You know them as Seeds-N-Stems, but when they take the stage at Galloway’s Pub this weekend they will be under a different name, EazySide.

The name change marks the latest chapter in the continuing evolution of this Casper-based quartet. Gone are the hip-hop and the band’s original bassist. In are a new bassist and a fresh take on the group’s combination of rock and reggae.

“I think the main aspect that has changed are the melodies,” said lead singer and ukulele player Brennan Capellas. “The vocal melodies are a lot more prevalent. The instrumentation has remained the same, but in a new direction.”

That new direction is one with more energy, Capellas said. The group did receive a bit of flak from fans when they changed their name, Capellas admitted. Nonetheless, with two members departing the group it didn’t feel right continuing under the old name, he said. It wasn’t Seeds-N-Stems anymore.

But the discontent was short-lived. The band has played three or four shows under the EazySide moniker and thus far have been well-received, Capellas said. “We are still the great, good-time band that people have come to love in Casper,” Capellas said. “When we changed the name, we caught a little bit of backlash from core fans who were disappointed in the change. Then they came out to the show and saw things were the same, but newer and interesting. That blew over pretty quick.”

The group is planning to release a new album sometime later this summer. It will include some previously recorded but never released tracks from Seeds-N-Stems along with some new takes on the old band’s songs from EazySide.

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