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Over 425,000 Newspapers Delivered GAIL DEAL My son, Michael, started delivering a route in January 1997. I would help him on weekends and when he was out of town. I took over the route in August 2004 when he went away to college, and I delivered it until retiring on Dec. 31, 2018. When Michael acquired route 346, it consisted of 60 to 70 customers, and it had dropped to 40 to 50 when I took it over due to changes in the industry. I also delivered the Casper Journal once a week for a couple of years. The Casper Star-Tribune estimates that our family probably delivered over 425,000 newspapers over the years. My favorite things about delivering through the years included experiencing and appreciating nature every morning, and getting to know many of my wonderful neighbors. I also got to see one of the world's most beautiful apple trees change with the seasons - it was in the front yard of one of my customers, and seeing it was a nice way to start the day. Thank you Gail!

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