For 22 years, the Concord Coalition has been the nation's leading advocate for reducing the national debt. We are dismayed that all three members of Wyoming’s delegation to the U.S. Congress voted against the recent budget compromise. This bill is an important step forward, even if it does not do nearly enough to reduce long-term structural deficits. Our delegation all voted for more government dysfunction, gridlock and another expensive and wasteful government shutdown.

This compromise, crafted by House budget chair Republican Paul Ryan and Senate budget chair Democrat Patty Murray, is a first move toward more fiscally responsible bipartisan budget compromises. Wyoming is the only state in America where the entire delegation voted against compromise and for more gridlock.

Our elected officials need to explain to those of us who elected them what their plan is for deficit reduction, or governing on any issue, without compromise.


The Concord Coalition

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Just blame it on Bush. He gets the blame for everything that is wrong these days.


True story indeed.

Kool Kat

Did you know, Paul that, this compromise spends an additional $1.5 trillion on ACA/Obamacare? Therefore, Wyoming Congressional members voted the conscience of the Wyoming people. Not the special interest social/liberal group as yours.

Really, one of the reasons so many people voted against this bill was because it cut the pensions of veterans and military personnel.

Completely Fed Up

Defense contractors did just fine though. Boy, oh, boy, the poor can starve, but we can keep on killing anyone whose resources we want to control ... And, the rubes will continue to buy the propaganda line of how, "They're fighting for our freedom," as freedom goes down the drain here in the "fatherland". As a country, we're get what we deserve, complete with wealth-serving morons to "represent" us in D.C.

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