Gov. Matt Meat will travel to Enid, Okla., today to participate in the 47th Grand National Quail Hunt.

This is not an official trip and the governor will be traveling and attending at his own expense, said his communications director, Renny MacKay.

Although he was invited to participate in the past, this will be the first time Mead has attended the event. Attendance is by invitation only, according to the Grand National Quail Hunt website. It says the event represents the pinnacle for the nation’s top wing shots and most avid quail hunters.

“There is nothing else like it — no other place where a participant can join with a select fraternity of sportsmen and celebrities dedicated to the enhancement of the long-standing game bird hunting traditions of America,” the website says.

The idea for the quail hunt emerged from a discussion in 1966 by three Oklahoma participants in Wyoming’s One-Shot Antelope Hunt.

Sitting around a campfire high in the Wind River Range of Wyoming were Oklahoma Gov. Henry Bellmon, Dr. E.E. Chambers of Enid and Chuck Palmer of Oklahoma City, according to the website.

Bellmon said that Wyoming’s antelope are nearly as plentiful as Oklahoma’s quail. He wondered why Oklahoma couldn’t also have a celebrity-type quail hunt.

Mead will attend a reception in Enid tonight. On Thursday, the participants will engage in informal trap and sporting clays open shooting at the Grant National Gun Club, followed by board meetings and an evening stag dinner and auction.

The official hunt takes place from 8:30 a.m. to 3 p.m. on Friday. The event concludes Friday evening with an awards ceremony.

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what a shame the governor will miss the Trustees meeting at UW.


Bigger and better stuff to do


What about his security detail, does he pay fir thst also?


For that also ....


I'm not a Mead fan but come on. He is entitled to his own time. He's not taking the state jet, and he's paying his own way. I'm sure we pay for his security detail but if he had a choice he would probably just as soon the leave him alone for a while. Other Gov.s had taken time off and went on personal trips but most didn't put out a news release saying they were going. Did any of you ever take any time off? Lets whine about real issues.


Let him go hunt quail in peace. Not his fault he's got a security detail.

And when he gets back, he can go hunt our endangered grouse too.

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