Ropin' and Riggin' Days

Final first-round results through Saturday night's performance of the 50th annual Ropin' and Riggin' Days rodeo held in The Arena at the Central Wyoming Fairgrounds. The top 10 contestants in each event advance to today's final round, except in bareback riding. Because of the low number of bareback contestants, each rider receives two attempts this weekend, with final placings determined by the totals on two head:

Saddle Bronc Riding: (only eight qualified rides) (tie) 1. Max Filippini, Central Wyoming, and Mike Murphy, Casper, 69; 3. (tie) Chance Skelton, Central Wyoming, and Zack Dufurrena, Central Wyoming, 63; 5. (tie) Rob McGilvroy, Northeastern JC; Colby Folger, Northeastern JC, and Derek Kenner, Eastern Wyoming, 56; 8. Ian McKinney, Colorado State, 52.

Bull Riding: (only eight qualified rides) 1. Kyle Johnson, Central Wyoming, 79; 2. Chad Cochran, Colorado State, 68; 3. Weston Boxberger, Casper, 66; 4. Tyler Barry, Sheridan, 63; 5. Jason Dolce, Western Wyoming, 61; 6. (tie) Kanin Asay, Sheridan; J.C. Navarro, Wyoming, and Nick Sandru, Central Wyoming, 60.

Steer Wrestling: 1. Gary Gilbert, Eastern Wyoming, 3.9; 2. Cody Kroul, Laramie County, 4.3; 3. Brett Wilcox, Eastern Wyoming, 4.4; 4. Casey Downs, Laramie County, 4.5; 5. Ty Fish, Casper, 4.7; 6. Travis Warren, Chadron State, 5.2; 7. Theo Federer, Laramie County, 5.5; 8. Chase Francis, Chadron State, 5.9; 9. Clay Dahl, Wyoming, 6.0; 10. (tie) Talon Cooper, Chadron State; Mike Wiedman, Eastern Wyoming, and Andrew Hollibaugh, Chadron State, 6.1.

Tie-Down Roping: 1. Josh Fieldgrove, Wyoming, 9.7; 2. Clayton Morrison, Wyoming, 10.9; 3. (tie) Taylor Hepp, Eastern Wyoming; Kyle Chrisman, Eastern Wyoming, and Ford Miller, Eastern Wyoming, 11.3; 6. Bryan Leeper, Wyoming, 12.4; 7. Chance Wall, Lamar, 12.5; 8. Reo Lohse, Casper, 12.7; 9. Brian Coxbill, Wyoming, 13.1; 10. Brock Merrill, Wyoming, 13.4.

Team Roping: 1. Zane Marty/Zach Steele, Wyoming, 6.2; 2. (tie) A.J. Franzen/Mark Morrison, Wyoming, and Travis Warren/T.J. Owen, Chadron State, 7.0; 4. Hadley Hale/Justin McGee, Colorado State, 7.1; 5. Cole Cooper, Mesa State/Justin Viles, Wyoming, 7.2; 6. Nick Pullara, CSU-Pueblo/Zach Steele, Wyoming, 7.3; 7. Zane Marty, Wyoming/Brett Wilcox, Eastern Wyoming, 7.5; 8. (tie) Zach Crowfoot/Riggin Epp, Lamar, and Clay Bales, Casper/J.D. Rogers, Wyoming, 7.6; 10. Seth Brockman, Eastern Wyoming/Jake Keller, Casper, 7.8.

Breakaway Roping: 1. Jenny Walker, Eastern Wyoming, 2.3; 2. Daysha Hulme, Central Wyoming, 2.6; 3. Brooke Chrisman, Wyoming, 2.9; 4. (tie) Michele Malone, Wyoming, and Lacey Coffman, Chadron State, 3.1; 6. (tie) Kylee Rinehart, Casper; Jenn Nelson, Chadron State; Kari Mueller, Wyoming; Alexis DeKay, Laramie County; Lexi Honey, Wyoming, and Kayla Nelson, Sheridan, 3.3.

Barrel Racing: 1. Chelsey Binder, Northern Colorado, 15.76; 2. Lori Amick, Wyoming, 15.83; 3. Jessica Watkins, Colorado State, 15.85; 4. Erin Gorsuch, Eastern Wyoming, 15.99; 5. Audrey Decker, Northeastern JC, 16.01; 6. Jessi Gunter, Eastern Wyoming, 16.13; 7. (tie) Camie Haskins, Colorado State; Megan Sabol, Lamar, and Rehme Sutton, Wyoming, 16.15; 10. (tie) Jamie Tafoya, Eastern Wyoming; Cassie Egbert, Colorado State, and Randi Perry, Central Wyoming, 16.22.

Goat Tying: 1. Michele Malone, Wyoming, 7.8; 2. (tie) Brandi Guttormson, Central Wyoming, and Sami Kirk, Central Wyoming, 8.3; 4. LindyLu Evridge, Wyoming, 8.7; 5. (tie) Kayla Nelson, Sheridan, and Brittniy Castleberry, Sheridan, 8.9; 7. Trisha Freese, Central Wyoming, 9.0; 8. Mandy Dreesen, Central Wyoming, 9.4; 9. Rehme Sutton, Wyoming, 9.5; 10. Molli Pearman, Eastern Wyoming, 9.6.

Bareback Riding: (final first round) 1. Zach Curran, Central Wyoming, 77; 2. Michael Mote, Colorado State, 76; 3. (tie) Sam Nordick, Wyoming, and Casey Gale, Central Wyoming, 73; 5. (tie) Cole McCall, Central Wyoming, and James Baldwin, Sheridan, 72. (second-round leaders through Saturday night's performance) 1. Thomas Baker, Sheridan, 75; 2. Zane Forrester, Central Wyoming, 71; 3. Andrew Hollibaugh, Chadron State, 61; 4. Chris Donnelly, Wyoming, 53.

Note: Curran, Mote, Nordick, Gale and McCall are scheduled to make their second-round attempts today.

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