CHEYENNE — Gov. Matt Mead says there won’t be a mass killing of wolves when hunting the predators is allowed to begin Oct. 1.

During a news conference Thursday, Mead said he was pleased with the U.S. Fish and Wildlife Service’s decision last week to delist wolves from the Endangered Species Act and hopes the state can take over management of the animals Sept. 30.

People have mixed views on the decision, with some favoring and others strongly objecting it, Mead said. Some people are opposed to killing any wolves and anticipate mass killings, he noted.

“It does seem to be more of a comment that we shouldn’t hunt these wolves,” Mead said.

Mead said Wyoming has 328 wolves, 48 packs and 27 breeding pairs, according to the latest count.

But, he said, only 14 percent of the wolves live in the predator zone where they can be killed on sight, while 86 percent live in the trophy game management area where they will have levels of protection.

Wyoming’s wolf population is more than twice the federal requirement of 150 wolves.

The Endangered Species Act is meant to protect species threatened with extinction.

Secretary of the Interior Ken Salazar and other officials and experts concluded Wyoming’s wolf population has more than recovered and no longer needs federal protection.

Wyoming’s wolf management plan, Mead said, has been peer-reviewed by five scientists on two different occasions and been found appropriate.

He said the Wyoming Game and Fish Department will manage the wolf plan conservatively to allow for a viable wolf population.

Earthjustice, a nonprofit law firm representing conservation groups, plans to seek an injunction to halt Wyoming’s wolf hunt.

But the attorneys must wait 60 days to file a legal action and can’t get an injunction before November, or one month after the hunting season begins.

Wyoming is the last state in the northern Rocky Mountain region to have wolves removed from the endangered species list.

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Gov Mead admits that "it does seem more comments that we shouldn't hunt the wolves" -good for him, at least he has the brass to admit it - then why allow the hunt, Gov. Mead? Why not be the first to stand up and do what your constituents are asking you for? Isn't that why we elected you, to speak for US?


Because the gov knows only bunny huggers and trust brats have time to send letters...the normal people are to busy working and paying taxes ...and don't have time to join crybaby groups...


Pooch moocher...the governor IS reprsenting US....


The comment was a generalization and most likey taken out of context. It wasn't an admission or revelation. The reasons for implementing controls are printed plainly in the article, i.e., population goal versus actual population. Pretty simple math, although I would estimate that the count is conservative. Real paws on the ground are most likely triple the 348 estimate.
Who is US anyway? Since you mentioned brass, do you have your's loaded?


No mass killing of wolves? You have to be sadistic - there is no "mass" of wolves to kill. You can count on the fact that the "experts" were in the good ole boy killing pocket of the good ole boy state agency killing brokerage.

All state agencies across this country are controlled and always have been by being funded on KILLING LICENSES. Imagine the good ole I wanna kill a couple of everybody non-human license (patron) and going into the state agency and finding only SAVING Licenses. That . would pretty much close that sucker out. No killing for you - no license - no power> So that is what the MINORITY of killers of all that is sacred and LIVE and born on this planet just like us, have done to the majority of citizens - structured them right out of any democracy in the most valuable REALITY we have - NATURE and WILDLIFE - our public lands and our commonwealth.

Wake up folks - this is the reality of it - there is no economy without a living world and these psychos will kill every living creature, including key apex predators that are endangered (delisted on a technicality not science). Science discovered decades ago that wolves, bears, coyotes, wolverines, cougars and top NATURAL predators are key to protecting the strength and variety of biodiversity which sustains HUMAN LIFE. Yep - we need natural predators in natural numbers and if you don't want to live with them - really you cannot survive without them. Man cannot be the ONLY predator, killing every wild creature to make money from slaughtering every domestic creature.

Really - are humans the only species allowed to predate on planet earth. You mean that oh so wise species that is destroying the oceans, the climate, killing everybody for trophy and fun and profit and more fun? This is where we are in 2012? Killing 350 wolves in an entire state down to 150 and calling that science? We humans kill billions of farm animals to slit their throats in slaughterhouses, and it is such a big deal that wolves kill a few too? What hypocrisy.

Pathetic. This is a lie - it is an abomination - it is a crime against nature and all that is sacred. It is a crime against God.


What garbage. Time to reform state agencies and send psycho killers to reform school too. Killing for fun and trophy is not good human behavior. It is like teenagers pulling the wings off of insects. Pure idiocy.

We have got to be better than this - or our time on earth is finished and we deserve the hell we have created for every other creature on earth - it is time for karma - and it is coming fast . And I do not mean some big Armageddon - I mean real suffering as our ecosystems collapse and oceans collapse and all the beauty of all the creatures that were here 50 years ago - is being destroyed by humans who just love to maim, torture and kill down to the last few. There is something terribly wrong.


Mad go lay down....shame on you for being so ill informed....


The MADlady strikes again...... How pained she must be knowing that driving down the road she kill thousands of bugs per some outings! Does she stop driving...or is she hypocritical? Bug that "have a right to live" like her tainted view on wolves, deer etc.

It's sad that her and her radical views actually hurt more animals then they help. She heatedly protects wolves because she knows they create predator pits where game herds are well below biological sustainable levels severely limiting hunting. In the process these vermin have moved into areas where they cause issues with people, their livestock and pets. Since the return to Wisconsin AT LEAST 1400 domestic animals were documented to have been killed and maimed by wolves. Why doesn't she care for these animals.....because of her internal bigoted hatered for sportsman and hunting..... Does she truly care about cruelty to animals? 1400 domestic animals say she doesn't!

Thinking clearly
Thinking clearly

To those making comments against Madraven: it would appear that the majority of the comments are ill written and uneducated, poor grammar. My concern would be that the scientists ET all who OK'd this party of slaughter have not set up regs as to what are allowed to be killed. They have not rules of conduct for the shooters. There is at least this for the killing seasons of deer etc.. Killing all the breading pairs would be devastating for the wolves but has anyone taken that into consideration and set rules for that? What CONTROLS in other words are on the killing spree they have set up?

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