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Ever wonder why Trump puts people in charge of departments whose functions they appear to hate?

Well, his and their less than transparent goal is to dismantle those offices. Trump is determined to not only erase Obama’s legacy, but also to refashion the country away from a democratic, towards an oligarchic, republic.

Since the founding, there has been theory and then practice. Equality? Yes, within a certain group. Native, African and female Americans need not apply for full citizenship. The original “equals” began with free land, free labor and free rein.

That’s the kind of America Trump wants to make great again. He’s wily. Whatever each of his followers imagines “great” to be, they ascribe that to his “vision” as well and will follow him as long as they can maintain the illusion. Just like the generation of the rebellious '60s, they, too, will wake up someday and wonder what the heck happened to their government!

Little Donnie and the Imperialists, hit it!

“It’s my country that I’ll wreck if I want to.

Wreck if I want to. Wreck if I want to.

You will cry too when I’m finished with you.”



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