Meet YoLo the Jackalope, the face of the Wyoming Lottery Corporation.

It beat out the bucking horse and other state icons to star as the centerpiece of the lottery logo.

Warehouse Twenty One, a Cheyenne-based marketing firm, designed YoLo and the insignia. The fictitious critter received its name because it is jumping over those four letters in the logo.

The lottery held an open house Thursday at its offices in Cheyenne to unveil the new insignia, inviting guests to familiarize themselves with a figure that will be on lottery tickets, billboards and other ads throughout the state.

"We're excited about bringing YoLo to life as we move forward with the lottery's branding process," lottery CEO Jon Clontz said. "Whether you call him a jackalope or a jackpotalope, YoLo's a distinctly Wyoming character that will become an instantly recognizable symbol of the lottery.”

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The Jackalope is not fictitious.

Spin Detector

What happened to a constituent contest to pick a decent looking logo? I agree - to frilly looking for Wyoming.


Good golly- could it look any more stupid and silly?? Who got the say in it? Blech.


Wow that is underwhelming!


No. The jackalope looks like a rabbit about to be hit by lightning. The colors are too bright--they look like kiddy playroom colors or maybe Miami. What's wrong with a dinosaur or even the classic bucking bronco and cowboy. Come on, guys, seriously?


Would you expect more for a $ ticket? They'er saving your money!


Looks a lot like that dog that belongs to that green guy that stole Christmas from the Who's, now its all coming together!


My god that's awful. Funny thing is WH21 probably charged them $6000 for it. Holy cow, epic fail.

Morning Joe
Morning Joe

YoLo the Jackalope? I think someone needs a refresher course in brand development and marketing strategy, unless of course the target market is the 8 and under crowd.


Are you freakin' kidding me?! Looks like the people, at the marketing firm, spent to much time in Colorado doing their research. That logo will be the laughing stock of state lotteries.


The negativity these days about the simplest things is saddening. I don't see a thing wrong with it, it looks like it is supposed to be fun and colorful. I personally could do without the YoLo but as a logo I think it's fine and somebody actually used an instate designer for a change, I know everybody cry's about the use of out of state designers, well here ya go, still not happy.

Morning Joe
Morning Joe

Y: You
O: Only
L: Live
O: Once

So let 'er buck, go for it..... buy a lotto ticket, and "just maybe" you'll git 'er done.

side oiler
side oiler


High Country

Stop the presses!!! This is the most juvenile logo I have ever seen. Didn't Wyoming just receive recognition for having the #1 and best looking license plate out of 50 states because of the very recognizable bucking horse? That horse needs to be on our lottery ads too.

Just Bill

Loose the horn, it should represent the State not one community. Should have had a contest.


Why not solicit statewide input before wasting money on this uninspired whimsical BS? Didn't anyone learn anything from Casper College becoming the laughing stock of stupid by wasting tens of thousands of dollars on their crappy T-Bird (pterodactyl) because they hired some for-profit-firm from New York? As I recall, LCCC had a Logo Contest and opened it up to the ENTIRE community. Free of charge, AND by the way, and their logo TOTALLY BLOWS AWAY that pterodacty foolishness that Casper College blew $70K on. No, that is true. Look it up. Joneser. Warehouse 21 is pretty good on most stuff, but they sucked HARD on this.
Hey CC and Warehouse 21, time to let artists and thinkers make some decisions, not all - just some of them - instead of listening to guys looking for a pay check.


All hat, no cattle.

Where is this lotto?

What's holding it up...surrounding states that don't want the lotto in Wyoming? They stand to lose alot of Wyoming buckeroos.

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