RAWLINS — Police in Rawlins say officers involved in a fatal shooting at a convenience store have been placed on paid administrative leave pending an investigation into what happened.

Police Chief Troy Palmer said the shooting happened Wednesday evening. A call came in about a person believed to be selling drugs in the parking lot of a Kum & Go convenience store.

Palmer said there was an arrest warrant for the person. He says police opened fire while trying to take the person into custody.

He said officers gave medical aid but the person later was pronounced dead at Memorial Hospital of Carbon County.

Police aren't saying how many officers were involved or providing information about the person killed. The Wyoming Division of Criminal Investigation is investigating.

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I find it telling that so many of these stories about officer involved killings are so similarly vague. There was an incident. The subject became unresponsive. The suspect was pronounced dead. No further information is available at this time. The investigation is ongoing.

Or perhaps: There was an officer involved shooting. It is unclear if the subject pointed the firearm at police. It is unknown if the suspect was armed. Authorities decline to state the reason for the officers opening fire. Police were unavailable for comment. We ask the public to allow the investigation to run its' course.

The homicidal officers are not identified immediately. Details are sparse; often the only thing detailed is the deceased's criminal past.

It's like they feel the need to play the cards close to the chest, so as to see if anyone comes out of the woodwork to shed light on the truth.

I can see it all in my mind's eye: the peaceful, professional sheriff standing there with his hands raised, palms foreward, "I dindu nuffin! We was just riding 'long and I gives 'im a lollipop. Then all of a sudden he becames unresponsive. That's my story. I'm stickin' to it; if you ain't got a video you can't prove jack. I dindu nuffin!"

Consider the initial reports in the Scott and Flores homicide cases. I can't recall the exact wording because it was so vague. But there was no mention of videos. No mention of a fleeing suspect. No mention of a man standing still with his hands in the air.

When I first read about Michael Slager and Walter Scott, what I initially took from the story was: deadbeat dad attacks a cop with a taser. What do you think is gonna happen? But the video tells a different story.

When I first read about Sanchez, Vazquez, and Gilbert Flores, I thought: scumbag wifebeater probably got what he deserves. But the video tells a different story.

These days, whenever I hear a police agency shout, "we dindu nuffin!", I wonder what story the video would tell.

Thomas Andrew

Great observations. We stop them by not paying their fines, by challenging every charge they accuse use of and just saying NO. Thank you Donovan469


I know the family n this man did not have a weapon on him at all. They in my opinion had know right to take this father of 2 life. Shame on those who speculate

Thomas Andrew

Never never never call the police. 1199 people killed by police this year in the U.S. to date.


there's 2 people on here showing their stupidity. unless you were there and witnessed the event, shut your pie hole. the guy who said don't call the police, don't you di g dong


Unfortunately there are a few bad cops, or some who make poor decisions but in the vast majority of these cases the officer involved in the shooting is justified in the action. The press never covers this. Unfortunately many people, as evidence by some of the above comments, choose to judge the officers actions before an investigation is complete. If the investigation concludes the officer was justified then these same people claim that the process is bad or the prosecuter and grand jury are biased in favor of the officer. Meantime these officers careers and lives can be ruined for no reason. In this country you a presumed innocent until proven guilty to bad some choose to ignore that fact.


Wow!..With a poorly written article and barely a sparkle of information there's aholes lynching the police officers. I'm glad there's still people that want to do this thankless job and that goes for EMTs & firefighters as well.


These officers deserve to b lynched. I know the whole story n they should b ashamed of themselves


SPOILER ALERT: The officer's actions will be shown to be justified. Those who sell drugs in Wyoming and threaten cops lives deserve what they get.


Bet u feel pretty dumb after hearing the witnesses saying he was shot in the back while running away. I don't care what he did. Even if he was a serial killer. They in my opinion had no right to take his life. We live in america n everyone deserves a fair trial with a jury of there peers. Unless he put the officers lives in danger.n a unarmed man has a hard time doing that.am I right or wrong.


Our law enforcement are expected to lay their lives on the line and deal with the worst of the worst every single day, yet we have these dolts bad mouthing them and accusing them of everything under the sun. It may sound radical to them to wait for all of the facts before sounding off against those who deal with the worst of the worst to protect us.


You really need to ask yourself especially when lives are at stake, am I really making the same decision I would make if that was was my loved one I was shooting even if they threaten your life! Would you make the same call. I will be the first to thank every man and women who protects this country as a veteran of foreign wars but there is many police officers that hide behind the badge and gun like they have something to prove. We have judges in a court of law to prove guilt! I do think these officers sometime think they have the god complex to make these legal decision based on someone's record in the heat of the moment! Let's face it if stop an 80 year old women with no criminal history for speeding and you stop a 35 year old with a warrant do you treat them the same?? I guareentee you as an officer you don't you judge them right on the spot. You treat them differently although we live in a country that says treat everyone equal but you don't. Lastly, you would think if the federal government trust you to serve and protect this country then they would want you in the USA as an officer to protect and serve on the streets here but that is so not the case! Bottom line let's let God do the judging and the court determine and juries determine fate not the officers on the street with no legal training!!!!!


Maybe you should know these people before you judge them the worst of the worst seriously people like you need to have these encounters like the 77 year old judge throat punched by a new York cop, yup that judge there man is the worst of the worst, think for yourself and do a little research before defending murder!!!!


I know the facts. They murdered a father of 2. I know the family. I only pray for justice

some dude from CO

How am I suppose to know if this is a real story or a psyop like Sandy Hook or the LAX dummy?? Do you guys mix real with fake to get away with murder?? Make people tune out?? Stop the psyops.. we don't need you.[whistling]


I personally knew this guy I live in fort Collins I know he is dead a memorial was held yesterday for him, He was never known to be violent or have weapons and he was not armed this time either! They killed this dude his name is Randall, so if you got something negative to say about my friend I live at 601 Ponderosa Dr. Fort Collins he wasn't violent but I am not as nice, Now a few weeks earlier a dude I know of was also dealt with by police in Cheyenne, now this guy actually killed a dude lead police on a high-speed chase and was armed,he was not shot he is alive waiting to be extradited to Nebraska then probably back to Colorado and so on!!!! So I say this he was my friend and now he is dead for no good reason and yet here is a friends friend and he lives yet he is scum!!! Frack all of you!!!!!


Agreed, he was a sweet soul. N loved by many


The guy had a criminal history, had a warrant out for his arrest, and tens of thousands of dollars worth of stolen goods were recovered from his property. Hardly a "sweet soul" in my opinion


How do you know "tens of thousands of dollars worth of stolen goods were recovered from his property"?


Were talkin bout his soul' not the mistakes he made. As we all do, right. F****** losers.


Does anyone think it might be wise to wait for the Wyoming DCI to finish its investigation before forming an opinion on this?


Not when u already no the story from his families mouths. Who spoke with investigaters. The rest of u need a life' losers.

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