Natrona County's Taven Bryan has decided to play for football powerhouse Florida.

The incoming senior, one of the top-rated Wyoming recruits in history, made his decision late Monday. The 6-foot-5, 250-pound defensive lineman had scholarship offers from Oregon, Nebraska, Wyoming and many others.

"It just fit me," Bryan said of Florida.

Bryan, a three-star recruit by, has the ability to play numerous positions. Some schools believe he can play defensive end, defensive tackle, tight end or left tackle at the college level.

He said that Florida projects him to defensive end or tight end.

"I like them both," Bryan said.

Bryan has visited the Florida campus in Gainesville, Fla. He said he plans to major in biomedical engineering.

"It is just nice there," he said of the visit.

While Bryan will not sign a letter of intent until February, he said it made little sense to hold off from making his decision.

"It was just a good fit for me, and coaches' times are very valuable," he said.

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He would be a better fit here in Wyoming or even Nebraska. He looks like a Blackshirt to me! Why can't Wyoming get any instate kids?

Sometimes kids want the "full ride" that is associated with being an out of state athlete. I find it hard to believe this kid can play at Florida....if he is that good, he should have made a bigger splash. Poor recruiting and poor advisement..


Every body said his dad wouldnt make a Navy Seal either.. That kid is freak athletic. He will go all the way NFL if he stays sound. He was also Recuited and offered by Oregon Ducks Washington State coaches and recruiters probably know a lil more than all do about fillin their spots. If you were better at their job youd probably be makeing more money doin their job. WY is were he wants to be he is looking at the hole picture.


He is so incredible! I am so excited to see him playing. I love seeing kids in the community going on to bigger and better places! I hope he succeeds.
Ruth James |

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