Nordic Skiing

Jack Cornish (1) of Jackson Hole breathes heavily as he nears the finish line of the boys varsity race during the second day of high school nordic skiing competitions on Casper Mountain Saturday morning, Dec. 9, 2017.

Josh Galemore, Casper Star-Tribune


Casper Invite

at Casper Mountain

WHO'S HERE: Kelly Walsh, Natrona County, Jackson, Laramie, Lander, Cody, Pinedale.


Freestyle: Liam McInroy, NC, 15:41.7; Noah Gans, Lan, 15:46.1; Grant Menolascino, Jac, 15:58.5; Jack Cornish, Jac, 16:04.6; Elijah Weenig, Jac, 16:14.1; Albert Steiner, Lar, 16:26.6; Ben Radosevich, NC, 16:26.9; Adam Pickett, NC, 16:27.6; Lane Meyers, NC, 16:34.3; Sam Johnson, Jac, 16:48.6.


Freestyle: Annabel Hagen, Jac, 18:01.6; Abigail Whitman, Lar, 20:32.0; Birch Klomparens, Jac, 20:42.6; Samantha Veauthier, KW, 21:35.7; Molly Fehringer, Lan, 21:43.7; Zoe Noble, Pin, 21:54.8; Emilee Robins, Lan, 21:57.5; Madyson Willis, NC, 22:08.4; Ella Reed, KW, 22:18.0; Chloe Stines, Jac, 22:34.7.


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