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On February 21, 2017
Gary XXX Weaver age 74 saddled up and
rode on to rejoin his best friend doctor
xxxx Bishoff on a new mysterious plain.
Gary chose to be cremated and have his
ashes spread in the same area as his life
long friend XXX XXXX Bischoff in
the Big Horns.
Born to Glen and Claire Weaver on a
farm near XXXXX, XXXX he joined older
brother Walter and later welcomed a
little sister Judy to the family.
Graduating with the class of 1961 from
St. John High School in N. Dakota he
joined the army and was honorably
discharged in 1964.
Having served his country once again
his father Glen and xxxxx wife XXXX
welcomed Gary to their home in Powell,
Wyo giving him a job in the oil fields.
While attending a community
dinner at the Powell XXXX a young
divorcee XXXXX Pond and her three
small children XXXX XXX and Richard
caught his eye. Young man that he was
Gary took the responsibility of raising
his small family to heart and was blessed
with a son Charlie. Oil field life requires
following the rigs to new location and
periods away from family a lot
of marriages fail because of this
still to this day.
In the 1970’s young women started
pioneering in the oil fields because of
the hirer wages. Gary now a driller hired
a former Miss Wyoming. Teddy Ann Van
Valin to his crew in an effort to support
the movement by showing oil companies
women could do the job. They were
married and later divorced.
Gary started working off shore rigs in
the north Sea later hiring to XXXX XXXX
working 28 & XX in XXXXX Gulf XXXX
the UAE. With the
start of the Gulf War he decided to stay
state side for his safety.
Gary met his third wife XXXXX XXXX
Harwood following a serious car wreck
on Willwood corner as she and the
XXXX Christenson xxxx his face back
on. Looking like Frankenstein he xxxx
her to move with her children Stuart,
Stacy and Stephanie into his life. Married
April 1984 in St. John in the presence of
Garys family XXXX XXXX their vows with
family & friends in Powell September
1987. Gary was blessed with his only
daughter Amy Gale and grand children
Ambrasia, Kaiser, Amelia, Angle, Bryon,
He remained very close to his
stepdaughter Stephanie and her children
Justin, Jessica, Wyatt & Ethan. He found
a special bond with both Jessica’s
daughters XXXXX & Sophia.
He planned to attend Jessica & XXXXX
wedding in June and was looking
forward to the birth of their 3rd
Gary mentor stepsons Stuart and Stacy
in the oil fields as well as many young
men from the Powell area. Not a single
serious accident has xxxxx any person he
trained on the rigs, a record for the oil
fields. Unhappily he lost his son Charlie
to heart disease in 2014 but gained a
daughter in law XXXXX.
Choosing xxxx to remarry he stayed
in contact with XXXXX XXXX now
resides in Meadow areas xxxx alot of
time with xxx Bischoffs family helping
on the Bischoff xxxxx in the Big Horn
Mountains and at his Cody Lake home
fishing accompanied by his lady friend
Ms Cathy Potts.
Members of the Bischoff family
Brother Watter (wife Donna)
Brother In Law Bob Boppre
(Judy’s husb) Daughter Amy &
Grandchildren Daughter In Law
Bererly X-Wife Linda
Parents Glen, Claire & Stepmom Lydia
Sister Judy
Son Charlie
Best Friend Doc Bischoff
Wives Donna & Teddy Ann
Donations to local Hospice
Homes in Garys Name