Now that the smoke has settled and the nerves are not as frayed, we want to thank so many people that helped us during the fire.

I don't know where it got the name "Sheep Herder Fire," as we own the hill that has always been known as "Sheep Wagon Hill."

There was a gentleman here immediately after the fire started who grabbed hoses and helped with the fire. We don't know his name, only that he was driving a Chevy or GM pickup with a water tank in the back. He was a great help to us as the fire came over the hill. Thank you so much!

Next we want to thank Lisa Craft, Lynzie Tempest, Ed and Nickole Floate, Paws2Help and the Hector Foundation.

A special thank you to Sierra McIntire, as she drove all the way from Douglas, Dawn Anderson Coates, Don, Debbie and Dorothy Jelinek, Cody and Valerie Harrison, Jerry and Renee Anderson and Steve and Kim Syverts. We sincerely appreciate all your help, concern and compassion.

An especially big thank you goes to our sons, Shawn and Shane Swingholm; had it not been for them, we would have lost our home. They spent all night Sunday night on the roof with hoses keeping the house, decks and trees wet so that the fire would not spread to them.

The firefighters left here at 1 a.m. Monday telling us they could not save it, they told us to get out and they left.

A big tribute and thank you goes to the "Hot Shots" from Utah and Colorado that came here Monday morning. Those men, about 40 or 50 of them, really knew what they were doing. They attacked the fire in the canyon next to us with chainsaws and axes and they didn't come out until dark.

I know it is only in the best interest of the people who live up here to evacuate, but we have talked to people all over the country that stated if they hadn't stayed with their homes, they would have lost everything. We truly feel that this would have been the case with our home.

Thank you again to all that helped with the horses, llamas and donkeys. They are now in their new "forever homes" off the mountain. Not only do we never want to see these animals go through this again, I don't think we could manage going through it again.

Thank you, God, and thank you for the "angels" you sent!


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Jim and Donna

You need to write out a big check of thanks to the Casper Mountain Fire Department.:0


Those angels that helped you with your animals do deserve a deep gratitude of thanks. So do those firemen that came out and risked their lives to do what they could with what personnel they had. No material thing is worth the lives of anyone, including your own. Store the memories in your heart and nothing is ever destroyed.


I thought at first this letter was going to be Giving everyone a big thank you but then you Basically dis the first fireman that were trying to help you and risking their lives. Everyone involved deserves a great big thank you Local Fireman..Animal rescue Ect. And the reason they want you to evacuate is so they don't have to come back and save your, You are not the only one on the mt. with a home that was needing saving.

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