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BOARD OF COUNTY COMMISSIONERS MINUTES OF PROCEEDINGS August 20, 2019 The regular meeting of the Board of County Commissioners was brought to order at 5:30 p.m. by Chairman Hendry. Those in attendance were Commissioner Paul Bertoglio, Commissioner Jim Milne, Commissioner Brook Kaufman, Commissioner Forrest Chadwick, County Attorney Eric Nelson, County Clerk Tracy Good and Commissioners’ Assistant Michelle Maines. Consent Agenda: Commissioner Chadwick moved for approval the Consent Agenda. Commissioner Bertolgio seconded the motion. Motion carried. Public Hearings: TA19-1 Jason Gutierrez, Development Director reported this a is a request by Natrona County Planning Department for approval to amend the text of the 2000 Zoning Resolution to address recreational vehicles, campgrounds, campers, and seasonal use. (Resolution 4419 Amending the 2000 Zoning Resolution of Natrona County, Wyoming regarding certain definitions including, but not limited to, camper and campground; requiring Temporary Event Permit To use more than one camper on property in a zone where campground is not a permitted use; and clarifying in which zones a campground is a permitted or conditional use). Chairman Hendry opened the public Hearing. Speaking in favor: none Speaking in opposition: Jack Hyde (Casper), Gerald Grayson (Casper), Joe Bradley (Casper), Donna Fox (Casper), Randy Evans (Casper), Ron Cattelier (Casper), Cora Moynihan (Casper), Tracy Lamont, (Casper), Doug Haupt (Casper) Hearing no further comments, Chairman Hendry closed the public hearing. Commissioner Milne moved to remand TA19-1 back to the Planning & Zoning Commission with recommendations to create a council or committee for more detailed citizen input. Commissioner Hendry felt the Board of County Commissioners should choose the committee. Commissioner Bertoglio seconded the motion. County Attorney Nelson recommended voting TA19-1 down and direct staff to solicit input and work to prepare a Text Amendment for this issue. Commissioner Milne withdrew his motion. Commissioner Bertoglio withdrew his second. Milne moved to deny TA19-1. Commissioner Bertoglio seconded the motion. Motion carried. Public Comments: Chairman Hendry opened the floor to Public Comments. Donna Fox (Casper), Bob Bailey (Casper), Gerald Grayson (Casper), and Tracy Lamont (Casper). Hearing no further comments, the floor was closed. Commissioner Comments: Chairman Hendry opened the floor to Commissioner Comments. Hearing no further comments, the floor was closed. Adjournment: There being no further business to come before the Board of Commissioners, Chairman Hendry adjourned the meeting at 7:50 p.m. BoARD oF NATRoNA CouNTy CoMMiSSioNERS Robert L. Hendry, Chairman Attest: Natrona County Clerk Tracy Good CONSENT AGENDA i. APPRoVAL oF AuGuST 5, 2019 SPECiAL MEETiNG MiNuTES APPRoVAL oF AuGuST 6, 2019 SPECiAL MEETiNG MiNuTES APPRoVAL oF AuGuST 6, 2019 MEETiNG MiNuTES ii. APPRoVAL oF BiLLS - $3,135,235.97: 307 CoNSTRuCTioN $15,000.00; 71 CoNSTRuCTioN $525.00; A&i / ST oF Wy ENT TECH $27.95; ABC LEGAL SVCS iNC $255.00; ACE HARDWARE $58.22; ACTiVE DATA SyS $1,800.00; ADVANCE SToRES Co iNC, DBA ADVANCE AuTo PARTS $94.59; ADVANTAGE MiCRo CoRP $899.75; AFLAC PREMiuM HoLDiNG $3,060.67; AGRiCuLTuRE DEPARTMENT $9,834.26; AiR CoMFoRT CoMPLETE iNC $100.00; AiRGAS uSA $1,482.14; ALL ARouND ToWiNG & RECoVERy $8,400.00; ALLiANT iNS SVCS iNC $125.00; ALSCo $224.83; AMAZoN CAPiTAL SVCS $367.89; ANDERSoN CARPET CLEANiNG iNC $115.00; ANiXTER $8.80; APi SyS iNTEGRAToRS iNC $98.00; APPLiED CoNCEPTS iNC $660.00; ASSESSoR $50,539.11; ATLAS oFFiCE PRoD $855.45; AXiS FoRENSiC ToXiCoLoGy $2,290.00; BAR D SiGN Co $46.40; BARTEN, REBECCA $113.39; BENNETT, THoMAS L MD $5,450.32; BiG o TiRES $83.99; BiG STATE iNDuSTRiAL SuPPLy $155.95; BoB BARKER iNC $11.95; BuSiNESS iMAGiNG SyS $9,241.00; BuSTARD’S FuNERAL HoME iNC $1,000.00; CAPiTAL BuSiNESS SyS $4,254.46; CARF iNTERNATioNAL $5,280.00; CASPER AREA CHAMBER CoMMERCE $75.00; CASPER CoNTRACToR’S SuPPLy iNC $228.14; CASPER TiRE iNC $2,445.95; CDW GoVERNMENT iNC $22.12; CENTRAL FAiR AND RoDEo $203,748.07; CENTuRyLiNK $9,387.93; CHARTER CoMMuNiCATioNS $1,059.23; CHiLD SuPPoRT ENFoRCEMENT $51,701.50; CiTy oF CASPER $4,038.02; CLERK oF CouRT/ADMiNiSTRATioN $46,433.51; CLERK oF DiSTRiCT CouRT $7,310.00; CLERK/ ADMiNiSTRATioN $62,236.06; CoASTAL CHEMiCAL Co $892.35; CoCA-CoLA BoTTLiNG Co $202.50; CoLoNiAL LiFE & ACCiDENT iNS $73.47; CoMMiSSioN/ ADMiNiSTRATioN $10,416.65; CoMMiSSioN/CouNTy ATToRNEy $21,622.47; CoMMiSSioN/CouNTy DEVELoPMENT $36,166.88; CoMMiSSioNER/ HR $6,756.41; CoMMiSSioNERS/ MAiNT. SALARiES $22,818.87; CoMMuNiCATioN TECHNoLoGiES iNC $22,558.00; CoRoNER $17,263.65; CoWBoy CHEMiCAL $1,041.65; CRuM ELECTRiC SuPPLy Co $34.00; CST $1,611.16; DAyToN TRANSMiSSioN $1,988.16; DECKER AuTo GLASS $65.00; DEWiTT WATER SyS $50.70; DiSTAD, ERiC A $1,500.00; DK HAuLiNG DBA ViKiNG CRANE $80.00; DooLEy oiL/CASPER $10.00; DoT FHWA $13,599.87; DRuG CouRT $24,631.18; DuSTBuSTERS iNC $4,536.16; E & F ToWiNG TRANS & RECoVERy $9,160.00; EiDE BAiLLy LLP $87.50; EMERGENCy MEDiCAL PHySiCiANS $1,600.00; ENERGy LABoRAToRiES iNC $261.00; ENTENMANN-RoViN Co $291.00; EXPRESS PRiNTiNG $156.00; EXTENDATA $110.76; FLEETPRiDE $61.91; FooD SVCS oF AMERiCA $954.05; GEoTEC iNDuSTRiAL SuPPLy $1,967.00; GRAiNGER $320.74; HEALTHSMART BENEFiT SoL $832.00; HEARTLAND HoTELS $198.00; HENSLEy BATTERy $443.70; HiGH PLAiNS CoNSTRuCTioN iNC $106,143.18; HiGH PLAiNS PoWER iNC $9,615.93; HoMAX oiL SALES iNC $1,808.17; HoNNEN EQuiPT Co $19.42; HoSE & RuBBER SuPPLy $35.27; iCMA RETiREMENT TRuST - 457 $230.00; iMS iNFRASTuCTuRE MNGMT SERViC $34,372.50; iNFoRMATioN TECHNoLoGy $39,848.31; iNSTALLATioN & SVC Co iNC $14,307.00; JACoBSEN, JoDDEE $251.20; JDC iNVESTiGATioNS $3,000.00; JoHNSoN CoNTRoLS. $7,577.06; KiESTER, JiLL $419.25; KiMBALL MiDWEST $727.61; LB MoToRSPoRTS iNC, DBA DRiVEN $136,994.93; LiFETiME HEALTH & FiTNESS $1,013.26; M.A.D. TRANSPoRTATioN & ToWiNG $4,900.00; MATTHEW BENDER & Co/DALLAS $534.36; MCMuRRy READy MiX $34,022.86; MERCER FAMiLy RESouRCE CENTER $6,916.28; MFCP iNC $59.02; MHL SyS $1,425.00; MiDWEST MEDiCAL SuPPLy $1,374.38; MiSSioN CoMMuNiCATioNS $863.87; MooRE, CHRiSToPHER dba PRiNTWoRKS $1,736.79; MTN STATES LiTHoGRAPHiNG $307.33; NAPA AuTo PARTS $1,477.61; NATioNAL TEST SyS $950.00; NC PuBLiC LiBRARy $724,155.00; NC WEED & PEST $59.56; NEWMAN SiGNS $729.46; NoRCo, SLC, uT $1,332.01; oN THE HooK $2,800.00; oRACLE AMERiCA iNC $221.88; oRCHARD TRuST $8,678.89; ouTPATiENT RADioLoGy $816.90; PEAK ASPHALT $2,158.65; PETERSoN EQuiPT Co iNC $1,406.68; PLANSouRCE NGE $1,847.82; PoST AND ASSoCiATES $1,200.00; PoWDER RiVER SHREDDERS $80.00; ReliaStar Life insurance Company $1,692.15; RiCoH uSA iNC $896.52; RMP $3,738.47; RoAD & BRiDGE - LAKE $22,011.29; RoAD & BRiDGE/ ADMiNiSTRATioN $72,253.77; RoAD & BRiDGE/PARKS DEPT $15,639.95; RoAD & BRiDGE/ VEHiCLE SVC $16,255.92; RoBiNSoN CoNTRACTiNG iNC $1,605.00; RooTER SEWER SVC iNC $535.00; SALT CREEK CoMMuNiTy $472.37; SHAMRoCK FooDS Co $10,575.68; SHERiFF/ ADMiNiSTRATioN $308,997.56; SHERiFF/CouRTHouSE SECuRiTy $55,338.80; SHERiFF/EMERGENCy MANAGEMENT $10,610.00; SHERiFF/NEW JAiL $427,903.68; SHoWTiME iNDuSTRiES $1,074.00; SouRCE oFFiCE & TECHNoLoGy $2,055.83; SouTHLAND MEDiCAL $550.90; SToTZ EQuiPT $579.00; SuMMiT ELECTRiC $377.47; SuTHERLANDS $5.99; SyN-TECH SyS $1,100.00; THoLSoN, MiKE $15.11; TiTAN MACHiNERy $224.66; TRACToR SuPPLy CREDiT PLAN $249.99; TREASuRER $45,313.02; uNiTED WAy oF NC $30.00; VERiZoN $6,125.38; VoLK, JEREMiAH $2,248.35; W.A.R.M. PRoPERTy iNS PooL $3,489.38; WAGNER’S ouTDooR ouTFiTTERS $112.16; WALLiNG, HEiDi J $276.25; WASHiNGToN NATioNAL iNS $2,159.20; WEAR PARTS iNC $137.75; WESTERN SiGN & DESiGN $1,320.00; WESTERN SPECiALTy iNSuRoRS, LL $9,801.63; WHiTE’S MouNTAiN MoToRS $322.74; WLC ENGiNEERiNG $820.01; Wy oRAL & MAXioFACiAL SuRGERy $4,625.00; Wy PLANT Co $880.23; Wy RENTS $406.00; Wy RETiREMENT SyS $230,484.88; iii. LiCENSE A. Mac Nogle-buried Power line-oregon Trail/CR 319-lic. #29-19-31 iV. STATEMENT oF EARNiNGS: Development $23,828.58; Clerk of Court $25,000.00; Lake $20,654.50; Mountain/Parks $4,135.00 Published: September 10, 2019 Legal No: 58637

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