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Tracy Lamont (Casper) and Jeff Long (Casper) Hearing no further comments, the floor was closed. Commissioner Comments: The regular meeting of the Board of Chairman Hendry opened the floor County Commissioners was brought to Commissioner Comments. Hearing no further comments, the to order at 5:31 p.m. by Chairman floor was closed. Hendry. Those in attendance Adjournment: were Commissioner There being no further business Paul Bertoglio, Commissioner to come before the Board of Jim Milne, Commissioner Commissioners, Chairman Hendry Brook Kaufman, Commissioner Forrest Chadwick, County Attorney adjourned the meeting at 6:00 p.m. Board of Natrona County Eric Nelson, and Commissioners’ Commissioners Assistant Michelle Maines. Robert L. Hendry, Chairman Consent Agenda: Attest: Commissioner Chadwick moved Natrona County Clerk for approval of the Consent Tracy Good Agenda. Commissioner Kaufman CONSENT AGENDA seconded the motion. Chairman I. APPROVAL OF JULY 15, 2019 Hendry asked for a report from the MEETING MINUTES County Attorney Nelson on item APPROVAL OF JULY 26, 2019 H. Resolution 42-19 Authorizing SPECIAL MEETING MINUTES the Exercise of Eminent Domain II. APPROVAL OF BILLS Proceedings to Acquire Necessary $1,859,924.35: 12-24 CLUB INC Right of Way (WYDOT Project No. $3,315.33; A&I / ST OF WY ENT CN01064; NC Rd#106; Section: TECH $37.04; ABC LEGAL SVCS Bridge over BNSF # DRD; County: INC $255.00; ALCOHOL & DRUG Natrona; Parcel No.2; Cooperative TESTING $8,898.55; ALL OUT Agreement between the WYDOT & FIRE $190.00; ALLIANT INS NC BOCC (3-19-2013)). SVCS INC $643.00; ALSCO $600.53; County Attorney Nelson reported AMAZON CAPITAL SVCS $66.66; this is a project Natrona County AMBI MAIL & MARKETING is partnering with WYDOT on to $12,060.27; ANIXTER $23.40; replace a section of bridge over the ASPHALT DOCTORS $3,500.00; BNSF Railroad near Powder River. ATLAS OFFICE PROD $960.32; WYDOT has been in negotiations AXIS FORENSIC TOXICOLOGY with an adjacent landowner for the $2,185.00; BAR D SIGN CO necessary right of way. According $284.55; BENNETT, THOMAS to WYDOT they are at a point L MD $21,450.96; BIG D where they need Natrona County OIL $615.32; BLACK HILLS to pass the Resolution to authorize ENERGY $3,826.52; BLOEDORN Natrona County to move forward LUMBER $87.39; BLUE 360 with eminent domain proceedings, MEDIA $436.77; BROWN, however, this does not mean Natrona JACQUELINE K DBA BROWN County will be filing tomorrow. LAW OFFICE PC $5,594.26; Negotiations are ongoing and BURBACK’S REFRIGERATION this will give Natrona County & APPLIANCE REPAIR $95.00; the opportunity to be part of the BUSTARD’S FUNERAL HOME discussions that WYDOT has been INC $2,000.00; CA STATE handling so far. The understanding DISBURSEMENT $378.00; is both parties are not far off from CALL2TEST $441.60; CAPITAL reaching a resolution. If Natrona BUSINESS SYS INC $309.55; County does not pass the Resolution, CASE, KARLA $451.14; CASPER Natrona County could potentially CONTRACTOR’S SUPPLY INC be on the hook for the entire project $19.66; CASPER MEDICAL cost. Recommendation is to pass with IMAGING PC $918.76; CASPER the hope this issue will be resolved TIRE INC $65.00; CASTEEL II, shortly without court intervention. ROBERT S $5,611.20; CENTRAL Motion carried. FAIR AND RODEO $70,658.93; Public Comments: CENTURYLINK $10,185.93; Chairman Hendry opened the floor CHARTER COMMUNICATIONS $747.74; CITY OF CASPER to Public Comments. BOARD OF COUNTY COMMISSIONERS MINUTES OF PROCEEDINGS August 6, 2019 $20,511.42; CIVIL ENGINEERING PROFESSIONALS $805.00; CLERK OF DISTRICT COURT $7,559.94; COASTAL CHEMICAL CO $2,574.96; COCA-COLA BOTTLING CO $177.25; COMMUNICATION TECHNOLOGIES INC $1,159.35; CORNERSTONE PROGRAMS CORP $146,861.00; COTTON, TIMOTHY C PC $7,444.31; COWBOY CHEMICAL $1,928.35; CROWE, WENDY $59.17; CST $939.16; DEWITT WATER SYS $295.60; DISTAD, ERIC A $2,250.00; DRUG TESTING SVCS NC $528.00; EAGLE UNIFORM & SUPPLY CO $293.64; ED JPB $30,962.04; EIDE BAILLY LLP $43.75; EMERGENCY MEDICAL PHYSICIANS $1,706.00; ENTENMANN-ROVIN CO $108.00; EXTENDATA $162.72; FEDERAL EXPRESS $34.59; FIRST CALL COMMUNICATIONS $39.50; FIRST INTERSTATE BANK $4,915.93; FOOD SVCS OF AMERICA $7,621.13; GALLS $181.74; GREENUP, JENNIFER L $5,000.00; GROCE, NOHORA $80.00; HARDEN, CHAD E $5,565.00; HENDRY, ROBERT L. $294.64; HENSLEY BATTERY $35.80; HIGH PLAINS PIZZA INC $69.45; HOFFMAN, DONNA $55.50; HP INC $3,330.00; HUB INTERNATIONAL INS $260.00; IDENTIFIX INC $1,428.00; INCAPTION INC $4,574.26; INSTALLATION & SVC CO INC $1,770.00; JACOBSONNNIE $318.26; JDC INVESTIGATIONS $200.00; JH MECHANICAL $2,295.00; JOHNSON, BRETT $450.00; KAUFMAN, JAHNA K $300.00; KEATING, MATT $756.32; KIESTER, JILL $1,453.62; KIESTER, DARIN $5.02; KNIGHT PC $2,470.00; MAO PHARMACY INC $16,825.67; MATCO TOOLS DISTRIBUTOR $84.82; MATTHEW BENDER & CO/DALLAS $893.97; MIDWEST MEDICAL SUPPLY $552.32; MTN STATES LITHOGRAPHING $87.70; MULLEN, ROBERT L $405.00; NAPA AUTO PARTS $27.85; NC EMPLOYEE $324,750.29; NC TREASURER $343,745.37; NMS LABS/ NATIONAL MEDICAL SVCS $140.00; NORCO, SLC, UT $2,462.13; ORACLE AMERICA INC $3,701.73; OUTPATIENT RADIOLOGY $2,015.71; PLANNER PADS CO $49.26; PLANSOURCE NGE $1,830.46; POST AND ASSOCIATES $400.00; POWDER RIVER SHREDDERS $248.50; PRECISION DYNAMICS CORPORATION $1,091.39; PROCESS SVC OF WY INC $3,105.00; PUBLIC AGENCY TRAINING COUNCIL $695.00; PURSEL LANDS IMPROVEMENT & SVC DIST $11,500.00; REED SMITH LLP $4,832.75; RICOH USA INC $1,053.86; RMP $37,158.91; ROCKY MOUNTAIN FIRE SYS $356.58; ROCKY MOUNTAIN INFORMATION $250.00; RT COMMUNICATIONS INC $40.42; SAFARILAND $222.60; SECRETARY OF STATE $60.00; SHAMROCK FOODS CO $20,030.63; SHOWTIME INDUSTRIES $1,074.00; SINCLAIR FLEET TRACK $432.24; SOURCE OFFICE & TECHNOLOGY $572.70; SOUTHLAND MEDICAL $589.29; SPECIALIZED PATHOLOGY CONSULTANTS PC $1,475.00; STAPLES $135.99; STERLING TALENT $208.10; SUTHERLANDS $150.70; THOLSON, MIKE $8.39; THOMSON REUTERS $1,622.50; TLC CLEANING $24,300.00; TOWN OF MILLS/UTILITY SVC $342.15; TY PICKETT & CO $5,700.00; URGENT CARE OF CASPER $150.00; VENTURE TECHNOLOGIES $9,863.86; VERIZON $6,209.73; W.A.R.M. PROPERTY INS POOL $497,168.64; WAL-MART COMMUNITY $401.70; WARRIOR KIT SAFETY & SURVIVAL GEAR $564.28; WASTE CONNECTIONS OF WY $9,675.65; WILLIAMS, PORTER, DAY & NEVILLE, PC $490.00; WILLOUGHBY, PHILLIP T. $8,250.00; WIMACTEL INC $154.00; WONDER WASH $13.76; WOOD, CINDI ATTNY AT LAW $5,788.45; WY CHILD SUPPORT STATE DISBURSEMENT UNIT $685.00; WY COUNTY ASSESSOR’S ASSOC $200.00; WY COUNTY COMMISSIONERS ASSOC $35,089.00; WY DOOR SVC $2,231.80; WY HEALTH MEDICAL GROUP $1,232.00; WY MACHINERY CO $2,640.00; WY STATE FORESTRY DIVISION $31,117.90; WY STEEL RECYCLING IRON & $13.80; WY SURGICAL ASSOC PC $144.00; YOUTH CRISIS CENTER INC $5,000.00; ZERBE-ALME, KELLIE DBA ALL AREA PROCESS SVC $825.00; III. CONTRACTS, AGREEMENTS, RESOLUTIONS A. NC Contract for Surveying Services for Alcova Reservoir – Civil Engineering Professionals, Inc. B. Resolution 39-19 Naming Kings Row C. Provider Agreement between NC BOCC & NC Sheriff & Fremont County BOCC & Fremont County Sheriff – NCRJDC D. NC Contract for Services for Misdemeanant Inmate Placement – Community Education Centers, Inc. E. Alcova Reservoir Trailer Lot Lease-R.P. Greiner Jr. & J.A. Greiner Trust F. Resolution 41-19 Adopting Wyoming Retirement System Deferred Compensation Plan for the Benefit of Employees of NC G. NC Purchase Contract for RAM 2020 5500 Truck-Garbage Truck for the Mountain H. Resolution 42-19 Authorizing the Exercise of Eminent Domain Proceedings to Acquire Necessary Right of Way (WYDOT Project No. CN01064; NC Rd#106; Section: Bridge over BNSF # DRD; County: Natrona; Parcel No.2; Cooperative Agreement between the WYDOT & NC BOCC (3-19-2013)) I. Annual Compensation Agreement between the UW and NC BOCC: 4-H Development Programming (Karla Case $23,784.00) J. Annual Compensation Agreement between the UW and NC BOCC: 4-H Development Programming (Donna Hoffman $16,398.00) K. Annual Compensation Agreement between the UW and NC BOCC: 4-H Development Programming (Joddee Jacobsen $20,826.00.00) L. Grant Agreement (Part 1-Offer); Date: July 31, 20-19; Airport/ Planning Area: Casper-NCIA; AIP Grant Number: 3-56-0004-059-2019 (Contract No. DOT-FAXXNM10XX); DUNS Number: 09-276-6013 – FAA Rehabilitation Apron M. MOU between Firefighter of NC (FFNC), City of Casper, Town of Evansville, Town of Mills, Natrona County Fire Protection District (NCFPD) and Casper Mountain Fire District (CMFPD) for Funding of a Floor Cost Account N. Contract between WY Department of Family Services (DFS) and Natrona County Commissioners – Temporary Assistance of Needy Families (TANF CPI)) Community Partnership of NC IV. BOARD APPOINTMENTS A. Matt Kowalski, as alternate to the Wyoming Association of Risk Management Property Insurance Joint Powers Board B. Matt Kowalski, as alternate to the Wyoming Association of Risk Management Liability Insurance Joint Powers Board C. Christie Nelson – Appointed to the Casper-NC Board of Health (CNCBOH) (filling the tem ending on June 30, 2024) V. STATEMENT OF EARNINGS: Development $48891.16; Clerk of Court $1121.40; County Clerk $113,250.95; Lake $28276.00; Mountain/Parks $5891.80; Cooperative Extension $290.00 VI. TAXROLL CORRECTION 2018: SIERZ, SCOTT $0.00; SIERZ, SCOTT $-171.22; FRITZ, SAMANTHA G $-1,453.22; Z & S HOLDINGS LLC $-1,517.20; WELLL SERVICE GROUP INC $-124.84; SEBROSKY, MICHELLE $401.14; SEBROSKY, MICHELLE $-1,222.17 PETITION AND AFFIDAVIT FOR CANCELLATION OF TAXES: (2014) JOHNSON PROPERTIES LLC $316.71, JOHNSON PROPERTIES LLC $480.35; (2015) JOHNSON PROPERTIES LLC $316.71, JOHNSON PROPERTIES LLC $480.35; (2016) JOHNSON PROPERTIES LLC $316.71; JOHNSON PROPERTIES LLC $480.35; (2017) JOHNSON PROPERTIES LLC $452.43; JOHNSON PROPERTIES LLC $480.35; (2018) JOHNSON PROPERTIES LLC $452.43; JOHNSON PROPERTIES LLC $480.35 VII. LICENSE A. Rocky Mountain Power (RMP)7.2kV Single Phase Overhead Power line-Rotary Park Rd/CR 511-lic. #29-19-30 B. Town of Mills-Sanitary Sewer-Old Yellowstone Hwy-lic. #29-19-29 Published: August 25, 2019 Legal No: 57975

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