on page 150.

Gillette business owner Ariane Jimison, who has been in a relationship with her female partner for eight years, thinks that is a false stereotype.

“That sounds really far-fetched,” Jimison said. “Lesbians are the lowest demographic of people to contract the AIDS virus. It doesn’t add up at all.”

Jimison hadn’t heard about Mader’s book until contacted by the Star-Tribune. Jimison doesn’t know Mader personally, but she misses Wallis, she said.

“She was a great advocate and someone who used common sense and even conservatism to say how gay people should be approached and treated,” she said.

Mader said he still believes gays tend to be more promiscuous than straight people, and that promiscuity contributes to the spread of the HIV virus. He said he recently finished reading a 2011 book called “Out of A Far Country: A Gay Son's Journey to God. A Broken Mother's Search for Hope,” by Christopher Yuan and Angela Yuan.

“And (Christopher) graphically illustrates the real problem in homosexuality is the promiscuity,” Mader said. “When you’re talking about numbers (in “The Death Sentence of AIDS”) we were quoting the best we could find at the time.”

Jimison isn’t buying it.

“I can’t speak for every person in the world, and there are probably promiscuous people,” she said. “I’m a very, very modest person, as is my partner. The idea of gays as promiscuous? I don’t fit that stereotype. Most gay couples I know don’t fit that stereotype. That doesn’t really meet anything I know to be true.”

Gay promiscuity isn’t the only way AIDS is transmitted, Mader said. Transmission is the result of promiscuous lifestyles that also include adultery and prostitution.

Gay rights

Mader doesn’t support gay marriage because he doesn’t think it is the job of the Wyoming Legislature to grant that right.

“I’ll be honest with you: We don’t have standing to change the definition of marriage,” he said. “We didn’t make it. Either nature did, if you believe in evolution, or God did, if you believe in the Bible. But either way, it happened at a time and we can’t effect that change.”

Marriage between one man and one woman has been the pillar of society since the beginning of history, he said.

“And we can play words semantics all we want, but we don’t have the standing to change it,” he said. “It will remain the same regardless of what any legislature does.”

On Feb. 13, Mader voted with a majority of Wyoming House members against a bill that would have changed the definition of marriage in Wyoming from a male and female to two natural persons. The bill failed. That same day, Mader voted in favor of another bill that would have prohibited Wyoming courts and state agencies from recognizing out-of-state and out-of country gay marriages. That bill also failed.

Artery of the Cheyenne-based Wyoming Equality, said the issue of gay rights is becoming less partisan. Last week, seven Republican lawmakers wrote a Star-Tribune guest column arguing gay marriage strengthens families, which they said is a conservative value.

Mader doesn’t believe all gay marriage activists are fighting for morality and values, Mader said.

“Well, if you’re concerned about (marriage), why aren’t you on the bandwagon for all these people who choose to live together and not get married?” he asked.


During an interview with the Star-Tribune, Mader declined to defend statistics and health-care recommendations in “The Death Sentence of AIDS.” The book only quoted what other experts said decades ago, he said.

For instance, the book recommended mandatory testing for everyone -- including children.

“If not, it would be well to enroll your children in a private school that does test for AIDS, or take other actions you, the parent, deem necessary in protecting your children from the AIDS virus infection,” according to a summary at the end of a chapter called “Transmission Precautions.”

The Star-Tribune asked Mader whether he still thinks everyone should get tested.

“You’re asking the wrong person,” he said. “That’s what the experts recommended at the time. I will say this: I haven’t seen anything to refute their statements at the time. Again, that was 30 years ago. I have researched a lot of issues over the years. I am not up to speed on all the issues the experts said back then.”

If Mader was trying to distance himself from some of the content in the book, that’s unacceptable, said Artery, of Wyoming Equality.

“He’s the one that collected all of those quotes and put them together and then put his name on it,” Artery said. “And it would concern me that he’s trying to distance himself. Ultimately, the responsibility rests with him. We all have responsibilities for our actions.”

Mader's book quotes people who claim to have studied the sex lives of homosexuals. It describes supposed activities in gay bath houses, and strays into a discussion of sex toys and sex acts. Another author quoted in the book is Gene Antonio, who wrote “The AIDS Cover-Up?: The Real and Alarming Facts about AIDS” and “AIDS: A Weapon in the Hands of Militant Homosexuals.”

But Mader notes he also used quotes from Scientific American and the Journal of the American Medical Association. He said he also quoted well-known gays at the time. He said all his sources are credible, and he vetted research and discarded information “from the book to try to keep it professional,” he said.

Interest in AIDS

Mader said his chose to look into HIV and AIDS because it was a time when everyone was interested in the disease.

“Back then, people were worried that it might turn into an epidemic,” he said. “Even the (U.S. Centers for Disease Control and Prevention) printed some material as far as precautions that it might become an epidemic. So it was something everyone was thinking about at the time. I didn’t know much about it at the time, so I went and studied it.”

More than 650,000 Americans infected with the HIV virus have died since 1981, according to the Kaiser Family Foundation. The figures in Wyoming have remained relatively small in comparison. Between about 1983 and 2012, 412 people in Wyoming were diagnosed with HIV, according to the state Department of Health 2012 AIDS Fact Sheet. A total of 168 people with HIV and AIDS died during that period, although the Health Department cannot say if they all died of complications from the virus and AIDS, said department spokeswoman Kim Deti.

In 2012, there were 13 newly reported HIV cases in Wyoming. The most common reported risk factor, according to the Health Department, is men having sex with other men, followed by intravenous drug use and heterosexual sex.

Mader doesn’t know any gay people in Gillette. But he says he does have gay friends who live outside the area.

“I don’t preach to them,” he said. “They know where I stand. I know where they stand. We get along great.”

Mader also said he knows some people from outside Campbell County who have died of AIDS complications.

“And I watched them suffer to some degree and it wasn’t pleasant,” he said.


Garry Becker is a retired Gillette physician and member of the Campbell County Commission. He voted for Mader to replace Wallis in House District 52.

Becker hasn’t read the book, but has known Mader from the time they both volunteered for a county sheriff’s posse in the late 1980s and early 1990s.

“A lot of us said weird things 30 years ago,” Becker said. “I met with him probably weekly for 10 years on the posse. He wasn’t any weirder than the rest of us.”

Becker said much of the knowledge by the medical community at the beginning of the virus’ spread was inaccurate.

“We first became aware of it in the early '80s,” he said. “We didn’t even know what it was in the beginning. We just knew people were dying.”

Many ideas in published books die out after a few years, Becker said. “The Population Bomb,” for example, first published in 1968 by Stanford University professor Paul Ehrlich, claimed overpopulation in the 1990s was going to cause mass starvation, causing people to starts wars over a crust of bread. The predictions didn’t come true.

“One analogy you can draw from this – and I haven’t read Troy Mader’s book – is it isn’t as far out there as Paul Ehrlich’s book,” Becker said.

Reach state reporter Laura Hancock at 307-266-0581 or at Follow her on Twitter: @laurahancock.

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  1. MarcusCicero
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    MarcusCicero - March 20, 2014 1:13 pm
    Kool Kat,

    Sorry, but you are in error. The language you are quoting is from the Wyoming Statutes, not from the Wyoming Constitution. Wyoming is one of four states which has neither adopted marriage rights for same-sex couples nor prohibited doing so in its state Constitution (the others are Indiana, West Virginia, and Pennsylvania). The Wyoming Legislature has rejected numerous attempts to insert anti-marriage language into the Wyoming Constitution.

    However, the Wyoming Constitution does contain language which the Wyoming Supreme Court will be guided by as pending litigation ultimately reaches them.

    Article 1 (Declaration of Rights) states that "In their inherent right to life, liberty and the pursuit of happiness, all members of the human race are equal." (Section 2)

    Article 1 further provides that "Since equality in the enjoyment of natural and civil rights is only made sure through political equality, the laws of this state affecting the political rights and privileges of its citizens shall be without distinction of race, color [or] sex ..."

    Since the current Wyoming statute requires distinctions based on sex in the issuance of marriage licenses, the present policy is clearly contrary to both the Wyoming Constitution and the United States Constitution.

    End of story!
  2. IdrahaJe
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    IdrahaJe - March 19, 2014 7:02 pm
    Wow, you really are a hate filled, depressed individual. You are so sad that the only way that you can find relief from the pain that you are in is to write outlandish accusations against people, and continue into a downward spiral of how much YOU hate WY.
  3. IdrahaJe
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    IdrahaJe - March 19, 2014 5:11 pm
    What, exactly, does how much money you 'allegedly' have given away have to do with the topic?

    Oh, now we get it. Because you have money, you think that you are more important than anyone else. I have spent years working around people like you. It is obvious from your venom filled posts that you are a very unhappy person. I feel sorry for you. If you hate Wyoming so much, then why do you bother to comment about it?
  4. wyoming outhouse
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    wyoming outhouse - March 19, 2014 3:12 pm
    LVH is obviously an old white guy with nothing new. Pathetic ideologist "as long as liberals hate the moron I will support him." Pure Wyoming...the outhouse going nowhere...and so proud of it too!
  5. wyoming outhouse
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    wyoming outhouse - March 19, 2014 3:09 pm
    I've given away $2 mil to my city and county... more than tens of thousands of losers like you give their own community. Now, go take your nap like an old man
  6. Kool Kat
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    Kool Kat - March 19, 2014 10:09 am
    Attn outhouse, as the racist comment you just threw out, all I ask is, that you keep your stink down to a minimal.
  7. IdrahaJe
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    IdrahaJe - March 19, 2014 9:42 am

    You raise a valid point. I'm not trying to bite at you, either. I am not trying to that your points are invalid. There are people on the extreme edges of both of these statements. I know that there is precedent law today, but I also know that there are folks that have a deep hatred of all things related to faith, and would fm
  8. whatever
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    whatever - March 19, 2014 5:44 am
    Idra, could you at least try to remember what you wrote? You previously claimed that "It will hurt me when, in opposition to what many say, that churches are sued for not being willing to perform gay marriages." Now you're talking about bakeries, two completely different things. The bakers you referred to are operating businesses that serve the public while a church is a private organization. There is already precedent in both instances.
    Now on to your creepy obsession with what is and what is not unnatural, I suppose you'll just take a pass the next time your doctor says you need a colonoscopy or a suppository. I suppose I've been damaged because my mom used to use a rectal thermometer to take body temp. Also it is not natural to inhale smoke into your lungs so I suppose we should next prohibit smokers from marrying for their own good.
    I'm not biting at you Idra, just exposing the absurdity of your arguments.
  9. IdrahaJe
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    IdrahaJe - March 19, 2014 4:42 am
    I am honestly asserting that there are homosexuals that are already suing bakeries for not agreeing to make cakes for gay marriages. I am honestly asserting that if you think that there are not vs that will go out of their way to say "it's the law", it serves you right for getting in trouble for refusing to do something that is against your belief.

    whatever, you keep biting at me because I say that it's unnatural. Tell me, when you use a bolt to fix something to a board, do you put another bolt on the other. side? Of course not. If you are trying to say that what they do is natural, then we disagree on a scientific basis.
  10. LVHS77
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    LVHS77 - March 18, 2014 4:21 pm
    Do you have admissible proof of your outlandish assertions son?
  11. LVHS77
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    LVHS77 - March 18, 2014 4:20 pm
    Tell us O wise one how would you improve Wyoming? That is other than you not being here sir.
  12. whatever
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    whatever - March 18, 2014 11:07 am
    Idra, if you truly loved homosexuals as you profess, you would not be opposed to them having the same rights as you and would not repeatedly classify their behavior as "unnatural" or patronizingly state that you love them enough to caution them about their dangerous lifestyle.
    your inference that it is straight Christians who will be persecuted by gays is especially laughable.
    "However, there are homosexuals that are going to great lengths to put people that disagree with you in harms way. People keep asking: "How will it hurt you?" It will hurt me when, in opposition to what many say, that churches are sued for not being willing to perform gay marriage"
    are you honestly suggesting that homosexuals, who have been stigmatized and discriminated against for decades, who have lost their jobs and been discharged from military service, who have been harassed, ridiculed and sometimes beaten and murdered because of their sexual orientation are the ones we are supposed to fear? The courts have also given churches, as private organizations, wide latitude in discrimination cases so the idea that gays will start suing them en masse to get married is unfounded.
    Lastly you make a lot of assumptions. One does not have to be gay to believe in equality or to oppose discrimination. You don't know me and I don't know you so you have no idea how I would treat you or anyone else.
  13. wyoming outhouse
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    wyoming outhouse - March 18, 2014 10:20 am
    What a paragraph of dribble...ending with "Read my words". Yea, right, every last one.
  14. wyoming outhouse
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    wyoming outhouse - March 18, 2014 10:18 am
    "End of story"...another smug, self-satisfied White Wyomingite speaks! Arf Arf!
  15. wyoming outhouse
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    wyoming outhouse - March 18, 2014 10:17 am
    Here's an example of Wyoming's LACK of critical thinking.
    "Why the hatred of different opinions? Different is NOT wrong."

    The hatred was the Mader "self publication", filled with stink from his mindless outhouse. Different? Yea, in the singularity- him alone, an elected legislator from a backwoods county, spewing hate and lies and disgusting propaganda.

    THAT is what I hate, the organized political violence (that Wyoming special interests use time and time again...from "outing" Kathy Karpan, to using anonymous DCI telephone threat agents to silence citizens opposed to no-permit concealed weapons). In this outhouse state, if you're not 100% "conservative" (meaning you don't think for yourself but have "cherished Christian fascist beliefs") then you're the target of hate and political violence. What other moron state has a legislature that votes for its own aircraft carriers? Moron Wyoming, standing tall, armed to the teeth and visiting grandchildren in other states...where the good jobs and opportunity are.

  16. wyoming outhouse
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    wyoming outhouse - March 18, 2014 9:49 am
    Mader is just another example of why Wyoming is a loser, in every respect:
    #1 in suicide. #1 in gun ownership #1 in industrial accidents, #1 in wage disparity between men and women. Wyoming is an outhouse on the plains of the 19th Century; and self-appointed, half-educated morons in the legislature- filled with their hate and ideology and smug little white man's rules... and a governor who simply wants to be the largest land owner in Wyoming- nothing else really. Dogs kill three times the livestock that wolves kill- except in Wyoming of course. Wyoming is spit perfect.
  17. LVHS77
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    LVHS77 - March 18, 2014 9:15 am
    Why the hatred of different opinions? Different is NOT wrong.
  18. rextrek
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    rextrek - March 18, 2014 9:12 am
    ahh the Caldara will take care of these rightwing wackjobs and thier ilk soon enough!
  19. dd ric
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    dd ric - March 18, 2014 7:47 am
    Mader's another grifter in the Wyo. Legislature. Move along,nothing to see here! ddric
  20. Kool Kat
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    Kool Kat - March 17, 2014 5:04 pm
    Attn Maldoror, What?
    Did you know that the Marriage law in Wyoming is part of the Wyoming Constitution? Apparently not with that defamation of Wyoming's Government you just illustrated.

    Never the less, it is the Legislature that would have to find issue with Marriage in Wyoming as prescribed by law, and no such problems exist, except for special interests. And then would have to vote to place it before the public.
    And as it stand right now, nothing but political wrangling from agendas from States like California and others of the gay community is complaining. This means if the public finds no issue with "one male to one female" in marriage. This won't be an issue to place on the ballot.

    Here's how it reads
    20-1-101. Marriage a civil contract.
    Marriage is a civil contract between a male and a female person to which the consent of the parties capable of contracting is essential.

    End of story!
  21. IdrahaJe
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    IdrahaJe - March 17, 2014 3:46 pm

    Did you read what I wrote? Because your interpretation and my intent vary in many many ways.If you perceived that my acceptance of you, or ability to care about you, will depend on whether gay marriage ever passes, you are incorrect. I do not believe that the whole of your relationship is centered around what you do in private.

    However, there are things that will happen that I will be offended by. You may not be someone that would do these things. However, there are homosexuals that are going to great lengths to put people that disagree with you in harms way. People keep asking: "How will it hurt you?" It will hurt me when, in opposition to what many say, that churches are sued for not being willing to perform gay marriages.

    I keep hearing people say that homosexuals won't try to bring harm on anyone else if they are allowed to marry. My guess, whatever, is that probably identifies you. However, there is another contributor to these boards that has gone out of their way to threaten, intimidate, and punish anyone that disagrees with them. That type of hatred and animosity will not stop if they are allowed to marry.

    They have already stated as much. Yhe kook that was the pastor in Kansas, and protested at Matthews funeral, is not a representative of most people of faith. You may not be the kind of person that would walk down the street half dressed in a sheet wearing a costume that looks like something out of a x rated movie. But there are many that are. I don't think that my grandkids should watch half naked, scantily dressed people of either sexual preference prancing down the street in mock scenes of sexual behavior.

    I am of the opinion that males should use the male restrooms and locker rooms, and that females should use locker rooms , showers, restrooms, etc with other women. The idea that someone can sign a piece of paper that says my granddaughter must allow someone with a male anatomy to shower with them is not a good idea. I don't think that is hateful, to the contrary, it sounds logical.

    I didn't state a conditional acceptance of homosexuals. If the law somehow says you can marry, I'll still love you the same then as I do now. Somewhere you got the idea that if gay marriage becomes legal, people like me will hate you. That's a crock. If you and your lover by the house next door, I'm not going to treat you any differently than any of the other neighbors.

    What's nauseating is the fact that you live on the motive of contempt prior to investigation. You do not know me, and you do not know how I would treat you. I can tell you this, it would be a site nicer than you would treat me. That's the difference between you, and so many others.

    Unlike you, I'll still be friends with, and care about you, and my gay friends, whether gay marriage passes or not. You, on the other hand, if you do not get your way will not have anything to do with anyone that disagrees with you. That, my friend, is nauseating. You do not know me, but you are so certain of what I would do. Unlike you, no matter what, I'll still care.

  22. Maldoror
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    Maldoror - March 17, 2014 1:46 pm
    "Mader doesn’t support gay marriage because he doesn’t think it is the job of the Wyoming Legislature to grant that right." Republicans seem to have forgotten that we live in a R-E-P-U-B-L-I-C. Republicanism stands for the tenet that ALL citizens are endowed by their creators, with unalienable RIGHTS, like individual liberty, equality under the law, and the pursuit of happiness, and that these human rights cannot be voted or legislated away by the tyranny of the majority.
  23. whatever
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    whatever - March 17, 2014 1:30 pm
    Idrahaje, your self-righteous benevolence toward, and conditional acceptance of homosexuals is nauseating.kinda like white people who were eager to have black housekeepers, "sure you can clean my house and wash my clothes, just don't try and move into my neighborhood". I almost believe you don't hate gays outright, you just don't like 'em very much do you? "Sure you can come over to my house for dinner, just don't asked to be treated equally as a human being and don't get offended if I characterize your sexual orientation as playing with fire"
    Sorry but your words don't square with your attitude. nobody's asking you to scream "gay is okay" through a microphone, but maybe you could stop acting as if a sexual act wholly defines homosexual relationships.
  24. LVHS77
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    LVHS77 - March 17, 2014 9:18 am
    Governor Mead actually did a great thing for Wyoming students. Now climate change dogma will not be force fed to Wyoming students under the law.
  25. LVHS77
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    LVHS77 - March 17, 2014 9:15 am
    People like you consider any opinion that you do not agree with to be ignorance, and intolerance. Since when did someone not adhering to your beliefs make them evil, bigoted, or ignorant? Your OPINIONS are no better or worse than anyone else's.Hate from the left is not a family value either.
  26. IdrahaJe
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    IdrahaJe - March 16, 2014 9:14 pm
    This article is an attempt to ? The fact that people disagree with the man doesn't make him hateful. That's a concept that needs to go away, way far away. People that put stock in the SPLC are on par with those who put stock in the baptist preacher from Kansas that protests at military funerals. Did you read what the man said? Or did you automatically decide to burn him at the stake because he said something that might have hurt your feelings?

    He said "he does have gay friends", so do I. Those of you that hear the previous statement and scream "no gay person in their right mind would have anything to do with someone like THAT" are just as close minded as you accuse him of being. You keep writing "hate crime" as though people go through their homes and burn albums and CD's by the likes of Queen, The Village People, and even Judas Priest in our backyards while wearing robes and hoods. And guess what? It's not accurate. It's wrong, and its OFFENSIVE!!

    According to the CDC, over 80% of HIV cases are still due to sex between men. That's not hateful, it is a fact. One could say that encouraging people to avoid the kind of behavior that will make them sick, and KILL them to be a very loving thought. However, for some reason, you see that as hateful. Why do we discourage smoking, excessive alcohol, and extreme obesity? Because it will lead to a shorter life. Please, how on earth does trying to show gays that they might want to consider something other than playing with fire hateful?

    Are there people that HATE homosexuals? I am sure that there are. Does labeling anyone that doesn't agree to scream "Gay is OKAY" through a microphone mean that they HATE gays? If you answer yes, that's your right, but do not stand around calling everyone else small and narrow minded.

    If you and your same sex partner want to come over and watch the game, play cards, or share a meal in my home, you're welcome to. If you respond to that by saying "NEVER", then you need to go look in the mirror. You cannot accuse others of being small minded without being guilty of it yourself.

    Read my words: I, and most folks against gay marriage, not against gays, against gay marriage, do not hate, or have any bias toward gays one way or the other.

  27. Feste
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    Feste - March 16, 2014 8:06 pm
    Really?? So what you are saying is that you will support those who reflect your own ignorant prejudices no matter how utterly reality as proven them wrong?? Facts don't matter? Reality doesn't matter? Being exposed as a fraud and proven totally wrong does not matter?? You'll support and defend ignorance and prejudice at all costs? That really ways a lot for you.
  28. Feste
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    Feste - March 16, 2014 8:01 pm
    Really?? Didn't our own governor Matt Meade also make us nationally famous last week by taking steps to make sure Wyoming students are kept ignorant of the science of global warming/climate change?

    Its a lot more than just T.R. Mader,making us a national laughing stock. We've got our own state elected clown car going here.
  29. Feste
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    Feste - March 16, 2014 7:57 pm
    I realize we are a very conservative state. I can and have lived with that most all my life. But not once did I ever think I would be absolutely embarrassed by utter ignorance, blind prejudice, and gross ignorance of our elected leaders like Governor Matt Meade and h.ysterical bigots like T.R. Mader, But believe me I am embarrassed now with people like them making Wyoming a national laughing stock
  30. LVHS77
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    LVHS77 - March 16, 2014 7:29 pm
    Troy Mader is a Loyal to the Constitution Patriotic American. Hopefully he can shut down the RINOS. His book was written with best available information at that time. As long as the liberals hate him I will support him.
  31. hardrivepolio
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    hardrivepolio - March 16, 2014 5:58 pm
    I said they were fighting to hijack the party, not that they already had...
  32. Wyopoke
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    Wyopoke - March 16, 2014 5:24 pm
    See my comment below. This guy is as isolated in his views as anyone could possible be. He represents himself and himself alone.

    Any attempt to leverage his behavior to condemn any organization or party is simply a desperate cry into a black hole...
  33. hardrivepolio
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    hardrivepolio - March 16, 2014 4:18 pm
    This guys views, combined with the hateful comments of Lubnau, Nicholas, and Homar, show how hard the extremist kooks are fighting to hijack the Wyoming GOP. Disgusting.
  34. picachu
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    picachu - March 16, 2014 1:48 pm
    You are correct Wyopoke.
  35. Wyopoke
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    Wyopoke - March 16, 2014 1:23 pm
    This had nothing to do with the Tea Party or any other group or organization or party. He wrote this on his own and should be judged as an individual.

    Please don't turn this into another figurative political football.

    The same goes for Sue Wallis. The woman has passed, has had her say in front of her maker, and judgement has been passed.
  36. Cody Coyote
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    Cody Coyote - March 16, 2014 1:23 pm
    Troy Mader is bad news. He has always been on the extreme fringe of nearly every issue he's broached for at least 20-25 years that I've been aware...wolves, Wise Use, livestock largess, a swamp of social issues that become's a long list. And to my mind he's been on the wrong side of most of those issues, or just flat out wrong. Like his apparent ossified beliefs about gays as espoused here.

    T R Mader is proof that Wyoming has long had an epidemic of A I R S...the Acquired Immunity to Reason Syndrome. The Legislature has it bad.
  37. picachu
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    picachu - March 16, 2014 12:11 pm
    He is just as bad as slaughter house sue was.
  38. ChrisChristian
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    ChrisChristian - March 16, 2014 12:05 pm
    WHAT???? I'll step out of my normal academic tolerance range and say: it's time to have a book burning. Mader is apparently a homophobic person of base educational skill? Tea party Bunk!
  39. Wyopoke
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    Wyopoke - March 16, 2014 11:50 am
    Regardless of which side of the issue you are on, the statements and claims made in this book are baseless, inflammatory and in no way conducive to the rational discourse expected of a representative of the people.
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