In 1977, Legislator Pat Meenan (long time Mayor and city councilman) then a legislator was asked by someone, (40 years is a long time to remember minor details) probably a Casper/Natrona County Airport board member to do something to allow airports such as Casper with miles of roadway to regulate traffic, parking and signing for public safety.

Joe Stewart of Casper (Minority floor leader) and I, a Senator having served on both the house & Senate Transportation Committees, worked with Meenan to pass the bill. Results as passed, House 56-7-1 Senate 29-1.

A law was passed and the law was amended over the years such as adding handicapped parking.

The free parking was improperly signed by citing a wrong statute number and remained wrong for 40 years. It was never declared to be free parking. That part of the law was unlawful for 40 years.

Handicap signing was added I believe in 1985 by then Sen. Geis of Worland & Dorothy Perkins of Casper in the local fee lot but not in the free lot. A law violation for 32 years.

The fee lot size was added to in 2012 but the free lot was not as required by law. Another 5 year violation of the law.

At that time the fee handicapped areas were not increased as stated in the law. Another 5 year violation.

The paid lot has been free for 3 hours for over 12 years and was not signed as such. Few people knew of that freeby along with the about 100 car free lot. Your airport board operated for over 40 years without telling the user public because they wanted you of course to pay the $5.00 a day fee to park. The public be damned for the almighty buck on public land and all its assets given to the public back in about 1955.

You’ll see 4 or 5 more letters as only allowed so many words and letters in a month. Please watch and read as they show up. Dirty politics by airport, county commissions and law enforcement ahead.



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