Perfection is an ideal which, as human beings, most of us understand is something a little beyond our mortal capabilities – but oh, what fun it is trying to attain it! As I’ve been relishing the total solar eclipse experience in the days following Aug. 21, 2017, my thoughts keep returning to what it was like to actually move through something that can only be described as total perfection.

As humans, we tend to think through our anticipation and then do the same with the aftermath of any given experience. Scientists give us facts and figures. Artists give us beautiful imaginings. Prophets give us links to a god. Mother Nature gives us the universe. When the sun and the moon and the Earth lined up, and the total eclipse happened precisely as calculated, a collective awe from tens of thousands of humans was palpable.

What defines us as spiritual beings is our ability to be awed – to experience those times when we transcend our physicalness and become aware of something larger and more wonderful than what our fertile, active imaginations can conjure. Because I am a person who relishes those times that challenge quantification, I am continually drawn to the spiritual – that dimension where all that would cause us to move beyond the material understanding of our existence exists.

No matter how the total eclipse is described, dissected, quantified, and analyzed – in its totality, it was perfection! For humans to experience perfection is to encounter that which is divine: perfect and powerful enough to cause us to transcend our mortal sensibilities -- no wonder the ancients believed in an angry God.

Because we are active participants in Mother Nature’s perfect world, we are called to understand ourselves, not as sinners, but as spiritual beings who have no other reasonable choice than to keep getting better and better. To stand in the total shadow of the moon for two and a half minutes is a once-in-a-lifetime opportunity to become a little bit better than you were the day before -- because you experienced perfection!


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