CHEYENNE — Wyoming congresswoman Cynthia Lummis says she voted against $50.5 billion in Superstorm Sandy disaster relief because lawmakers refused to cut federal spending to offset it.

Lummis joined other GOP lawmakers Tuesday in a failed bid to make the relief contingent on a 1.63 percent reduction in spending by federal agencies this year. Lummis said storm victims deserved the money but she had to oppose the bill.

Northeast lawmakers said passage of the spending amendment could have complicated prospects for quick action on the broader Sandy aid package in the Senate, which passed a $60.4 billion aid package.

In a statement, Lummis said that Wyoming has had to cut its budget by 6.5 percent. She questioned how lawmakers can address its $16 million debt if it can't cut 1.6 percent in spending.

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So should Wyoming come under attack from a long, devastating, expensive fire season this summer or next, I fully expect Lummis to only fight for necessary federal funding if other spending is pared back.

Toe that line, Cynthia.


Way to take a stand where it counts, Cynthia.

Completely Fed Up

Whatcha expect from deranged dimwits like one of the the Wyoming Triplets?


Lets hope we need no assitance in the future as, the talbe has been set. When Americans need help lets help.


So then all the "communities" of wyoming that receive, sometimes beg for, always take, from the Government of ALL that they Hate will be more than happy to send that cash back...

I mean come on....funds from Homeland Security...5 grand here, 10 there....that kinda adds up...
So wyoming "lawmakers"...Just send the $ back....
When will the Citizens of wyo get a little payout "compensation" from big oil....
For poisoning the People, the air, the water, the wildlife...


Is anyone surprised,there must not be many RINO's in Jersey.

Cowboy Joe

Pathetic, you don't hold vicitims of natural disasters hostage to petty politics. While I agree our federal government needs to be significantly reduced in size and scope, you do it through leading, not obstructing and you do it in the budget battle and not when people need it most. As others have written wait until smoke appears this quick things will change.


Good for her. Due to Global Warming the problem of storms along the coast is just going to recur and recur.... at what point do we stop funding relief from routine problems through extraordinary measures ... Next let's stop using my tax dollars to pay damages to people dumb enough to build in flood plains...


Votes that represent the fringe in congress are now labeled Lummis votes. Cindy, try hard to represent all the people.

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