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BOARDOFCOUNTY COMMISSIONERS MINUTES OF PROCEEDINGS December 18, 2018 Chairman Lawson opened the floor to Commissioner Comments. Hearing comments the floor was closed. Adjournment: There being no further business The regular meeting of the Board of to come before the Board of County Commissioners was brought Commissioners, Chairman Lawson to order at 5:32 adjourned the meeting at 6:02 p.m. p.m. by Chairman Lawson. Those BoARD oF NATRoNA CouNTy in attendance were Commissioner CoMMISSIoNERS Paul Bertoglio, Commissioner Rob John H. Lawson, Chairman Hendry, Commissioner Keating, ATTEST: Commissioner Forrest Chadwick, NATRoNA CouNTy CLERK County Attorney Eric Nelson, Renea Vitto Chief-Deputy Tracy Good and CONSENT AGENDA Commissioners’ Assistant Michelle I. APPROVAL OF DECEMBER 4, Maines. 2018 MEETING MINUTES Consent Agenda: II. APPROVAL OF BILLS Commissioner Chadwick moved for $2,146,635.63: AFLAC PREMIuM approval of the Consent Agenda. HoLDING$4,088.22; ALCoHoL & Commissioner Hendry seconded the DRuG TESTING, INC.$6,312.00; motion. Motion carried. ALL ouT FIRE$90.00; Public Hearings: ALSCo$49.01; AMBI MAIL Resolution 57-18 Adopting the 2018 & MARKETING$1,251.96; (IFC) International Fire Code AMERIGAS - 5221$2,588.56; Chairman Lawson opened the public ARNoLD, WILLIAM$55.90; Hearing. ATLAS oFFICE Jason Gutierrez, Development gave a PRoDuCTS$787.00; BANK oF brief report asking for approval with THE WEST$831.17; BAySHoRE the following amendments: WEST LLC$17.64; BECKETT, -Definitions Section 202-mobile food CHAD$77.99; BERToGLIo, preparation vehicles to be modified to PAuL$204.37; BIG STATE include any mobile food preparation INDuSTRIAL SuPPLy$149.80; vehicles including pull behind trailers BILA, MARCuS$88.20; that are equipped with appliances BLoEDoRN LuMBER that produces grease like vapors CASPER$3,293.45; BRoWN, -Section 106.2 permit fees to be JACQuELINE K$5,369.67; stricken from Resolution BRyAN IMPoRTS INC$26.36; Hearing no comments in favor or BuSTARD’S FuNERAL HoME opposition, Chairman Lawson closed INC$1,000.00; CALIFoRNIA the public hearing. STATE DISBuRSEMENT$378.00; Commissioner Chadwick moved CAPITAL BuSINESS SySTEMS for approval of Resolution 57-18 INC/CHEyENNE$10,569.58; adoption of the 2018 IFC to include CARBoN CouNTy amendments recommended by staff. CIRCuIT CouRT$509.11; Commissioner Bertoglio seconded the CASPER- NATRoNA CNTy motion. Motion carried HEALTH$53,333.33; CASPER Public Comments: RENTAL AGENCy$78.51; Chairman Lawson opened the floor CASPER STAR TRIBuNE/ to Public Comments. Tracy Lamont CASPER$2,445.76; CASPER (Casper). TIRE LLC$3,832.95; CASTEEL II, Hearing no further comments the RoBERT S$5,338.20; CENTRAL floor was closed. TRuCK & DIESEL$1,495.17; Commissioner Comments: CENTRAL WyoMING FAIR AND RoDEo$95,316.35; CENTuRyLINK BuSINESS SERVICES$398.13; CIRCuIT CouRT oF THE SEVENTH$626.60; CITy oF CASPER$50,493.68; CIVIL AIR PATRoL MAGAZINE$145.00; CIVIL ENGINEERING PRoFESSIoNALS, INC.$2,908.12; CLARK, JAMES A$104.15; CLERK oF DISTRICT CouRT$5,529.94; CoCA-CoLA BoTTLING CoMPANy$14.70; CoLoNIAL LIFE & ACCIDENT INS$97.72; CoMMuNITy EDuCATIoN CENTERS$1,280.00; CoTToN, TIMoTHy C PC$7,045.66; DENNIS SuPPLy Co$1,135.90; DEWITT WATER SySTEMS & SERVICE$30.00; DISTAD, ERIC A$1,800.00; DooLEy oIL/ CASPER$38,287.61; DRELL, DAVID A. P.C.$412.50; DRuG TESTING SVCS NATRoNA CTy$70.00; DuDE SoLuTIoNS INC$10,369.15; EAGLE uNIFoRM & SuPPLy Co$1,033.66; FAIRSERVIS INVESTMENTS LLC$1,844.29; FASTENAL CoMPANy$139.03; FIRST INTERSTATE BANK$14,783.82; FoRE LLC$732.62; GoLDSTAR PRoDuCTS INC$1,984.18; GRAHAM BRoWN Co.LLC$32,107.47; GRAINGER$1,911.18; HARDEN, CHAD E$5,300.00; HEALTHSMART BENEFIT SoLuTIoNS$848.00; HIGH PLAINS CoNSTRuCTIoN INC$21,653.46; HoMAX oIL SALES INC$2,285.29; HP INC$903.64; HuB INTERNATIoNAL INS$4,300.00; ICMA RETIREMENT TRuST - 457$1,230.00; ISC INC, DBA VENTuRE TECHNoLoGIES$8,834.31; JACoBSoN, CoNNIE$7.41; JIVIDEN, KEN$77.33; JoHNSoN CoNTRoLS, INC/DALLAS.$5,954.90; KIESTER, JILL$50.00; LAI FAMILy LLC$104.64; LESS LETHAL, LLC / RICHARD E JuLER$209.00; LIFETIME HEALTH & FITNESS$1,211.86; MERCER FAMILy RESouRCE CENTER$5,367.71; MuLLEN, RoBERT L$2,085.00; NATRoNA CouNTy EMPLoyEE$303,803.82; NATRoNA CouNTy TREASuRER$435,766.22; NoRCo, INC, SLC, uT$371.83; oRCHARD TRuST CoMPANy LLC$9,232.30; ouTPATIENT RADIoLoGy, LLC$3,084.85; oVERHEAD DooR CoMPANy$1,836.00; PATToN PRoPERTIES$297.40; PLANSouRCE NGE, INC.$1,576.75; PoRTER, MuIRHEAD, CoRNIA & HoWARD$25,000.00; PoSTMASTER/MILLS$576.00; PoWDER RIVER SHREDDERS LLC$248.50; PRoCESS SERVICE oF WyoMING INC$4,455.00; REEVES, RICHARD$87.80; ReliaStar Life Insurance Company$1,066.48; REMoTEC, INC$31,931.00; REyNoLDS, WAyNE$27.41; RICHARD J FAIRSERVIS LVG TRuST$373.24; RICoH uSA INC$132.37; RoCKy MouNTAIN PoWER$3,878.90; SCoTT, MICHAEL$45.00; SHoWTIME INDuSTRIES INC.$1,074.00; SIRCHIE FINGER PRINT LABoRAToRIES$140.06; SouRCE oFFICE & TECHNoLoGy$83.13; SPECIALIZED PATHoLoGy CoNSuLTANTS PC$1,800.00; STATE oF WyoMING/ DEPT oF REVENuE$353,858.10; SuMMIT MEDICAL CENTER LLC$225.00; SuTHERLANDS$640.75; SWI LLC$27,600.00; THoMSoN REuTERS - WEST$610.25; TI TRAINING CoRP$14,000.00; TLC CLEANING$22,700.00; ToWN oF MILLS/uTILITy SVC$343.45; TRACToR SuPPLy CREDIT PLAN$12.98; uNITED WAy oF NATRoNA CouNTy$117.02; VALIC$75.00; VERIZoN WIRELESS/DALLAS$2,777.57; VIEWPoINT GoVERNMENT SoLuTIoNS$5,400.00; W C D A$1,858.96; WASHINGToN NATIoNAL INSuRANCE Co.$2,512.00; WASTE CoNNECTIoNS oF WyoMING$1,683.58; WCADVSA$100.00; WESTERN DETENTIoN$5,434.00; WESTERN STATES FIRE PRoTECTIoN/ RAPID CITy$2,184.00; WILLouGHBy, PHILLIP T.$8,500.00; WooD, CINDI ATTNy AT LAW$5,528.52; Wyo DEPT. oF WoRKFoRCE SERVICE$40,318.14; WyoMING CHILD SuPPoRT STATE DISBuRSEMENT uNIT$685.00; WyoMING CLERKS oF DISTRICT$150.00; WyoMING DEPT oF TRANSPoRTATIoN$1,146.66; WyoMING GAL PRoGRAM$35,384.10; WyoMING MACHINERy CoMPANy$5,108.51; WyoMING MEDICAL CENTER INC$120,000.00; WyoMING oRAL & MAXIoFACIAL SuRGERy$1,325.00; WyoMING RENTS LLC$2,175.00; WyoMING RETIREMENT SySTEM$222,008.06 III. CONTRACTS, AGREEMENTS, RESOLUTIONS A. Resolution 55-18 Terminating the NC Vista West /Westgate JPB Agreement, as amended and Resolution Dissolving the NC Vista/ Westgate JPB (VWWGJPB) B. Resolution 56-18 Dissolving the Squaw Creek Area Improvement and Service District (ISD) C. NC Contract for Surveying Services-Siek Surveying Service (survey project boundary lines of the Casper Boat Club and Casper Waterski Club at Alcova Reservoir and the marinas at both Alcova and Pathfinder Reservoirs) VI. BOARD APPOINTMENT: A. Ben Hansuld-reappointment to the NC Planning & Development Board of Appeals (NCPDBoA) (term ending 12/31/2021); B. John H. Lawson-Appointed to the Memorial Hospital Board of Trustees (MHBoT) (filling unexpired term ending 6/30/2020); C. Craig Collins/Area 1-Appointment to the NC Weed & Pest Control District (NCWPCD) (term ending 12/31/2022); D. Greg Werger/Area 2-Appointment to the NC Weed & Pest Control District (NCWPCD) (term ending 12/31/2022); E. Mike Gilmore/Area 4-Appointment to the NC Weed & Pest Control District (NCWPCD) (term ending 12/31/2022); F. Gary MarsdenReappointment to the NC Predator Management District (NCPMD) (term ending 12/31/2021); G. Kent Lathrop-Reappointment to the NC Predator Management District (NCPMD) (term ending 12/31/2021); H. Crystal Morse-Reappointment to the Central Wy Senior Services Board of Directors (CWSSBoD) (term ending 12/31/2021); I. Barbara Flinn-Appointment to the Central Wy Senior Services Board of Directors (CWSSBoD) (term ending 12/31/2021); IV. STATEMENT OF EARNINGS: Cooperative Extension $520.00; Development $27487.31; County Clerk $96,292.25; Mountain $12,346.75 V. PETITION AND AFFIDAVIT FOR CANCELLATION OF TAXES: (2018) GADDIS CuSToM BuILDING LLC-$-426.41; 71 CoNSTRuCTIoN-$-4378.16; GADDIS CuSToM BuILDING LLC-$-426.41; 71 CoNSTRuCTIoN-$-4378.16; MC KINZIE, ToM R-$1932.08; HouT FENCING oF Wy INC-$21.59; ARG FECSPWy001 LLC-$4614.96 VI. LICENSE: A. CenturyLinkCR#119/N 6 Mile Rd-2’ Conduit with Fiber optic Cable-lic. #29-18-31 Published: January 12, 2019 Legal No: 49982

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