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FRIDAY, SEPTEMBER 20 PANEL DISCUSSION - 1:50-2:50 P.M. Professional Development Day HealtH, Wellness, emotional & spiritual Wellness You were made for impact not burnout. As you go through your days and weeks trying to balance it all, your body sends you signals to let you know when the stress is becoming too much to bear. Learn how to read these cues before you break, and leave with the tools you need to keep your physical, spiritual, and emotional wellness on track both personally and professionally. Panel Moderator: Cathy Holman, “Prairie Wife in Heels” Panelists: Cathy Holman - Spiritual Wellness Brenna Gatimu - Emotional Wellness Alisha Bynum - Sweet Grass Acupuncture Cathy Holman Brenna Gatimu & Wellness Kristen Mockler - Nutrition & Exercise Rob Johnston- Advocating for minorities Bob Price Women in Business/ Alisha Bynum Rob Johnston Women’s Intuition Kristen Mockler Bob Price Visit to buy your tickets today or call the Casper Events Center at 307-577-3030 THANK YOU TO OUR SPONSORS