Have you heard? There's a petition going around to put the issue of re-legalizing cannabis hemp, also known as "marijuana," on the ballot. So why should you, especially those of you that don't smoke pot seek out and sign this petition? 

The answer comes in the form of a question, "Who owns you?" 

If you answered, "The state owns me," then you most certainly should not sign this petition. But may I point out to you that this is an answer someone living under socialist rule would give. For under authoritarianism or socialism (the two are the same thing), the individual is considered the property of the state, with the state granting privileges rather than respecting natural individual rights.

On the other hand, if your answer is that that "I own myself," and you resent being considered property of the state, then it's imperative you find and sign this petition of you are a registered voter and help push back the rising tide of socialism in our nation, city and state.

I've long held the belief that marijuana laws not only violate natural law but also violate the intent of the First Amendment. Thomas Jefferson's goal was to keep us from imposing our opinions of each other through law. We really only have the right to retaliate against those who have committed a tangible, obvious act of theft or violated the real property rights of another. They are one in the same.

Growing, selling or simply smoking marijuana is in no way a tangible act of theft, although some have tried to claim smoking pot is some sort of act of theft. Their vision is an imaginary one at best. As it turns out, the real act of theft is the pot prohibition itself.

So, with all this and more being said, if you still won't make the effort to seek out and sign this or the other "return our natural rights" type petitions, then you have just conceded to and have willingly become and will remain property of the state.


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dd ric

Dang.Jo, i was going to wait until the Legislature borrowed a Mil.$ for powerball advice and ask for 5Mil.$ to advise them on how to make pot legal and create a lot of jobs and get more revenue into the State economy. ddric


i dont know how many remember the old movie reefer madness, but it was to create panic in the whites main stream media. the belief that. by black smoking pot they were made out to look like they would rape white women if pot were legal. pot is classifeied as a 3 type drug along with cocaine. In western days it was used for everything from head achs to kidney problems. The johnny law saw their opportunity to make money for the government and made it illegal. each years millions in forbitures are taken from dealers of this drug. ewven if they worked full time jobs and paid for their homes with earnings from those jobs. you get caught with pot and they take it all. The government likes this idea. The you have the dream team police, kicking in doors and arresting men and women in front of their familys like their were terrorists. for what a few oz'z of weed? prisions are full of non violent users and dealers and much more dangerious fellons are set free. the war on drugs is big business in this country, the goverment even has been caught shipping in drugs and making a profit off it. between the lock them up mentality and the taking of all their assets this keeps the money rolling in with the legal system. its an uphill battle guys you can be sure of for without dea to protect grandma from smoking a joint for her glacoma, we keep 10 of thousands of cops working.


Legalize TAX and regulate. Use the money for rehab.

Carrier is Back

Agreed, IrishRaider. A lot of tax revenue in not only pot for the many items made from hemp. It is stupid to keep it illegal.

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