The future direction of and major changes possible in the State Board of Education will be the major topics of discussion at the board’s meeting Tuesday and Wednesday in Room 126 of the Hathaway Building in Cheyenne.

Plans for the discussion on Tuesday include recent motions passed by a legislative committee that would include shifting more responsibility from the Wyoming Department of Education to the board if the legislation passes, Chairman Joe Reichardt said.

The responsibilities deal with developing a statewide system of accountability required by the Wyoming Accountability in Education Act.

Motions from the Select Committee on Statewide Education Accountability included allowing money to flow directly to the board rather than through the department, making the state superintendent of public instruction a nonvoting member, and moving employees from the Wyoming Department of Education to the board.

Topics also may include other issues the board is working on, such as graduation requirements, attendance issues and career technical education, Reichardt said.

For Wednesday’s work session, a discussion of graduation requirements and Wyoming Department of Education data collection are on the agenda.

An agenda and meeting packet are available at

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Big guy
Big guy

Well here is another good one from Hank Coe and his band of idiots. As usual those making the most important decisions about the future of wyoming's students are the least educated. It's let's take the state board and educate them beyond their means. Again stupidity at the highest level. I hope that the state board is smart enough to stay out of the tiff between the state superintendent and the legislature. What ever happened to local control???



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