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Cheyenne South Quad

Team: Kelly Walsh 1,055; Cheyenne East 502; Cheyenne South 416.

200 medley relay: Cheyenne South (Jaryd McMartin, Kevin Muela, Knox Williams, Benjamin Anderson) 1:47.05; Kelly Walsh 1:47.51; Kelly Walsh B 1:54.22.

200 free: Benjamin Anderson, CS, 1:59.74; Kellen Chadderdon, KW, 1:59.95; Painter Stone, KW, 2:06.22.

200 IM: Walker Marshall, CE, 2:17.14; Dallin Bell, KW, 2:21.28; Hunter Hasskamp, KW, 2:21.32.

50 free: Tyler Evenson, KW, :25.24; John Mann, KW, :25.34; Kade Hillibush, KW, :25.75.

Diving: Calvin Speth, KW, 203.05; Julian Yates, CE, 190.65; Cedar Smith, KW, 171.30.

100 fly: Ian Pfaff, KW, 1:02.04; Nathan Fawcett, CS, 1:02.61; Benjamin Anderson, CS, 1:03.12.

100 free: Kevin Muela, CS, :50.62; Jackson Mugg, CE, :50.84; Cody Hull, KW, :56.06.

500 free: Jackson Mugg, CE, 5:23.11; Stephen Wessenberg, CE, 5:23.87; Tyler Evenson, KW, 5:57.49.

200 free relay: Cheyenne South (Kevin Muela, Knox Williams, Jaryd McMartin, Benjamin Anderson) 1:36.02; Kelly Walsh 1:36.62; Cheyenne East 1:38.78.

100 back: Stephen Wessenberg, CE, 1:01.09; Kellen Chadderdon, KW, 1:02.50; Carson Lougee, KW, 1:11.10.

100 breast: Joshua Anderson, CS, 1:11.87; Cedar Smith, KW, 1:11.88; Dallin Bell, KW, 1:14.27.

400 free relay: Cheyenne East (Jackson Mugg, Micah Turner, Walker Marshall, Stephen Wessenberg) 3:35.51; Kelly Walsh 3:36.21; Cheyenne South 4:12.25.


Evanston Invitational

WHO'S HERE: Evanston, Rock Springs


Lyman Invitational

WHO'S HERE: Big Piney, Evanston, Lyman, Pinedale, Rock Springs.

Riverton Invitational

WHO'S HERE: Kelly Walsh, Natrona, Riverton.


Green River Invitational

WHO'S HERE: Big Piney, Green River, Lyman, Pinedale.

Kelly Walsh Invitational

WHO'S HERE: Cheyenne South, Kelly Walsh, Natrona, Rock Springs, Sheridan


Jack Nowlin returned to the Star-Tribune in 2007 after eight years covering Michigan State University athletics. A Wyoming native, and a graduate of Jeffrey City High School and the University of Wyoming, Jack serves as the Star-Tribune’s sports editor.

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