After careful and thorough research, Mary Garrigan (CS-T, Oct. 7, 2010) found that Newcastle has the highest cancer rate in the United States.

Wyoming Refining Co. in Newcastle has a government contract to supply jet fuel for the war plus other petroleum products such as gas, oil, and many other things which are necessary to all of us. However, the chemicals used to produce these things are hazardous to our health.

Now we have a new threat to our health, anhydrous ammonia. This stuff burns your eyes, nose and throat. To say nothing of the asbestos, which is used as an insulator.

It is my belief that the Feb. 3 article "No Action" in Newcastle's News Letter Journal was written to allay people's fears and to stop further investigations. We already know the chemicals in the 2002 spill and have proof documents, plus testing done by reputable doctors that nickel, a known carcinogen; tin, silver, vanadium, plus aluminum, all of these are heavy metals. These are just a few that were in the 2002 spill.

It seems Bob Neufeld cares more about his prestigious title and the money than he does for the people who have defended WRC with their lives, believed and trusted that what was said was true.

Mr. Neufeld's title tells the whole story: Vice President of Environmental and Governmental Relations. Protect Wyoming Refining at all cost.

Big industry needs to admit its hazards to the community that defends it.


CAROL WOLFE, Newcastle

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