“What the world needs now is love sweet love that’s the only thing there is so little of." It is hard to see that love exhibited when our world and country is so divided with so many hate groups, misunderstandings, deliberate lies, blame, hurt and war.

In the movie, “Victoria and Abdul” with Judy Dench, based on a true story of Queen Victoria of England in her later life after her husband Albert had died, and her friendship with Abdul, an Indian from India. lAbdul became a teacher and devoted companion of Victoria. He was of the Muslin faith. It is a love story.

The movie, “The King and I" is also a love story. “Getting to know you getting to know all about you and hoping that you like me."

Another movie "The Mountain Between Us" the story of airplane crash in Rocky Mountains with survivors as a black doctor and a white woman, making this another love story.

Love does overcome evil. Let us get to know one another even though different color, religion, background and to know the truth and the truth to make us free." Be good to those who hate you and Judge not that you be not judged.´ Love does overcome evil, however let us not become the evil we deplore.

My prayer is"Let there be peace on earth and let it begin with me."



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