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Pinedale Invitational


Team: Natrona County 144, Lander 120, Laramie 103, Jackson 27, Kelly Walsh 18, Pinedale 8, Cody 0.

Freestyle: Noah Gans, Lan; Adam Pickett, NC; Ben Radosevich, NC; Albert Steiner, Lar; Silas Goetz, Lan, Evan Corson, NC; Zane Sandall, Lan; Nathan Kessler, She; Josh Ahrndt, KW.

Classic: Noah Gans, Lan, 10:33.15; Ben Radosevich, NC, 10:35.14; Zane Sandall, Lan, 10:31.45; Albert Steiner, Lar, 10:36.29; Silas Goetz, Lan, 10:34.59; Adam Pickett, NC, 10:34.15; Lane Meyers, NC, 10:32.29; Evan Corson, NC, 10:30.59; Sam Fay, Lar, 10:34.45; Derk Lyford, Lar, 10:38.00.


Team: Lander 122, Natrona County 116, Kelly Walsh 55, Pinedale 49, Jackson 44, Laramie 34, Cody 0.

Freestyle: Molly Fehringer, Lan; Lu Elder, NC; Madyson Willis, NC; Emilee Robins, Lan; Ursula Anderson, Lan; Zoe Noble, Pin; Samantha Veauthier, KW; Andie Cornish, Jac; Abigail Whitman, Lar; Ella Reed, KW.

Classic: Madyson Willis, NC, 10:03.44; Abigail Whitman, Lar, 10:05.44; Molly Fehringer, Lan, 10:03.00; Emilee Robins, Lan, 10:01.29; Ursula Anderson, Lan, 10:04.14; Samantha Veauthier, KW, 10:03.30; Zoe Noble, Pin, 10:04.29; Lu Elder, NC, 10:02.30; Andie Cornish, Jac, 10:03.59; Aurora Looney, Pin, 10:03.15.


High School Sports Reporter

Brady Oltmans reports on high school and local sports. He joined the Star-Tribune in July 2016 after covering prep sports and college soccer in Nebraska. He also contributes to University of Wyoming sports coverage. He and his dog live in Casper.

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