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How about a cell tower for Van Tassell? There seems to be people that are very upset over cell towers and fiber optic-cables at eleven locations in our majestic Grand Teton National Park. 

Eleven locations. How about one location like Van Tassell? How about one location for Wyoming citizens? A skirmish over how much tech should be allowed to intrude on the most stunning wild places in the United States of this American Republic.

4.8 million visitors from 2016 according to the report on March 24 Star-Tribune/AP group: Public in the dark on cell towers, visited Grand Teton Park.

Hey Gov. Mead and legislators: How about a 5 cent tax per visitor to pay for a cell tower for Van Tassell? How about Wyoming citizens come first? There is so much money out there that it's just pathetic.

I am a member of American Legion Post #1 in Van Tassell, Wyoming, where there is no cell service. 

Excuse after excuse about how expensive and not enough electricity or it can't be done or any number of non-reasons to not get it done. 

There is something very, very wrong here when we put visitors' cell comfort above Wyoming residents' needs.

Like Larry the Cable Guy says, "git 'er done." Somebody in a position of power in this state of Wyoming, do what's right for Van Tassell and the people that live there. Wyoming first.



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