Wyoming education leaders are preparing a system by which the state will hold schools accountable for student learning as mandated by the Wyoming Accountability in Education Act.

The system is scheduled to go into effect for the 2013-14 school year.

The Wyoming Accountability in Education Act requires a system to categorize schools and provide resources and support as needed. School ratings will be based on three indicators: achievement, growth, and college and career readiness.

A group of 30 educators and community members, the Professional Judgement Panel, are meeting in Casper through Thursday to determine a rating system for schools.

The State Board of Education plans to submit a report based on the panel’s work to the Legislative Service Office on Oct. 15. The Wyoming Legislature’s Select Committee on Statewide Accountability will review the report next month, according to Paige Fenton Hughes, the board’s coordinator.

The schools will be classified and receive differing levels of support, intervention or consequences depending on where they fall in the classifications, according to John Masters who leads the Wyoming Department of Education accountability effort.

The Wyoming Department of Education on Monday presented a demonstration of how the panel’s final model might look and how data can be used to categorize schools.

The demonstration model was created a starting place for the Professional Judgment Panel to see how setting measures will impact schools, Rep. Tim Stubson, R-Natrona said during the meeting.

State leaders also are working to develop a system of support for schools once they’re rated.

“The focus is getting support to under-performing schools so they can perform,” Stubson said during the meeting. What support for schools will look like is still to be determined.

“We want the people who know what they’re doing to be able to develop them,” Stubson said.

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