Former three-term Sen. John Danforth of Missouri (R) was quoted in my recent letter saying that “Trump is dividing our country as well as testing our moral values.” Robert Anderson, in answer to my letter, in my opinion, has succumbed to the right wing rhetoric false propaganda (as President Trump exemplifies) saying that skinheads and extremists have been here for a long time and the militant movements that have popped up since Trump’s inauguration have not been attributed to Trump.

My friend John Danforth is an Episcopal priest and was President George Bush’s ambassador for the United Nations, and has appeared on NBC recently. Danforth stated in his book “Faith and Politics” that wedge issues such as abortion, stem cell research and gay marriage seem to drive people apart. No one should presume to embody God’s truth. This should not be continued in Republican politics. His brother, Donald Danforth, president of the Ralston Purina Company in St. Louis, Missouri, might have been saved with stem cell therapy as he had Lou Gehrig’s disease. The Republican Party voted against stem cell research. The Republican Party seems to be beholden to Christian Right.

Yes, the KKK — white nationalists and other extremist groups have been with us a long time. The facts are they popped up and leveled their extreme actions more so than ever since Trump became president. He touted the right wing “birther” movement, saying Obama was not born in the US.

The Emancipation Proclamation freed the slaves in the South — and the 13th Amendment, ratified by the Congress, freed all the slaves and ended the Civil War. President Lincoln saw to that.

In my opinion, Anderson’s critique of my letter shows downright ignorance. Could this be what is dividing our country?

Oleta Thomas, Casper



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