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Wyoming is fortunate in that we have not had our own Pulse, Sandy Hook or Parkland. However, we could be next.

I am a medical student and an aspiring pediatrician. In medical school, we often talk about preventative medicine. We tell our patients that they need to act now so they can be healthy later. This is especially important in the field of pediatrics. I spend a lot of time teaching kids behaviors that will enable them to live happy, healthy, long lives.

We need to employ the same principles that pediatricians use everyday: prevention. Thoughts and prayers aren’t cutting it. Facebook posts and e-mails aren’t protecting our kids. We need our elected officials to pass legislation if we want to create an environment in which every child feels safe going to school.

Our elected officials need to act now so our children can live long, healthy lives. They need to pass common sense gun legislation. They need to stop putting the interests of the NRA above the safety of our children. They need to protect the children who are leading a national movement even though many of them aren’t even old enough to vote.

Last weekend, I went to the March for Our Lives. While there, a mom told the crowd that she used to send thoughts and prayers to victims of gun violence. However, once she became a victim herself, she understood the need for action. We need to act now so that we don’t share in her story. 



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