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The out and out lies of Susan Stamper Brown’s comments on the State of The Union Speech.

She says 46 Million tuned in– NYPost & Politifact say 45.6 Million.

She says “an astounding majority of Americans (75 percent to be exact) told CBS news . . .” the CBS news poll web site shows she is deliberately lying: – their web page says 75 percent of those they polled that had watched the debate said that. That is not 75 percent of the American people in any sense of truth.

She lied again on the 81, 91, another 75, and 72 percent.

She lied through omission by not telling you that only 25 percent of the audience for the speech was democrats. 45 percent were republicans and 33 percent were independents. And the 45 percent of Republicans that watched were probably rabid Trump fans and actually believe he is the "Great Leader". People like this are one of the major reasons North Korea is the way it is.

Then she went into her Russian playbook rant against democrats. And it is the Russian playbook, just read the publicly available intelligence reports on their methods and objectives. Create doubt about the American democracy. Lie about as much as you can without getting called out. And promote Authoritarianism by promoting the president as a “Great Leader” and the rest of the government and anyone who opposes the president as un-American. That way they can try to condition the people into believing that a dictator like Putin (The one Trump has never-ever said anything bad about) is the best way to go.

And yes, men and women will do these things for foreign governments if they believe in that government or are paid to do it. Look at Iva Toguri (Tokyo Rose) in World War II and Jane Fonda during the Vietnam War.

As a final note – I believe everyone is entitled to their opinion. I do not believe everyone is entitled to lie with no consequences.



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