Details for BIRTHDAY ACCOUNT - Ad from 2019-06-23

Happy 35th Anniversary Suzey
Here are a few of the rules I have
lived by to get to this blessed day;
• Suzey always makes the rules.
• The rules are subject to change without prior
notice from Suzey.
• Stephen is never to know and more importantly,
he cannot possibly know all of the rules.
• Suzey is never and can never be wrong.
• If Suzey is ever wrong, it is because of a flagrant
misunderstanding, which came as a direct result
of something that Stephen said wrong or did
• If the previous rule applies, Stephen must
immediately apologize for causing the
flagrant misunderstanding.
• Suzey can change her mind multiple times
on the same subject, as often as she deems
necessary to get her point across.

Your loving husband,


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