Lobbying in Washington is different from lobbying in Wyoming.

At least that’s what politicians in the Cowboy State say.

Wyoming lawmakers have no personal staff while performing a full-time job for part-time pay during a sliver of the year. They need credible sources of information, and lobbyists of all shades are happy to provide it to them, said Dan Neal, a lobbyist who is the executive director of the Equality State Policy Center.

The Legislative Service Office crunches state data for lawmakers. But when it comes to industry trends and real-world anecdotes from outside government, lobbyists are the arbiters of information between constituents and legislators.

A lobbyist is anyone aiming to influence legislation. In committee hearings, a lobbyist can range from a housewife upset at a proposed law or a communications expert representing a company, agency or think tank.

“It’s incumbent on legislators to remember who lobbyists represent,” Neal said.

Whether it’s an oil and gas representative or an advocate for abused women, there’s a golden rule for lobbyists: Influence the law by building relationships, Neal said.

Here are six lobbyists who influence policy in Wyoming.

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Lobbyists need to be banned from politics,all the way to DC.

Cody Coyote

Keep in mind that Wyomng leads the nation in having the most opaque laws for watchdogging lobbyists. We citizens really have no way of knowing who our elected reps are talking to, what they are hearing, and what the finery grade of the sterling silver platter might be that the lobbyists deliver the pre-fabbed legislation and tangible platitudes.

Wyoming is Lobbyist's Paradise. You just think you have a citizen legislature... NOT!

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