I've often spoken about the disease of creeping socialism that has been attacking America for over 100 years. It's like the cooking frog: the water started out cold and the heat was gradually turned up.

This is not a conspiracy. Conspiracies are by their very nature, secret and small. This movement, concerted effort, is anything but. It has never been quiet or hidden. Since the 1870s the progressive movement has been very open. Only it's true goal has been clouded. A hazy ambiguous fairness for every one. Noble in sound and thought, utterly ridiculous in action. We are promised equal opportunity, not equal result. Nor do we extend equal effort.

This is socialism. Call it progressive, liberal etc; it is socialism.

This is the goal of the progressive movement. It always has been. That is why their reaction to Donald Trump has been so radical. Prior to his election they, and frankly me, thought the die had been cast. That America would end up like EU within five years.

Imagine their shock.

Now they are doing everything possible, attacking everything traditional that will in any way cause a severe reaction by any perceived conservative group, and being paid to do so. Of course going after Robert E. Lee would get a violent reaction from white supremist groups. That was the whole point.

The history of America is being rewritten right before our eyes and nothing is being done to stop it. Nothing new here. In the 1920s the "progressive movement" set three goals. Control the media, the educational system top to bottom and every non-elected government position. They have done quite well.

The movement will not stop. Look around the world at what socialists will do to achieve their goals. The occasional death of a protester is to them acceptable.

Today they tear down statutes of Americans and erect statues of Vladimir Lenin. Check the park dedicated to him in Seattle. Perhaps we should all remember Lenin's words, "the goal of socialism is communism."

For my friend and mentor Stan.



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