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Re: Jeanne Leske’s letter, “Wyoming bureaucrats dropped the ball on Rawlins Prison.

I submit a lesson about lessons. Mr. Ray Yates was the Clearmont Town handyman on an unofficial basis who related a lot of unbiased history to me about many things in that town and surrounding area, God rest his soul.

He was called upon to excavate under the old High School gym floor which was buckling badly to see if he could remedy the malady. Ray told me he tried but informed the schoolboard that nothing anyone could do short of tearing the whole thing out and starting over would overcome an improperly braced and constructed floor.

Ray related to me that bids were given on the original floor and that when the schoolboard settled on the lowest bid, a contractor warned that not going the extra mile would cause grief further down the road but they would not listen.

So that summer after school was out the school hired one of the teachers to tear out the old floor for as much salvage as he could get. Board-by-board the salvage progressed until one board was turned over which had this message branded on the underside, “I TOLD YOU SO!!”

The Superintendent kept the board on his wall and whenever the schoolboard balked at approving a better, but not necessarily cheaper bid, he would point to the prophesy written on the incriminating piece of wood.

Seems like those in charge of the new Pen at Rawlins should get their own board.



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