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To The People of Wyoming,

We have been trying to pass a bill for several years eliminating "gun free zones" and allowing campus carry both in schools and university/colleges. Rep. Allen Jaggi wrote a very good one page bill in 2014. The first two years it was either ignored in committee by Sen. Bob Nicholas or killed there by him.

The third year it was ruined in committee by Sen. Hank Coe who wrote a 23 page poison pill amendment. The fourth year, 2017, a very weak, watered-down version was finally passed covering only campus carry. Weak, but a start. It was vetoed by Gov. Matt Mead.

President Trump has recognized the need for this. Why are we here in Wyoming still allowing so many of our children and older citizens to be walking targets?

It is time for a change. Why is the need apparent to a New Yorker but not to our elected officials?

Until we can figure out what is going wrong with the young men in America and start to fix it, we must protect everyone.

FYI, there is no such thing as "gun violence." There is only violence.

The tool used, whether a car, sword, bomb or gun is irrelevant. We must know why it is suddenly happening. Are we feminizing the male American?



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