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I received a campaign fundraising letter from Sen. John Barrasso, M.D., and found the hyperbole it contained very irritating. It began with, "After eight long, punishing years of Barack Obama in the White House, ..." For me it was eight long, punishing years of listening to Obama-bashing and it looks like it will never end.

Barrasso touts the tax cut which will mostly benefit the wealthy. I guess the rest of us are supposed to be thrilled with the crumbs that fall from the banquet table the rich are feasting at. I'm more concerned with what this will cost me and the country down the road than I am excited about $65.00 more a month.

Barrasso claims that his Democratic opponent, Gary Trauner, is completely loyal to Chuck Schumer. Would that be in the same way he himself is completely loyal to Mitch McConnell and boasts of voting with President Trump 96 percent of the time?

Barrasso claims the national Democrats crave power and will do anything to retake it. Am I suppose to believe that Barrasso's ambitious climbing of the Republican power ladder in D.C. is motivated by altruistic and noble intent? If Barrasso were to look in a mirror he might see that his criticisms of the Democrats are actually a reflection of himself.

When Dr. Barrasso, "helping you care for yourself," was appointed to finish the term of Sen. Craig Thomas, I was hoping that he would aspire to statesmanship. Since then, watching interviews of Barrasso on the news and listening to his tele-town halls, I do not see or hear a statesman -- disappointingly, I only see a less than honest and very partisan politician who is good at schmoozing, evading tough questions and deflecting criticism by blaming the Democrats.

I won't be donating to Barrasso's reelection campaign nor voting for him next fall. I will be voting for his Democratic challenger, Gary Trauner.



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