SALT LAKE CITY (AP) - A Salt Lake City man was shot to death in his backyard and his brother-in-law was wounded following a confrontation between two groups of men at Jordan Park.

Two men have been arrested and a third was being sought.

Lopeti "Robert" Keiaho, 23, home from a construction job in Los Angeles for three days, spent most of Saturday visiting with his mother and then stepped outside about 11 p.m., said his younger sister, Ruby Keiaho.

He was sitting in the yard with his brother-in-law, Simon Lkahihito, 40, when a car pulled alongside the curb and a man with a rifle jumped out and fired five shots, hitting Robert Keiaho twice in the chest and once in the ribs, Ruby Keiaho said.

"No one knew Robert got shot until he said, 'Oh, shoot,"' and rolled over," she said.

Lkahihito, who leaned over to help Robert, was shot once in the leg.

Ruby Keiaho said her brother Tony Keiaho ran after the shooter, who dropped his rifle and jumped into the car, which was driven by another man.

The family called 911 and drove the two men to LDS hospital, where Keiaho was pronounced dead and Lkahihito was treated and released.

Sione Kauvaka, 24, was arrested on suspicion of murder with a firearm and attempted murder with a firearm. Simone Toko, 19, the alleged driver, also was arrested.

Police Lt. Dave Askerlund said the shooting was apparently connected to a fight between two groups earlier in the night at Jordan Park. One group apparently followed the other to Keiaho's house.

Ruby Keiaho said her brother was at home all day, and was mistakenly identified as someone else.

She said Robert Keiaho belonged to a gang in his early teens, but quit affiliating after he was arrested and spent time in jail.

Information from: The Salt Lake Tribune,

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